Boston Marathon Bombings an Evolving Story

Picture by Twitter user Boston_to_a_T

Like probably a lot of you, I’ve been horrified and saddened by the round of bombings that occurred today at the Boston Marathon.

I’ve struggled with how we’d cover it at Disinfo, and have reached the conclusion that perhaps letting the story evolve before launching into an analysis of the event is the best thing we can do. I only wish that the mainstream media had reached the same decision.

For now, I strongly recommend monitoring social media for citizen’s eye reportage of the event (Twitter) as well as whatever media organizations you trust – if any. Additionally, is a great source for evolving news regarding the event.

  • Rhoid Rager

    The fatties did it. They hate us for our fitness.

    • Anarchy Pony

      Sadly enough, the bombs seemed designed to inflict as much damage to legs as possible.

  • Jason Baxter

    A simple ban on bombs at Marathons could’ve prevented this.

    • VaudeVillain

      Hey, you’re funny. You should take your act on tour. I bet you’ll get a huge hit. I mean, be a huge hit.

      Seriously though, and I realize that this is pretty hypocritical coming from me: quit being such an asshole.

      • lifobryan

        I agree & I’m a hypocrite too. Had I not been in Boston, I’m pretty sure I would have laughed at that. It’s actually a very clever point to make. That said, being here and hearing the miserable news, I just can’t. When my cynical impulses resurface, I’m sure I’ll roll with it. But now, there’s just too much blood sprayed all over a street I know too well.

    • Geoff Henry

      So true. I understand everyone wants to take the high road right now. Let’s not forget what they’ve done in the past though. Northwoods, MKULTRA, Iran Contra, Bradley Manning, Daniel Ellsburg, on and on it goes.

    • BuzzCoastin

      Where’s the TSA screeners when you need them?
      Groping Gramma of course!

  • DeepCough

    Yadda, yadda, yadda…..inside job.

    • Juan

      It may be a while before we have any idea about that one way or the other, but yeah . . . This will no doubt be spun in ways that will lead to more surveillance, police, clamp down of civil liberties, and depending on who it gets pinned on, may even lead to further military interventions.

      • DeepCough

        Can’t help but agree with you on that one.

      • Haggard Artist

        I have to agree with you! Not thoughts I want to think about at the moment, but so true, so true!

  • Juan

    Is it horribly insensitive/cynical of me to wonder how this incident will be spun/manipulated/played in the media to further the ends of The Empire?

    • BuzzCoastin

      actually this content furthers the aims of media itself
      electric media wants to be associated with every aspect of your life
      for every waking & sleeping moment of it, electric media wants to be there

      this content enables electric media to create & disseminate electric environments
      in which you & electric media can live snug in your electric cocoon
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      • Ittabena

        Bravo, bravo! Author, author!

        Oops, did I say that out loud? (snicker)

  • VaudeVillain

    I applaud your restraint. I don’t even want to know what the chuckleheads at FAUX are speculating. The ghost of Bin Laden returned from the dead to exact vengeance for gay marriage and ObamaCare?

    • Breshvic

      Sadly, the New York Post with zero substantiation ran with the ‘Muslim foreigner terror!!’ story, and Fox ate it up. It’s already happening, with no evidence to back it up, because they don’t care if it’s true or not. It’s just another excuse to get some Arab-bashing on the air.

      • VaudeVillain

        My only dispute with your version of how that story came to be is that you insinuate that the New York Post and Fox are separate entities. In fact, both are owned by Newscorp.

        Otherwise, I am completely unsurprised.

    • Ittabena

      I heard Bill O’Reilly is trying to contact you. Something about your joining their writing staff? (Shrug)

  • Frank_Black

    Naw it was on Patriot’s Day, I suspect there will be a tea Party loving militia group somewhere with some patsies to offer up.

    • VaudeVillain

      They like to come to the Commonwealth so they can pretend to actually honor what they claim to represent, but most have no idea what really happened, or why, or the multitude of ways in which it is profoundly opposite to their lies. For the most part they are not welcome, and tolerated only because New Englanders believe in rights and liberty as more than just catch phrases.

      • lifobryan

        Are you in MA? Yeah, really weird day here. Just this morning I heard interviews on npr with Tea Party types who were gathering in Lexington for Patriots Day to celebrate “Paul Revere & a return to the values of Washington & Reagan.” At the time, I smirked at the irony of a Silversmith & Fools Gold. But now I’m just sad …..

