Catholic bishops: Background check vote shows a ‘failure in moral leadership’

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The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Friday reiterated that the “culture of life” often cited by Republican politicians included gun control.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Bishop Stephen E. Blaire expressed his disappointment that legislation to expand criminal background checks on gun purchases was killed by a filibuster.

“The USCCB has been working with other faith leaders and organizations urging Congress to support legislation that builds a culture of life by promoting policies that reduce gun violence and save people’s lives in homes and communities throughout our nation,” he said. “In the wake of tragic events such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, the failure to support even modest regulations on firearms is a failure in moral leadership to promote policies which protect and defend the common good.”

Last week, the Senate voted 54-46 in favor of a bipartisan amendment to a larger gun bill that would require background checks on firearm sales at gun shows and on the Internet. The Senate failed to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome a Republican-led filibuster.

Blaire praised the senators who “demonstrated the virtues of courage and leadership” by voting for the amendment and said the Church would continue to “support legislation that promotes a culture of life by reducing gun violence.”

Though the “culture of life” is a term often used by opponents of abortion, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has frequently used the phrase when calling for stricter gun laws. The Conference, which represents all Catholic bishops in the United States, has been calling for stricter gun laws since 2000, including a complete ban on handguns.

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  • Maria Lima

    Very sorry to see the Bishops taking this stand on this issue. I very much feel it is shortsighted and naive…fails to see that stricter gun control, and background checks in particular, would do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. Those who perpetrate gun violence are CRIMINALS..and they obtain their guns ILLEGALLY, and would continue to do so REGARDLESS of what ‘new laws’ are passed; there are after all PLENTY OF LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!! They don’t care about existing laws, they won’t care about new laws. I fully believe in the culture of life. This stance does nothing to further or promote it.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Hey Matt,

    One of the interesting things that happens when I cut & paste
    is that the paste disappears
    and then reappears after I press Post
    so that in this case
    I had two posts, one of which I have modified for this note

  • BuzzCoastin

    The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Who pays any attention to what they have to say?

    the second I hear the words Catholic priest
    I immediately think pedophile
    doesn’t everybody?

    • Simon Valentine

      i mostly got distracted by chess time
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      • BuzzCoastin

        “My friend,” said the orator to him, “do you believe the Pope to be Anti-Christ?”
        “I have not heard it,” answered Candide; “but whether he be, or whether he be not, I want bread.”
        “Thou dost not deserve to eat,” said the other. “Begone, rogue; begone, wretch; do not come near me again.”
        Voltaire, Candide

        • Simon Valentine

          which pope? Sedevacantism Heirophant with a languorwine blade? come
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          WAS it!?! the calendar died today! Gregorian supplanted! ropes cut!
          Gulliver released! WHAT IS YOUR NAME /NOW/, ORATOR?!?!

          • BuzzCoastin

            I am the daughter of Pope Urban X, and of the Princess of Palestrina. officialdom minions]. The data suggests that [offcialdom] here in the USA starts shitting the small sharp ones as the [new dawn] reveals the [chaos] and [smoking rubble] of their [hopes]Times of growth are beset with difficulties. They resemble a first birth. But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to attain form. Batir los huevos, salar y mezclar con los garbanzos rehogados. Cuajar una tortilla española de la forma tradicional y servir caliente.

          • Simon Valentine

            *nod* i had not known it to be so that i would meet one of these prophecies concerting the Archangel of hope and the Archangel of wisdom, the former, your grandmother, the latter, your mother’s God Father. had he Malthael been that Anak patron saint of Palestrina it seems more than likely, though i have wandered, and not been to visit. times of difficulties were reset by growth, then, and i was there.

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          • Simon Valentine
  • kowalityjesus

    Must say, even though Jesus preached a culture of non-violence, Christianity has had a tradition of wars against moral enemies in hours of necessity. Otherwise, why was there ever such a thing as Chivalric Knights? Nobody’s invincible.

    • Simon Valentine

      then it’s no wonder

      three blinde mice
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      they all ran into the chicken coop
      they turned into foxes and flew the coup
      morals sat around with nobody to do
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      • kowalityjesus

        I feel like I’m being antagonized but can’t put my finger on anything poignantly ascerbic

        • Simon Valentine

          i know the feeling
          potential energy buildup
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  • Unibrow Chic

    They’d have more of a point if they spoke on our culture of war. Yes, the legislation proposed was utterly logical and ultimately mild, but the most glaring and garish manifestation of this problem is the violence we deliver unto others. I can’t help but think that this “trickles back” to domestic social dynamics. If violence is our chief export, should we be surprised we see so much of it at home?

    • Jin The Ninja

      agree, it is the culture of violence that we need to address.

      the catholic church’s collusion with various fascist regimes, rejection of liberation theology, embrace of capitalism, oppression and patriarchy demonstrate catholic church leaders have no moral legitimacy whatsoever.

  • Calypso_1

    I suppose then that the Vatican Bank should divest themselves of shares in major arms manufacturers & stop funneling weapons into Croatia.

    • Jin The Ninja

      well that would be the ‘moral’ thing, the ‘christian’ thing now wouldn’t it?

      • Calypso_1

        Or they can get back to the good ol’ days and call a crusade a Crusade.

        • Simon Valentine

          what are they looking for this time?

          Cold Crusade, it had been named.

        • kowalityjesus

          they need to take a note out of Gandhi’s book and use publicity to expose persecution and violence against Christians. They also need to distance themselves from phony-ass Christians who pick fights with dissenters and Muslims at an international level. The Holy See requires a tide to change their social and political positions; as far as a unified, informed movement within the church, that is not within sight…

          • Calypso_1

            The pogroms against the various Eastern Rites are a great human & cultural tragedy that deserve much more attention than they have been given.
            However, for most that become aware of these in christian communities , there will be little time spent learning about the diversity, history or culture of their religion and simply an application of persecutory feelings towards their own brand of beliefs. This is ultimately divisive, maintaining narrow lines of thought & denial of broader heritage.

          • kowalityjesus

            word, word.

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