Joe Rogan on Pretentious Actors

Another creamy morsel from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

  • echar

    I pay no mind to what most artists have to say. I figure they may most likely be hamming it up for publicity, especially the actors/actresses.

  • VaudeVillain

    Oh Joe Rogan, don’t you know that you’re an LA phony bologna pretender too? Don’t you realize it is pretentious to talk about the “realness” of comedy or fighting? Are you unaware that the hyperalt niche you’ve carved out where you can prescribe going to Peru and tripping on ayahuasca as a cure for taking yourself seriously is just another flavor of bullshit?

    Just for reference, I am well aware of how much shit I’m full of. It’s coming out of my ears, and when I get on stage and get into that “real” comedy mode, I make sure to spray it all over everyone in the room. Everyone with anything to say is full of shit, and if they tell you different that’s how you know they’re lying.