Activists Sign Petition to Award Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize

He certainly deserves it more than Obama.  Norman Soloman writes at the Blog:

During the last week of March, more than 30,000 people signed a petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Bradley Manning. While the numbers continue to mount on the petition website, so do the comments from individual signers.

Thousands have already written personal notes to explain their support for the petition. I hope the Nobel committee reads the comments carefully when the petition arrives in Oslo later this spring.

As a U.S. Army private — seeing massive evidence of official deception, human rights abuses and flagrant killing of civilians — Bradley Manning did not just follow orders. Instead, he became a whistleblower, supplying vast troves of documents to WikiLeaks, exposing duplicity that had enormous impacts from Iraq and Afghanistan to Egypt and Tunisia.

Manning, now 25 years old, could be in prison for the rest of his life. But while the U.S. government tries to crush him, it’s clear that many Americans love him — and would be thrilled to see him win the Nobel Peace Prize. The following samples of comments from petition signers begin to explain why:

“Bradley Manning knowingly risked his freedom in order to bring the true facts of war to the public. The courage and insight of such a young person is worthy of the highest recognition.”  Sheila C., Kings Park, NY

“Manning is a U.S. political prisoner being persecuted for blowing the whistle on war crimes by the powerful, including his own corrupt government. He should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.”  Ruth K., Greenbelt, MD

“If you are looking to regain your reputation after giving the award to a warmongering president, I can think of no more important or honorable figure than this political prisoner.”  Catherine C., Santa Monica, CA 

“This poor, incredibly brave person has been scapegoated nearly to death for his extraordinary heroism in revealing just a bit of the truth behind the ideological gloss of war and politics. Please give him the support and recognition he deserves — you may save his life and you will certainly support a higher consciousness in many if you do so.”  Cathy C., Boulder, CO

“Wall Street bankers who looted our nations go scot free. Petro chemical companies who poison millions go free. A young man who releases truth in a democracy is terrorized endlessly by his government. We must stand up for truth tellers.”  W.D., Overland Park, KS

“Manning has done more for peace in our time than any other individual. He risked his freedom to inform the world of war crimes and other wrongdoing by his country.”  William P., Prescott Valley, AZ 

“He has done more than anyone to challenge the hubris of a government’s foreign policy that is based on belligerence and aggression.”  Myles H., Baltimore, MD

“Please give the peace prize to those who truly merit it, like Manning, not to politicians who further militarism and war.”  Albert R., Naperville, IL

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee will need courage even to consider awarding Bradley Manning the Peace Prize.”  Robert B., Honolulu, HI

“It’s about TRUTH!”  Mary P., Center Moriches, NY

“Bradley Manning is a hero in the deepest and truest meaning of that word.”  Jennifer A., Dickson, TN

“This young man risked everything to reveal war crimes being committed by his government.”  Joanne H., Columbia, MD

“I feel Manning was acting in the spirit of the Nuremberg trials in taking individual responsibility for illegal activities that he was witnessing.”  Nick W., Point Reyes, CA

“I’ve personally been inspired by Bradley Manning’s courage and moral dignity. His actions and character give me hope that the world can be a safer and more just place for everyone.”  Brock D., Pittsburgh, PA

“The modern version of Daniel Ellsberg deserves the honor his efforts warrant!”  Doug W., Reno, NV

“Information is the lifeblood of democracy. Bradley Manning is a patriot and a hero.”  William C., Sherman Oaks, CA

“People who expose atrocities for the sake of humanity deserve to be publicly honored.”  Veda S., Camano Island, WA

“Giving Bradley the peace prize would send a strong message against the kind of secrecy that is associated with violence that Gandhi spoke so strongly about.”  Leo S., Chesterfield, NH

“He is definitely deserving! He did an extremely courageous thing. It’s wrong that he is detained and tortured. Awarding him this prize is the least we can do.”  Patricia M., Denver, CO

“As clear a choice as Jesus Christ.  (And I’m not religious.)”  Kenneth K., Highland Park, IL

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28 Comments on "Activists Sign Petition to Award Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize"

  1. The only problem I have with this whole idea is that by releasing this information to wikileaks he single handedly caused severe outrage against American soldiers that were in other countries and more than likely had nothing to do with the corruption he was releasing information about. This outrage caused 1000’s of American soldiers to be killed….soldiers who like him were innocent. While there is indeed vast corruption in our government getting innocent people slaughtered in the process of disclosing this information is not right. And as such should not result in a peace prize. Did his actions end any of the conflicts we are in? Did his actions result in less deaths in war? Did his actions do anything other than disclose to the world what most of the world already knew….no they did not.

    • Could you provide some documentation that more than 2000 US soldiers were killed specifically because of the information he released?

      • Even if it were 1 soldier killed because of his releases that still places the blame on him….and it was supposed to be 100’s not 1000’s but it still doesn’t matter….like I said 1… too many

        • You said thousands. Could you provide some documentation that a single US soldier
          was killed specifically because of the information he released?

