Gay Basher Caught AIDS Through Fighting. Yeah. That’s it: Fighting.

Found via Reddit, an old newspaper clipping that adds even more weight to the observation that the world’s biggest homophobes are often huge closet cases. I’m still eagerly awaiting Fred Phelps and co. to step out of the Westboro Baptist Closet.


  • emperorreagan

    Fights: choking the gay out of all of the cocks with his sphincter, one-by-one.

  • lifobryan

    “I’m still eagerly awaiting Fred Phelps and co. to step out of the Westboro Baptist Closet.”

    Phelps stepping out of the Westboro Baptist Closet??? Well, as someone on the non-hetero side of this issue, all I can say is “Eeeeewwwwwww!!!!”

    I’m sure Phelps’ Baptist Closet is filled with rusty chastity belts and mummified pets. Please stay in that closet Fred! That mothball & moldy-Bible smell just never goes away.

    • emperorreagan

      When he dies, someone is going to find a journal full of Biblical fan fiction where every story ends with him and Jesus “consoling” each other.

      • lifobryan

        haha – yeah. With titles like “O Cum All Ye Faithful” …

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Bet he used some non-regulation holds.

  • bobbiethejean

    Oh, I can’t wait for that hateful, malicious bastard to die. I’m going to go to his funeral, stand there in my black clothes, be quiet and respectful, then just walk away when it’s over.

  • Guest

    loved it ^_^

  • Little Wing

    Impotent men can still get their rocks off by getting fucked in the ass. I bet this lying cocksucker is well aware of that.

  • SeaJay CamMan ViLer

    ¡Lol!. I think and i’m almost sure most of homofobes are pple “in the closet” such as Ricky Martín was; they try to hide their Homosexuality with hate toward themselves and pple like them, they really need help, ’cause their fvcking wrong, they are ignorant about what homosexuality is and then they afraid of that and associate it with something evil, which i find really stupid…Thats the problem of this society, the fear of unknown…I just dont understand why when they don’t know something, they just don’t go and seek knowledge based on reality by their own instead of putting it an ancertain and likely wrong meaning based on what others tell or/and think. I think one must live this life by oneself based on reality, as long as we’re reasonable beings, let’s run anole; ¡run alone!… ¡Homosexual And Proud!.

  • Guest

    Homosexuality is ok.