Mubarak Retrial? Backstory to the Revolution

Mohamed Morsi croppedFor those disinfonauts following the ongoing saga of the Egyptian Revolution, two recent developments should keep Egypt-watchers glued to their screens. First, current president Muhammad Morsi has called an early parliamentary election on April 22nd, which the opposition promptly responded to by declaring a boycott. Second, former president Hosni Rubarak’s retrial has been slated to commence on April 13th:

He faces charges of conspiring to kill protesters during the 2011 revolt that ended his 29-year rule, and corruption.

A retrial was ordered in January after a court accepted his appeal against the life sentence he had been serving since his conviction last June.

Mr Mubarak, 84, is currently in a military hospital. About 850 people were killed in the 2011 crackdown.

News of the retrial came as his successor as president, Mohammed Morsi, met US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was concluding a two-day visit to Egypt.

The two leaders were said to have discussed Egypt’s political crisis as well as Syria, Iran and Middle East peace.

Mr Kerry’s departure from Cairo had to be delayed because hundreds of Al-Ahly football supporters, known as Ultras, blocked the road to the airport demanding justice over last year’s football riot in Port Said in which 74 fans died.

The ex-president will face the same charges as before…

Expect Egypt to fill the international news section of your favorite news source throughout April. If you’re wondering just how Egypt became such a hotbed of political activism and resentment towards Mubarak, you might want to check out Lillie Paquette’s in depth documentary, We Are Egypt: The Story Behind The Revolution, which debuts on April 9th. She spent 14 months meeting and engaging with pro to-activists and opposition politicians and their passions and beliefs come through clearly as the motivation for the now two-year-old revolution.


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