          • Are you really this dense? There was proven islamic outrage caused by the leaked material. Since most deaths of American soldiers were caused by islamic terrorists and Taliban which also expressed outrage over the released information can you not make a connection to the fact that American soldiers were killed by the release of the documents? Or are you so stuck in your anti American rhetoric that you are blind…or just stupid. And if you noticed….maybe you need glasses too….I said it had an extra 0 on there….it was supposed to be 100’s….but as I said….1 would be more then too many.

            Here….try reading this….

            “The Obama administration has been saying there’s nothing much new in those field reports from the Afghan war, but posting more than 91,000 of them on the Internet is a whole other matter. The military said Thursday the leak may have already cost the lives of American soldiers and their allies.”


          • “…May have…”

          • WTFMFWOMG | Apr 7, 2013 at 12:22 am |

            In other words, the people being abused had no idea this was going on, as if the people in Afghanistan and Iraq get the same sanitized “news” we get in the West. In reality, they are direct victims of this abuse; it isn’t exactly a secret to the victims. Manning only revealed this to the first-world sheeple, safe at home, content with spoon fed infotainment.

            It’s a volunteer military, and if you are going to follow orders in order to help stabilize the price of oil, for example–civillians be damned–you might end up getting shot or blown up. These military actions are being done in our name, and I don’t feel any safer because of them. What Manning sent to Wikileaks makes no difference except to wake us up.

          • Ittabena | Apr 7, 2013 at 7:46 am |

            Was the proven Islamic outrage because Brad released information, or was it because of what was in the information that was released. You have the whole Good/Evil thing backwards here.

            We were doing a splendid job of fostering Islamic resentment all by ourselves with or without Mr. Manning’s help.

            As for the CBS quote. When I was in high school CBS would have jumped at this story, now they are too busy cuddling up as lap dogs with the r4esto of the media. If CBS had done their job, Bradley Manning wouldn’t have had to do it for them.

      • And while you are questioning my original post i noticed you avoided the important part….Did his actions end any of the conflicts we are in? Did his actions result in less deaths in war? Did his actions do anything other than disclose to the world what most of the world already knew….no they did not.

        • I don’t agree that that’s the important part when you accused him of causing the deaths of thousands.

          • You sir….are retarded…100’s…..I said it was supposed to be 100’s…I am sorry for arguing with you as apparently you are not capable of carrying on a conversationn
            And how about you talk to someone who had a family member killed after the wikileaks release and see if they are happy that it was released and that there was a possiblility a very high possibility that their loved one died because of wikileaks? Or maybe you cant understand that one either.

          • Tuna Ghost | Apr 8, 2013 at 2:40 pm |

            Bob. C’mon. You’ve been moving the goalpost the entire time and still haven’t provided evidence beyond your own conjecture, which really doesn’t seem terribly accurate given your multiple retractions. And right in the very statement I’m replying to, you’re appealing to emotion rather than any set of facts or any kind of information. The family member of a serviceman killed after the wikileaks would not be in any better position to comment on wether or not wikileaks had caused the death than anyone else.

        • Ittabena | Apr 7, 2013 at 7:49 am |

          “Did his actions do anything other than disclose to the world what most of the world already knew….”

          Look either he broke information that pissed the folks off or he didn’t, you cannot have it both ways…

    • Dingbert | Apr 6, 2013 at 8:16 pm |

      None of the information released presented a threat to national security, although my understanding is that Wikileaks screened it first.
      Only half of the documents released were even classified and a quarter were Secret non-military DoS diplomatic cables. Nothing was classified above Secret. The process for getting a Secret clearance involves little more than filling out a sworn statement about your history and undergoing the same background checks run when you buy a gun. While “Secret” classification may raise eyebrows outside of DoD/IC, inside the culture it’s quite meaningless. Yet it costs over $12B a year to keep it classified (usually preceded by “over-” or “mis-“) and away from the people who paid for and benefit from the work.
      Of the thousands of documents released, none jeopardized national security, a couple were embarrassing, but the vast majority were irrelevant.
      So the issue is not that the information was dangerous or outrageous–it’s that it wasn’t.

      • I never said the releases were all top secret releases even though a good portion were….I said that it caused severe outrage against American soldiers that were in other countries and more than likely had nothing to do with the corruption he was releasing information about. This caused innocent people to be placed in harm’s way. you cannot get the peace prize for causing more people to die. Even if you disagree with their reasons and or methods.

        • Name a single person who died because Manning released information “most of the world already knew.”

          • My brother died after the release….prove it wasn’t because of the release which was proven to have caused Islamic outrage….Islamic’s that are already violent and calling for the death of America. Maybe if you trid reading the links I posted you would have seen the information….but I doubt it.

          • Excerpt from your first link:

            “And yet no one anywhere has been held to much account: not in the political class, not in the military, not in the think tanks, not among the scholars nor the media. Only one individual, it seems, will pay, even if he actually spilled none of the blood. Our foreign policy elites seem to think Bradley Manning is well-cast for the role of fall guy and scapegoat. This is an injustice.

