DisinfoCast: 52: Conner Habib Returns

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Adult film star, author and lecturer Conner Habib returns to discuss pornography, sexuality and why both continue to be controversial in the United States. Can sex be a revolutionary act? Learn the answer to this and more in this episode of the DisinfoCast.

2 Comments on "DisinfoCast: 52: Conner Habib Returns"

  1. Wow, no comments. People really are afraid to talk about gay sex! I think it was one of the best podcast’s yet. I liked what he said about the taboo of being smart.

    Also what he said about the priesthood gaining an inroad into peoples psyche through sexual taboo. Really good insight.

    • I’ve noticed that a lot of things which readers of Disinfo either enjoy or agree with get passed by without much comment.

      I generally try to “Star” the articles I like, even if I don’t comment.

      Judging by the numbers, I’m apparently one of only a few people who ever “Star” a comment.

      And of course sometimes, I forget…

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