Mars One To Begin Application Process For One-Way Tickets To Mars

mars oneThe Mars One website lists necessary traits to be eligible, including mid-range height, blood pressure below 140/90, and a curious, resilient personality. The New York Daily News explains:

Mars One, the private company that hopes to land a person on the surface of the red planet by 2023, will begin accepting videos made by prospective astronauts along with a $25 application fee that will go toward funding the ambitious colonization project.

“We expect a million applications with 1-minute videos,” said Bas Lansdorp, Mars One co-founder. So far, 45,000 people have registered on the company’s mailing list, and 10,000 aspiring astronauts have expressed a desire to apply.

The 24 astronauts will be selected to establish a permanent Martian colony, as there are no current plans for a return journey from Mars. At a New York news conference scheduled for April 22, Mars One will further detail how those who are ready to abandon Earth can proceed.

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  1. like I said before, before my comment got deleted: This strikes me as something that would seem really exciting at first and then become really really boring, like suicide inducingly boring. I predict some weird shit happening to these people on Mars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they resorted to having group sex orgies or something to fight the boredom.

    That would probably be the most positive weird thing that might happen. The orgies might prevent them from going completely batshit crazy and killing each other.

    • InfvoCuernos | Apr 17, 2013 at 8:44 pm |

      I think I read about group sex on Mars in a sci-fi short story. Wish I could remember who wrote it, might have been Greg Bear.

      I think the most interesting thing that would happen is being a human on MARS!!! That would be worth the boredom.

      • Are you really into Earth Science? Because I am more into biology. I can only look at so many rock formations, before getting my fill. I actually get creeped out by driving through Nevada and parts of Utah. I like life. So I am thinking other people do to, and the only biological entities people will have there to connect with are each other. You see a little bit of this in office settings where sexual politics seems to take up an inordinate amount of prominence. I think its partly because it is such a sterile artificial environment.

        This fascinates me from a Science Fiction perspective. I picture something like a “Sex at Dawn” scenario, of people reverting to the absolute most primitive of tribal society, in contrast to the highly advanced technology surrounding them. People going nude all day, except for body paint, jewelry etc. Having group singing and ceremonies.

    • BrianApocalypse | Apr 17, 2013 at 9:18 pm |

      The whole scenario has the makings of an old-school science fiction novel of astronauts confronted with The Void and going insane.

  2. Unless Murphy’s Law is repealed in The Future, the odds on the success of this kind of venture as described suck.

    When one is several months from one’s industrial base, any big failure in planning or execution of a venture like that is likely to kill all the participants. Look into the failures of the early EU colonies in the Americas, in a place where one could actually breathe unprocessed air and drink water. Colonization became feasible when shipping improved.

    “We forgot the crate of can openers” after unpacking on Mars merely funny, but “we forgot the spare CPUs” could kill en masse. Or the single life support controller designed used in all the habitations has a design bug that melts down the controller after 45 days continuous use, too bad it was only tested for 30 days. Lots of things, no big deal if one can have new stuff shipped quickly, fatal or damaging if not. 3D printers are NOT a substitute for an industrial base.

    The main critical tech to make interplanetary colonization feasible is a continuous acceleration “space drive” to make transit times for shipping compatible with the safety of the colonists. Improved ion drives are under development.

    To see what a difference a continuous acceleration drive makes, feed numbers into this calculator Even an imperceptible 0.01G reduces travel times from several months to 39 days. 0.1G cuts trip time down to 10 days.

  3. Vault hunters far and wide are talking about this opportunity right now. It’s set to open in the next 30 years.

  4. Rocket-based planning for this and the competing project suggests faith in a Futurist repeal of Murphy’s Law.

    A look at the initial colony dieoffs in the history of early EU colonization of America might suggest that getting too far away in terms of time from one’s industrial base for a colony vs the successes after shipping/navigation tech improved means one is betting that Nothing Will Go Wrong.

    “we forgot the crate of can openers” on Mars is funny, “We forgot the spare CPUs” or “we forgot the antibiotics” could be fatal en masse. Or what if the life support modular controller design has a bug that kills them in 45 days, oops, they were only tested for 30? Mistakes that are recoverable if one can order spares and get them in days are going to kill if transit time is in months. 3D printers (including bioprinters) are NOT a substitute for an industrial base in the foreseeable future, though not to take them along just because of this is also silly.

    The critical tech for successful colonization is a continuous acceleration “space drive” (most likely, next-gen ion). Instead of several months trip time, 0.01G transit time = 39 days, 0.1G 12 days. You can generate interplanetary how long v acceleration answers at the calculator at

    • InfvoCuernos | Apr 17, 2013 at 8:50 pm |

      The distance from the industrial base is even more critical when you consider that the european colonists could breath on N. America. If shit breaks up on Mars, you better know how to make a new air scrubber out of a klennex box and a vacuum hose with some scotch tape. Add to that the fact that most Americans can’t even make their own beds, much less a new colony from scratch and it becomes extremely critical to pick the most well rounded and stable individuals. Maybe send some Amerindians.

  5. Seems like ten years out is long time to be looking for volunteers. What are you supposed to do after you get picked? Not have a life for ten years?

    I think its really interesting though and I like the idea of colonizing Mars, actually. Somebody has to be the first out there. But I wouldn’t want to be among the first to go personally. Its like being the first to get cosmetic surgery or something. I figure its better to let others work the kinks out.

  6. BrianApocalypse | Apr 17, 2013 at 9:39 pm |

    Of the list of required characteristics, these ones really stand out to me:

    “Your thought processes are persistent.”

    “You see the connection between your internal and external self.”

    “You understand the purpose of actions may not be clear in the moment, but there is good reason—you trust those who guide you.”

    It’s almost as though they’re looking for people for a showdown with some abstract, existential threat. Something like candidates for a Dharma-Initiative style mission.

    The third quote I find the most enigmatic. Who are these “guides”?? Could it be the alien telepath-parasites who’ll slowly consume their minds??? Or is it the shadowy conspiracy that’s controlling the show back on Earth whose orders will become gradually more and more bizarre for some mysterious reason, but whom the astronauts must “trust”??

    • looks like they are looking for people who obey orders well.

    • It couldn’t be the shadow government they already have a hidden base there. Maybe the orders are don’t go over that hill and disregard what sounds like large machinery and vehicles.

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