            “Someday, it will be clearer to Americans that Pfc. Manning has joined the ranks of great American military whistleblowers like Dan Ellsberg (who was first in his class at Marine officer training school); Vietnam War infantryman Ron Ridenhour, who blew the whistle on the My Lai massacre; and the sailors and marines who, in 1777, reported the torture of British captives by their politically connected commanding officer. These servicemen, too, were vilified in their times. Today, we honor them, as someday Pfc. Manning will be honored.”

            Perhaps you should read your own links before you go around calling people dense and retarded. I don’t have to prove the leaks caused your brother’s death anymore than I have to prove you didn’t kill him yourself. You have to prove he did die because of them. Until then, I blame Bush and the Islamists.

          • Don’t forget this bit, which kicks off a relatively extensive comparison of the actual respective contributions towards endangering lives of Manning and a slew of his critics broadly referenced in the first sentence of your quote above:

            ” Here are counts—undoubtedly undercounts, in fact—of real Afghan corpses that, at least in part, resulted from the policy he [Adm. Mike Mullens] supported: 2,412 in 2009, 2,777 in 2010, 1,462 in the first half 2011, according to the UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan. As far as anyone knows, here are the corpses that resulted from the release of those WikiLeaks documents: zero. ”

            BigBob also seems to have disastrously conflated the releases allegedly attributable to Manning (which all even semi-informed commentary has depicted as a possible threat to foreign civilians and other intelligence assets, not to soldiers themselves, who are already, by definition, actively and legitimately targeted by the enemy) with the Abu Ghraib releases which everyone agrees did amplify the hatred towards American troops while making it increasingly difficult for moderate Islamic voices to hold back the tide of righteous fury at this latest example of the Great Satan’s imperial excesses.

            If this is the measure by which publishers or sources ought be damned as traitors and criminals then surely it’s Dan Rather and Seymour Hersh who must be lined up and shot?

            And those officials who investigated the abuse, knowing that what they found would be made public and therefore – on the explicit rationale which underpins the Manning prosecution – with the knowledge that they would be aiding the enemy, must surely also be deserving of capital punishment for treason?

          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Apr 6, 2013 at 11:45 pm |

            I’m sorry for your loss. That’s all war is. What a waste.

          • Rhoid Rager | Apr 8, 2013 at 12:24 am |

            Milk it. Milk it all you can, buddy. Because some Army private sitting behind a computer set the IED that blew your brother up, or pulled the trigger, let the arrow fly, cut the cord, or spilled the pot of burning oil over your brother’s head. Of course, whatever happened to him deserves to be brought up on an internet message board to prove a politically-biased point.

            Fucking US army trolls trolling disinfo, really? Listen, bub, you support the troops ‘carrying out their mission’, you support bold-faced murder. The 10 kids and 2 women who just got droned in AfghaniPakiStanLand met their maker doing what they do best–a fat fuckload of nothing to US ‘national security’. Manning should be exonerated, release and be given a lifetime giftcard to Manhattan’s finest men’s only massage parlor. Good on him. We need more like him.

          • Manning is nothing other than a treasonous dog and as such I hope he rots in hell and jail forever. And as for you Adam I hope your entire family dies in a horrible fiery explosion brought on by your so called heroes support for the Islamic trash.

          • Tuna Ghost | Apr 8, 2013 at 2:43 pm |

            I’m pretty sure the Islamic victims of American attacks were already aware they were being shot by soldiers and being blown up by drones. And there have been a number of reports stating that no soldiers were put into direct danger by Wikileaks. Conflicting reports are nothing new.

    • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness | Apr 6, 2013 at 11:32 pm |

      Of the soldiers who are killed over seas, do you think that might have anything to do with the unprovoked invasion and occupation of other peoples’ lands which these soldier commit? How about the related war crimes which soldiers and contractors regularly inflict on the family members of what become hostile forces? What about the resulting civil conflict and loss of social cohesion related to the devastation that aggressive war brings? Might that build resentment which influences violence perpetrated against soldiers?

      I doubt many of the enemies of the US armed forces have electricity, let alone the internet, to see the documented abuses. Unfortunately for the imperial endeavor, all those people need to do to learn of the atrocities is look out their windows or talk to their neighbors or – god forbid, walk outside a fortified stucture.

    • Hoarfraust | Apr 7, 2013 at 1:18 am |

      You’re the one who is dense Bob. The Geneva convention clearly states
      that soldiers must refuse to participate in illegal acts of warfare and
      must report such acts. These laws were created after the Holocaust.

    • Ittabena | Apr 7, 2013 at 7:31 am |

      Sounds like a Federal News Network release. What do they call that…? Ah yeah, an Official Story. Yeah, that’s it.

  2. He’s the president of the usa and commander in chief.
    He’s not moonlighting at Raytheon but big military contracters call the tune using payola for the djs down on k st. You know the song, Where do all the exhippies meet now that they became The Man you know K st. K st. Where do all sellouts meet K STREET. Every president sinceTaft could be called on war crimes but unfortunately its part of the presidents job description
    We could do a hell of a lot worst than president Obama.

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