Margaret Thatcher Dead

Margaret Thatcher cropped2Love her or loathe her – tell us your thoughts (in the comments section) on Margaret Thatcher, whose death was announced today. The BBC has the details:

Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher has died “peacefully” at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke, her family has announced.

David Cameron called her a “great Briton” and the Queen spoke of her sadness at the death.

Lady Thatcher was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990. She was the first woman to hold the role.

She will not have a state funeral but will be accorded the same status as Princess Diana and the Queen Mother.

The ceremony, with full military honours, will take place at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

The union jack above Number 10 Downing Street has been lowered to half-mast.

‘Force of nature’
Mr Cameron, who is in Madrid for meetings, has cancelled planned talks in Paris with French President Francois Hollande and will return to the UK later on Monday.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Lady Thatcher had been a controversial politician who inspired “passion” among both her critics and supporters…

[continues at the BBC]

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  • Michael Barger

    Yawn!! she did all the damage she could do!! and now she is gone forever!! end of story time to move on!!

    • Andy Beveridge

      No way, I am going to savour this moment/day while I can – i was just out of school and could not get a job and there was very little future for someone of my background. I remember crying from frustration in my bedroom one day…a few months, maybe a year later I had a breakdown. I hate her and I hope she rots.

  • howiebledsoe

    Her actions are now just being felt today. She enabled the utra-rich with her de-regulation, as well as cutting public funding to give to the upper classes. Reagan just LOVED her style, and copied it from top to bottom. We can look out the window and see exactly what her decisions have brought forth. If you are looking out of the window of a 1%er home, you will see glorious things only dreamt of by our forefathers. Otherwise, your view will be very grim indeed, and will keep sliding downhill, as your children pass the gauntlet of poverty onto their children. Thanks, Maggie.

  • Matt Staggs

    Her hair in this picture makes her head look like a stalk of broccoli.

    • Chaorder Gradient

      I think she was trying to go for the Mushroom Cap look

      • emperorreagan

        I can see where people get the idea that we’re governed by reptilian aliens if I stare at her picture long enough.

        • Ted Heistman

          See! They are real!

    • DeepCough

      Something about that hairdo which emphasizes “crazy……”

    • Calypso_1

      Given the amount of aerosol product needed it should be noted that the Antarctic ozone thining coincides with her ascension to PM.

    • lifobryan

      I prefer her hair this way:

      • DeepCough

        No wonder her ideas were out of this world: she was a CONEHEAD!

  • emperorreagan

    Good riddance. The world would have been a better place had you never existed.

  • Andrew
  • Tchoutoye
    • ParanoidCoast

      LOL. You read my mind. Rust in Peace Thatcher the Milk Snatcher.

  • Melanie Blinstrub

    I’m not “up on” all the nitty gritty that many can look into / or dig up on her. But a casual observance … SOOOO many people in the public eye have been slandered with private indiscretions and low life actions; but for some weird reason … she just doesn’t come up on my memory radar .. with all the dirt that most public people do. Kinda different ……

    • Calypso_1

      Look at the ‘business’ career of young Mark. It’s an excellent microcosm of speculative misadventure.

  • IokSotot

    Ding! Dong! The witch is Dead!

  • Richard Andrew Holmes

    She singlehandedly spawned a generation of selfishness for which we are still paying the consequences for. God love her Devilling.

  • rak

    Why do neoliberals live sooo long? Friedman (94), Pinochet (91), Hayek (92), Reagan (93), Thatcher (87).

    • CosmicAmazing

      Because they all eat organic..

    • Rhoid Rager

      Because they benefit from state protection, of course. LoL!

    • Daenerys_Targaryen

      Well all the good die young.

  • rak

    Is her stroke linked to off-shore accounts disclosure?

  • DeepCough

    Here is my tribute to the Iron Lady.


    May she be reincarnated as a victim of her policies. Karma, baby. You don’t have to believe in any sort of religion to know that what we do in this life makes a “heaven” or a “hell” for those who follow.

  • howiebledsoe

    Go fuck yourself you sad little fuck.

  • VaudeVillain

    It’s always sad when somebody dies, even somebody we don’t like very much.

    I hope that she didn’t have to suffer long, and that it was mercifully swift.

