Eric Ducharme: Florida’s “Real” Merman

Picture: Eric Ducharme (C)

“Mer-man, dad! MER-MAN!”

Real-lief merman Eric Ducharme says it’s a lifestyle choice.

Via Yahoo:

His love for all things mermen began as a child when, according to his website, his grandparents took him to an underwater theater and a woman in a mermaid costume swam by blowing kisses to the audience; at age six, Ducharme’s father hired two mermaids to swim up to a dock where the boy was eating his birthday cake. When he was 13, Ducharme created his company Mertailor, LLC and sold his own handcrafted tails made from garbage bags and various fabrics. Three years later, he put on his first show, swimming as the mermaid prince in the Weeki Wachee Springs Little Mermaid show. “Eric is obsessed with mermaids,” says his mother Candy Ducharme. “We have our own passions. That’s Eric’s life.”

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8 Comments on "Eric Ducharme: Florida’s “Real” Merman"

  1. So how to merpeople have sex? Do they have a vent like Dolphins do?

  2. I respect the fact that this man is doing what makes him happy no matter how different it may seem to everyone else. That takes balls… or you know whatever fish or fish type people would possess.

  3. lol sorry
    i am pretty gay myself

  4. David Howe | Apr 4, 2013 at 7:15 pm |

    is his real name Lt. Hurwitz?

  5. Reminds me of the story in Prometheus Rising about the giraffe and the jeep. Another good example of psychological imprinting at a critical moment in a kid’s development.

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