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  • Bobby the Brain

    I can’t believe the last one went all crazy off script like that.

  • Juan

    “You don’t need us to tell you” that so called “news” is scripted, corporate/state propaganda. The bastards aren’t even trying that hard anymore to hide what they are doing. Not the least bit surprising.

  • echar


  • disqus_eIn0S7g34d

    i live in australia, for some reason i can see this video. uploader doesnt allow viewing here. what that supposed to mean……………

    • echar

      Oh there are stupid copyright laws. There may be another site hosting it, I forget the names.

  • http://twitter.com/svulliez Shon Vulliez

    Private interest groups associated with the political right are responsible for this type of bullshit.

    • moremisinformation

      Definitely. Only the political right would stoop to this type of bullshit. Wait, where’d I put my cognitive dissonance?

  • BuzzCoastin

    you don’t need us to tell you
    they’re lying shills for Uncle Homeland
    but in all fairness
    cliches are the main weapon TV programers use to program the sheeple
    Conans’ highlighting the obvious makes it funny

    • echar

      It’s one way to get people to trust. Show them obvious example of lies, and then slip them a half truth or two while they are lulled. Conan wants your precious bodily fluids.

  • Great.. oh

    Not available in my region..

  • anarcho
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