Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized For Dogs?

Pet website writes that veterinarians are awakening to the miraculous abilities of cannabis to heal sick animals:

Christine L.’s Rottweiler, Sampson, had a rare form of blood cancer. After giving Sampson cannabis flower-bud material mixed with virgin coconut oil, whereas before Sampson had been too weak to walk, almost overnight he became a born-again youngster. “He was a puppy again, happy and playful,” Christine recalls. “Cannabis saved my dog’s life,” she says. “It brought him back from the brink.”

Since Sampson’s passing, Christine consoles herself by reaching out to others in a similar situation. Online, she found Dr. Doug Kramer, whose mission is to improve pets’ quality of life by outlining safe and effective dosing guidelines.

Kramer’s become an outspoken, tireless advocate of pain control for animals and has established a veterinary practice, Enlightened Veterinary Therapeutics, specializing in palliative and hospice care. He’s the first vet in the country to offer cannabis consultations as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for pet patients.

In doing so, Kramer is putting his professional reputation on the line and risking jail time. “The decision was an easy one for me to make,” he says. “I refuse to condemn my patients to a miserable existence for self preservation or concerns about what may or may not happen to me as a consequence of my actions.”

As Ohio vet Neal J. Sivula explains, “I am very frustrated by veterinarians’ seeming lack of interest in exploring this potentially very useful plant, Dr. Kramer being the exception. The bottom line is that we absolutely need the DEA to reclassify MM so that it can be studied.”

12 Comments on "Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized For Dogs?"

  1. I had a crazy hippy roommate that kept giving her dog cannabis treatments and he seemed to hate it. It did seem like it was shrinking his tumor though.

    But I don’t think dogs find getting stoned as enjoyable as humans.

  2. Kevin Leonard | Mar 7, 2013 at 2:06 pm |

    First things first.

  3. lazy_friend | Mar 8, 2013 at 2:57 am |

    the sale of dog treats would sky rocket!

  4. lazy_friend | Mar 8, 2013 at 2:57 am |

    the sale of dog treats would sky rocket!

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