Gasland Tour

On Saturday March 16, a group of concerned citizens from Brooklyn took a tour of Susquehanna County PA, to witness first hand the effects of Hydrofracking on the local community.

Via WeAreChange


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Apr 26, 2013 at 1:59 am |

    is that Dimcock Twp or Dimmock Twp
    maybe it’s Dimwit Twp

    no matter what
    the first 3 letters of their Governmental name announces their collective intelligence
    for all corporate predators to make note of
    a Dim Twp indeed, but like where the fuck is Smartville Twp?

  2. That lady seemed pretty uninformed as to the specific chemicals and processes the plant and gas site were using/participating in. Other than that they were “bad” and somehow making everyone move, animals sick and people poor. Was this an enviro tour of rich liberal people going out to the country to see how the poor, uneducated working man is taken advantage of? Are they thinking they are gonna save them from themselves? The whole vibe of this trip was creepy. And why were they harassing the random company truck? Who were those people in it anyway?They were probably told to follow the bus so that they could keep an eye for vandalism or trespassing. Pretty standard protocol when a weird bus full of folks that have nothing to do with your worksite show up and start giving a tour I would think. Was that the CEO of the gas plant or something they were calling shit head in the truck? I’m thinking it was more likely some dude on his smoke break. Kind of a weak video. I’m not stoked about the practices of the gas companies but if this is who the world has representing the fight to revise their practices then…ick man. Thats too bad. Haha. “Start the revolution”. Something about a buncha old people saying that in a tour bus is perfect.

    • I am thinking that this was a field trip for We Are Change of New York – ok Brooklyn. So, if you want to know about 9/11 these are your people, they have it memorized I am sure. But if you are looking for research, I think the video is probably portraying the research itself. Unless you count having watched the film Gasland, which all of us here have probably already done ourselves.

      Of course I am guessing a little bit here but Luke Rudkowski only posts videos here, he never returns to reply to comments. At least I have never seen it happen. Perhaps the reason for that is the treatment his mentor Alex Jones receives whenever he is brought up.

  3. kowalityjesus | Apr 26, 2013 at 10:50 am |

    Could someone not wearing a tinfoil hat please comment on the idea that energy technologies exist which are suppressed and could easily solve our fossil fuel addiction.

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