“Obey”: A Brutally Honest New Film By British Filmmaker Temujin Doran

I could call this film many things:

“A chilling view of the future”

“A harrowing tale of what we may become”

Based on the book The Death of the Liberal Class by Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges, “Obey” brutally conveys our present reality, perhaps in the hope that we may finally wake as a united humanity.

We have been lulled into a state of being in which we are not confronted with monolithic decisions where we choose Liberty or Death; instead we are fed a steady diet of mini-compromises in our lives that we often choose wrongly upon.

I myself and totally guilty of this, but the overall result is a total compromise of every single piece of our dignity and personal sovereignty.  So say that things are as they truly are is a radical notion that may get you shot in the face with a gas canister, like the military veteran of the Oakland Occupy protests or thrown into prison indefinitely like Bradley Manning.

This film begs the question, “will you remain quiet, little bitch?’ to which we may very well whimper internally, “yes, as long as I can keep my health insurance and am able to feed my kids”.  It reminds me of when Jim Morrison yelled to the crowd, “You’re all a bunch of slaves!”.

In case you didn’t notice, this film made me angry and rightly so.  See for yourself and make your own judgements.

Obey: A film by Temujin Doran

Gabriel Roberts

Gabriel D. Roberts is a theological scholar, researcher and public speaker that specializes in discussions about the nature of perception and belief. After 27 years of passionate searching and study, Gabriel stepped away from his long held Christian faith into a more expansive and fluid worldview.The details and reasons are catalogued in his book, Born Again To Rebirth.Like many others who have had an earnest thirst for the answers to the big questions of life, Gabriel was not satisfied to settle for not knowing more.His latest book, The Quest For Gnosis explores the roots of belief, the power of the ecstatic state in one’s spiritual life and the means by which a deeply satisfying spiritual life may be achieved outside of the bonds of dogma.Within The Quest For Gnosis, Gabriel interviews 20 of the brightest minds in this field of study, including Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Daniele Bolelli, Peter J. Carroll, Hamilton Morris, Dr. Aaron Cheak, David Metcalfe, Dr. Rick Strassman and many more.

Gabriel writes for VICE Magazine, Disinfo.com and Realitysandwich.com and is the author of three books. He is continuing his research at the University of Washington in his hometown of Tacoma, WA.

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Mar 22, 2013 at 8:23 pm |

    well done & good points
    but at this point, the sheeple are locked in the paddock
    they are willing prisoners for their Daily Bread & Circus

    invade a 3rd whirled cuntery, no problemo
    cancel Jersey Shore, expect a riot

    • The most amusing thing about this video, self denial, it denies it now has a voice on the internet, that it could have never had in the last 50 years of corporate dominated mass media.

      In fact the last decade as stunk of desperation on behalf of the corporations as they have been losing power, they have become more blatant but more exposed, they have become louder but still people on the internet are louder and even Obama only really won because the other guy was lame.

      The main reason for shitty American politicians, Americans still are not paying enough attention to the primaries and they lose before they even get to vote in the main event.

      • I thought his points about the internet were the weakest in the film. While it’s true that ad revenue is what drives most digital media organizations, it’s not as though television or print were any less commercial. He also seems to suppose that people will always gravitate toward the celebrity gossip and memes, and have no capacity to seek out and choose (much less pay for) good information.

      • BuzzCoastin | Mar 24, 2013 at 12:09 am |

        > Americans still are not paying enough attention to the primaries and they lose before they even get to vote in the main event

        Let’s not blame that political farce on the Sheeple. First of all, getting to choose between Coke & Pepsi is not a really choice.

        And there is a sad record of death and humiliation surrounding those who try alert the sheeple of danger.

        > Obama only really won because the other guy was lame.

        There are only Lame choices, hence, no choice at all.

        > the last 50 years of corporate dominated mass media

        The media has been controlled by the elites from the gitgo. Corporate elites took control around the time of the invention of the telegraph, about 1840. There has never been, until the Internet a truly free press.

      • I think its more interesting as a paradox. It talks much of clans and tribes on the internet, and It is central to one of them.

  2. Anarchy Pony | Mar 22, 2013 at 9:20 pm |

    Another good brutally honest film is On Modern Servitude. I think it’s up on youtube.
    It’s got basically the same ending but with Rage Against the Machine.

