Attacks Against Emos And Goths To Be Considered Hate Crimes In United Kingdom

In five years, Bronies will be added to the census. The Huffington Post UK writes:

A police force has become the first in the country to record attacks on goths, emos and punks as hate crimes. Abuse towards alternative subcultures will be classed in the same way as those based on race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

The historic move was welcomed by the mother of teenager Sophie Lancaster, who was kicked to death in Bacup, Lancashire in 2007 because she was dressed like a goth. Miss Lancaster, 20, was kicked and stamped to death because she was dressed as a goth in a park in Bacup in August 2007.

A police spokesman said: “From April 2013 Greater Manchester Police also now records alternative sub-culture related hate crime.” There are no immediate plans to change the national hate crimes register, but last year Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone acknowledged that the five recognized categories of hate crime was “an incomplete list”.

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  1. If they are going to list every possible sub group as under the shield of hate crimes why not just do away with standard sentencing and treat all violent crime under the hate crime umbrella?

    Also, they list attacking punks as a hate crime? If I remember correctly the punishment for going after them used to be them kicking the shit out of you.

  2. so we re still going deeper into the archonistic BS of slapping instructions onto the serfs. what will it take for you to see THE DEFINITIVE TRUTHS of ?

  3. Alix Evermore | Apr 21, 2013 at 12:59 am |

    It’s about time! We really need protection again close minded psychos

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