Authorities Hunt For Leader Of Chilean Cult That Burned Baby Alive As “The Antichrist”

cult leaderBrainwashing by enlightenment drug? Authorities claim that ayahuasca was imbibed as a means of “controlling” the sect’s white-collar ranks. Via NBC News:

Chilean police on Thursday arrested four people accused of burning a baby alive in a ritual because the leader of the sect believed that the end of the world was near and that the child was the Antichrist. The 3-day-old baby was taken to a hill in the town of Colliguay on Nov. 21 and was thrown into a bonfire. The baby’s mother had allegedly approved the sacrifice and was among those arrested.

Authorities said the sect was led by Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, 36, who remains at large. Castillo Gaete was last seen traveling to Peru to buy ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew plant that he used to control the members of the rite.

“Everyone in this sect was a professional,” Miguel Ampuero, of the Police Investigative Units, said. “A veterinarian…a filmmaker. Everyone has a university degree.”

  • someonesname

    I just cant trust NBC, it smells soo fishy…

    • Psychic Shotgun Blast

      Everything is true, I’m from Chile.

      • frafri

        where at from Chile

  • Calypso_1

    Brainwashing has as much or more to do with the theories injected as any substance circumstance or methodology used to facilitate the endeavor.

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    Im from Chile lol