  3. I had to stop watching this. It was kinda freaking me out. I even burned some sage.
    Perhaps most people that post here, to varying degres, have more or less internalized the point of view of this film. That is, that we are living in a corporate fascist dystopia controlled by business interests whose only real concerns are profit and control. Everything else is pretty much a puppet show for rubes; the propaganda of circuses, rhetoric and fabircated colapses to keep the monkeys distracted and docile. People may quibble about how this is implemented and maintained, but I think that kinda breaks down the point the movie is making and the world view that goes along with that. It seems to me that that is what’s happening. That can’t be the only thing happening, right?

    • sonicbphuct | Mar 23, 2013 at 10:02 am |

      You’re right, it’s not the only thing happening – other things happening include such things as making this Doc., Occupy Wall Street, etc. Though, to be sure, it is not a simple dichotomy, it is an organic structure where one species has begun to dominate, like evolution, so long as the environment of placid people enables it, it continues, however, to continue with the evolution theme, the wildebeests have lost enough of their kind and are standing up to the lions. At least, they’re learning how to stand up to the lions. After all, there are more wildebeests than lions.

      but you’re right – it is freaky.

  4. WTFMFWOMG | Mar 23, 2013 at 1:39 am |

    Almost reminds me of an Adam Curtis piece. I suggest this series:
    About 11 minutes in is the interview with the Nobel-Prize-winning-paranoid-schizophrenic-genius John Nash.

    The world is run by psychopaths and similar nuts. The problem is that the hairless apes who dominate this planet are in love with mathematics, worship numbers, judge their accomplishments like a sports score.

  5. HanShan Tempel | Mar 23, 2013 at 10:42 am |

    I think, even at this supposedly late stage of the game, the predictions are somewhat alarmist. It seems to me, however limited my view, that the mass consciousness is beginning to turn around. I wouldn’t call it hope because I think that is unwarranted. But I think the general apathy towards politics is beginning to turn into a mass ability to think outside of the social and cultural structures that have been engineered for our control. Of course, I’m an evolutionary anarchist and I think this film and the book its based on are from a liberal/progressive perspective which I once shared, but now see as hopelessly naive. The liberal class IS dead, I just happen to think something new can be born from the ensuing chaos. Maybe.

    • Gabriel D. Roberts | Mar 23, 2013 at 1:16 pm |

      Let’s hope that’s the case! I, like many people feel myself swinging like a manic person between wild eyed optimism and utter despair for the state of things. But it always seems to work out. I think that remembering that I can only really change me and positively effect those around me is key.

      • and remember that in the end, the physical world returns to where it came.

        all that you observe in the world is the nature of the world. could it even be another way? mking small local decisions based on the moral implications of others also acting accordingly is always a good idea.

        It makes me glad to hear others are sensitive to the suffering we are mired in. is that perhaps what our species, and even every species and being, is evolving towards? Sensitivity to the suffering of self and others? is this a curse or a blessing?

        I just read a new sci-fi novel called The Office of Mercy by Ariel Djanikian(?) which I would suggest to everyone here. Very interesting premise. In the future man lives in domes, in a largely artificial transhumanist like existence perfecting the techniques to create immortality. The Office of Mercy is a group that performs “sweeps” which are “mercy killings” of “savage” inhabitants who do not live in the domes.

  6. Everything is scary. The government used to do the right thing for everybody and we lived in a golden age. Corporations only hurt everyone all the time. People are dumb and self absorbed, except for me and artists/journalists/professors/union-bosses like me. The popular voice of the nation has vanished. The popular voice of the internet is a mob which can’t be trusted. The nation has become politically disenfranchised and apathetic. The right (i.e. idiots) will enfranchise and energize those who aren’t politically active. People won’t read anymore when they stop printing newspapers. People will only read blogs. Totalitarians will use the internets to control us despite the trend of the internet to distribute power in ways “they” can’t control.

    Most importantly anything on YouTube can never be art or journalism…

    Pure FUD summed up by: “Here’s why I think the future is going to suck for me (sans evidence, well constructed logic, or seemingly any way to improve things)”

    • Thanks, I just looked up FUD. It is fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is a PR/marketing strategy.

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