Tightening The ‘Screws’ On Contraception

Many of us have become aware of the illusion of progress that we seem to be mired in.  It has seemed of late that even our most politically stable personal rights have become targets for those who want to take us a couple years back in time when moral authority was dictated by a monolithic religious hierarchy and people lived in fear of being burned at the stake for thinking or behaving differently.  It would be nice to think that something as sensible and useful for public health like contraception would be off limits to these throwback inquisitors, but no.

It’s not just about not getting pregnant, it’s about telling you that your have no right to put your tab A into another person’s slot B unless the two of your are held within the holy confines of marriage.

Let me get personal here, I was a student at a Pentecostal College where a no-intercourse rule was strictly enforced.  I was a devout believer at the time and despite my feelings that it was wrong, had plenty of sex with my girlfriend.  We felt so bad about doing it that we decided to get married.  Another couple was brought to shame after the girlfriend who was a student at the college got pregnant.  The guy who got her pregnant had to stand in front of a 300 person congregation and admit that he had been fucking his girlfriend and that he was ashamed and was going to marry her.

The shame he must have felt would have been crushing.  Incidentally, this didn’t stop any of us couples from engaging in hanky panky whenever the opportunity presented itself.  So the question is; “If Christians in college who believe they will go to hell for fucking can’t stop fucking, why in the hell would anyone else stop fucking either?”

This is not the kind of world I want to be in, nor do I want complacence to take over so much that I’m lulled into a false sense that my government will watch over my most personal rights and those of our wonderful female compatriots.  Unfortunately the war for every part of our personal sovereignty, (even who we make love to) is under attack.  Check out this article from rhrealitycheck.org:

“A lot has changed since 1972. An African American has been elected President of the United States. Computers fit into the palm of your hand. And people have started having sex, even though they aren’t married.

No, really, that’s a new thing, and totally within the last four decades. Or so claims Family Research Council fellow Pat Fagan, who eloquently explained his belief that contraception for single people should be outlawed since those who have sex outside of marriage should be punished for their actions.”

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Gabriel Roberts

Gabriel D. Roberts is a theological scholar, researcher and public speaker that specializes in discussions about the nature of perception and belief. After 27 years of passionate searching and study, Gabriel stepped away from his long held Christian faith into a more expansive and fluid worldview.The details and reasons are catalogued in his book, Born Again To Rebirth.Like many others who have had an earnest thirst for the answers to the big questions of life, Gabriel was not satisfied to settle for not knowing more.His latest book, The Quest For Gnosis explores the roots of belief, the power of the ecstatic state in one’s spiritual life and the means by which a deeply satisfying spiritual life may be achieved outside of the bonds of dogma.Within The Quest For Gnosis, Gabriel interviews 20 of the brightest minds in this field of study, including Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Daniele Bolelli, Peter J. Carroll, Hamilton Morris, Dr. Aaron Cheak, David Metcalfe, Dr. Rick Strassman and many more.

Gabriel writes for VICE Magazine, Disinfo.com and Realitysandwich.com and is the author of three books. He is continuing his research at the University of Washington in his hometown of Tacoma, WA.

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  1. Fuck religion. All of it. Worthless.

  2. Excellent word play Gabriel Roberts.

  3. JoiquimCouteau | Mar 21, 2013 at 12:11 am |

    Two words:

    Herbal Contraception

  4. Reuben_the_Red | Mar 21, 2013 at 5:40 pm |

    Thanks Gabriel! It’s time to start fucking like we mean it, while we still can!

  5. Anthony Neilsen | Apr 5, 2013 at 3:20 am |

    The world is completely ruined, and dying fast. Immorality has played its part in destroying society all round. Don’t you fools go complaining when your immoral lifestyles catch up with you.

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