        • VaudeVillain

          I am indeed! Western Mass born and bred and having spent some time outside of the Pioneer Valley Happy Hugbox I live here by choice.

  • lifobryan

    Thanks for the smart & sensitive handling of this. As someone who is in Boston, I’ve been following the evolving details of this tragedy all afternoon & evening. Being a true disinfonaut, half of me jumps immediately into speculation: rightwing extremists, anniversary of Oklahoma City & Waco, tax day, Patriots day, Hitler day, etc …

    But then the other half of me just listens with sadness and horror to the unfolding story of a dead 8 year old, peoples’ limbs blown off & across Boylston Street, confusion & chaos.

    I can’t stop the part of me that relishes the intrigue of conspiratorial speculation. But another part of me can only grieve for my city right now …..

  • Calypso_1

    Anyone want to put odds on Alex Jones touting Carlos Arredondo as a gov’t agent?

    • Haggard Artist

      Finally a comment to giggle about!

    • BrianApocalypse

      Well, unless he agrees with 100% of what Jones has to say then he MUST be a government agent. There is no other logical explanation!

      • Ittabena

        I really do love this place. No sarcasm intended.

  • rak

    Is this the Begging of the End? Was that the Event?

  • Breshvic

    Full-heartedly agree, Matt. I’ve been telling all my friends, family and co-workers to slooooow down and wait until some actual facts emerge. Social media is great at allowing citizen reporters to facilitate this faster than in the past, but in any chaotic, violent event, stories are garbled, witnesses are confused, authorities and reporters track many, many disparate leads, often leading to red herrings and dead ends. It’s far too early for conclusions to be drawn.

  • Aipeed Teaitchse

    Remember the huge public outcry against CISPA last year? The Reddit and Craigslist protest blackouts? Guess what? H.R. 624 aka CISPA of 2013 ( is up for a vote in Congress THIS WEEK as well as S. 21 Cybersecurity and American Cyber Competitiveness Act of 2013 (
    And H.R. 756 The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2013 ( But who’s paying attention now? I don’t mean to take anything away from today’s victims, but this tragic event seems to be a diversion. According to CISPA 2013 has a 93% chance of passing in the house and moving on to the senate. Pay attention!

  • Geoff Henry

    Anyone care to specate on the absence of DHS in the media and why the FBI is leading the investigation? This is the DHS’s reason t exist accoding to their stated mission of preventing and responding to domestic security, especially terrorism. My only guess is they don’t want to be blamed for missing the signs and Napalitano wants to keep her job. But seriously regardless of he reason, someone should lose their job for wasting hundreds of billions of our dollars on tax day. Don’t try to step on my throat saying I’m incensitive. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Someone needs to be held accountable. Reminds me of Commander in Cheif Bush on 9/11. Everyone just said what a trajedy it was, lets go bomb Iraq.

    • BuzzCoastin

      “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”
      Robert Gibbs, ex-Obama Press Sexratery

  • BuzzCoastin

    if people got this worked-up every time Uncle Homeland blew up a Afghan village
    or strafed an Afghan wedding…

    but ruffle a few yuppie feathers at swank social event
    and Look out Lucy Goosey
    “the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is fallin!~”

    • Juan

      Exactly. 30 murdered in Afghanistan at a wedding by US bombs, and 50 people dead and 300 wounded by a series of explosions across the country in Iraq, and it’s crickets and tumble weeds.

  • rak
  • Haggard Artist

    Thank you for handling this tragedy the way you are; The best we can do now is research as much as possible. The truth sits between many of the lies that the mainstream media will be jamming down our throats. For those in boston, and all around the world that lost a love one yesterday or any day for that matter due to violence such as this my heart goes out to you. Most of all young Martin Richard, may you rest in peace.

  • Bruteloop

    Boston is something of an Irish town if I’m right. A witness mentioned the possible use of bins to conceal bombs. Exactly why there are still no waste bins in UK rail stations. That tactic was a favourite of the IRA. Friend of mine lost his niece in the Birmingham IRA pub bombings. I was drinking in a pub in London 20 minutes before an IRA bomb went off in the toilets.

    Now bombs in Boston. Not Birmingham or Baghdad.

    Nothing has changed.

    Someone with a manifesto serves up grief to families just getting on with their day.