  • Daenerys_Targaryen

    How many white Argies died over the Falklands, how many Arabs in Iraq, how many beautiful white babies through her support of abortion, how many old people froze to death in the winter…

    Thatcher is the UK’s equivalent to Rothbard, Goldwater and indeed that actor Reagan. She only used the appearance of conservatism to push free market exploitation and anti-traditional cultural reforms. Now there are no Enoch Powells or Alan Clarks in the Tory Party because, despite who she liked or disliked personally, she let in all kinds of people like Teresa Gorman into the party (imagine a Bolshevik who supports free markets and that’s Gorman). When an organisation isn’t anti left-liberal it turns left-liberal and that’s why we have the ‘muscular liberalism’ of David Cameron today.

    Ultimately her corporations and American connections have done as much damage to Britain as the out-of-line unions and their links to the Soviets.

  • Daenerys_Targaryen

    Oh yea I just realised, this is the news that can bring all Disinfo commentators together in celebration.

  • cakey pig

    Ding fucking dong.

  • rak

    Author, please bring me next good news about Kissinger ! It is time for him to be on the news too!

  • VaudeVillain

    Given that the primary criticism of Thatcher was that her policies were heartless and lacking in compassion, one might think her critics would exhibit signs that they do not share these deficiencies.

    Apparently, one would be wrong. I’ll just chalk this one up to tribalism at its most hilariously awful.

    May you see the error of your ways.

  • lifobryan

    You are very right. Part of me revels in the humanly snarky (& valid & important) caricature of one whose actions led directly to misery. On the other hand, I hope to never lose the capacity to find human-ness in even the most despicable. Not forgiving attitudes or actions, of course. But, while brazenly condemning folly & evil, I nevertheless do hope for some kind of soul redemption. A curious balance, but hopefully true. Even Reagan. Even Bush. Still having a tough time with Cheney, because I question whether there is a soul there ….

  • Daenerys_Targaryen
  • ParanoidCoast

    Now that makes me feel sad for her.

  • Andrew

    That doesn’t mean they’re wrong about everything. Just 99% of everything.

  • Daenerys_Targaryen

    Who cares?

    No newspaper has covered her death by going into detail about Thatcher’s legacy in the same way.

  • Andrew

    Well, fuck me then, because I haven’t yet cleansed all the racism out of my subconscious.

  • Daenerys_Targaryen

    Which Klasmen post on there? Bit of a cliche innit?

    The author Colin Liddell isn’t too far from what the average trade unionist believed at the time Thatcher came to power. Of course the core support for Labour were kicked out their own Labour party by uni educated multiculturalists, gay rights activists and feminists.

    People bitch how Thatcher only sent the pigs against rioting Afro-Caribbeans, you forget she sent the army against striking English miners because you only care about race. Yea well ‘oppressed’ minorities can cry me a river.

    Answer me this – since Thatcher was in power people like Blair and Cameron have gone out their way to please immigrants and fight racism. But how much of Thatcher’s real damage did they put right for us? Like I said, cry me a river.

  • Daenerys_Targaryen

    Can you think for yourself or you need to copypasta everything?

    Like the Wikipedia citing the SPLC, who think PUAs are a friggin’ hate movement lol.

  • Andrew

    I also recognize that I’m a sinner.

  • gemjunior

    My my, what a self-righteous, shrill little man you are. “I don’t have discussions with racists!” oooh” If you’re even 1% tainted by racism, FUCK YOU!” oooh you litte terror, you!
    You are the type of person who doesn”t believe things that are right in front of your stupid face. To you, racism is worse than rape, assault and murder all put together. You are just another braindead cheerleader for the regime – which is using race and racism, race warring, and race baiting to shift wealth from the middle class to the lower class through entitlements such as section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare, medicaid etc., and hope nobody will notice they’re all black at the same time they are committing all the crimes and the mainstream news hides it. But that’s ok, because anyone who notices is a racist! Oooh, thank God I’m not a hideous racist. Stupid fucker. Don’t even come on this website because you’re too stupid you sheep. Baaa Baaa. Moron.

  • Daenerys_Targaryen

    Why are you leaving blog comments then lol?

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