Douglas Rushkoff on The Joe Rogan Experience

Two of our favorite people, Doug Rushkoff and Joe Rogan, meet for a powerful exchange of ideas, on the Joe Rogan Experience:


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  1. BrianApocalypse | Apr 3, 2013 at 5:10 pm |

    Rushkoff’s sentiments about Facebook and the ubiquity of permanent mobile net connectivity are almost exactly how I’ve come to feel about such things. I’ve noticed that many long time internet denizens are now the most eager to re-connect with people on a face-to-face level, and are very frustrated by the loss of the authentic human experience as social interactions are sucked into the vortex of smartphone screens.

    Maybe it’s because it’s all not so new and shiny or revolutionary to someone that already been online for 20 years, or maybe we’ve built up some sort of immunity.

    • Frankly I am tired of people being jerks, just because they feel they can. I am also tired of feeling I can be a jerk for the same reason. As an aside, at time I have said things that have kept me up at night. What they both said about all of that resonated with me a lot.

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