Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes GMO Labeling Bill

monsanto foodAre Monsanto and the state of Vermont headed for a historic showdown in court? Or are the corporation’s threats enough to make lawmakers scuttle plans for a law that the public is overwhelmingly demanding? Alternet writes:

Despite overwhelming public support, Vermont legislators are dragging their feet on a proposed GMO labeling bill. Why? Because Monsanto has threatened to sue the state if it passes.

What happened to the formerly staunch legislative champions of Vermont’s “right to know” bill? They lost their nerve after Monsanto representatives recently threatened that the biotech giant would sue Vermont if they pass the bill. [Officials] expressed concern about Vermont being the first state to pass a mandatory GMO labeling bill and then having to “go it alone” against Monsanto in court.

During the hearings the Vermont legislature was deluged with calls, letters, and e-mails urging passage of a GMO labeling bill – more than on any other bill since the fight over Civil Unions in 1999-2000.

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  1. Anarchy Pony | Apr 21, 2013 at 3:48 pm |

    Can anyone explain to me what grounds on which Monsanto has any right to sue over this issue? Because off of the top of my head, I can’t think of any.

    • Tchoutoye | Apr 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm |

      Section 735 of H.R. 933 (nicknamed “the Monsanto Protection Act”) grants GMO crops a deregulated status. Monsanto would argue that the GMO Labeling Bill seeks to regulate GMO crops, thus conflicting with aforementioned section.

      • Anarchy Pony | Apr 21, 2013 at 6:32 pm |

        Oh for fucks sake…

        • all i can think is that some states try to pass that pi equals 3.14, you know. so, considering the information is private as per capitalistic regular law as copyright, it’s pretty much a wee-wee question of a question 52 card pickup style. okay so it’s more difficult than that. anyway, there’s dozens of charges ready just after questioning as typical libel proceedings. at that point it’s all too much of a religious debate for me, anyway.

          hush-hush we-think-this-might-kill-us collateral is “which collateral is worse” collateral. just wait for the “this-will-make-us-super-human” cult praise collateral. some people will say campaigning against Monsanto is like campaigning against DaVinci back-in-the-day for cutting people open. “we’re okay with breeding at the fuck level but we don’t want anything else” is what sarcasm they’ll use. me? i know things. genetics? i’m not currently into it. i’m sure i could do it better with my better maths and computers. :p <3

          • Did you write

          • lol that’s great i wish i had time to check it out more but Diablo’s on TaTaz. besides, the carbon conspiracy of fours and tetragrammaton and swastikuss are mostly inadequate maths but a great starting point eh *edit* excerpt from Moack Five:
            ‘concerning kybernan implant explanations’
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            instead an anachromatic disdain for yourself as if it were merely a shadow aspect
            you’re not comfortable arguing with yourself so you explant as though it were another”
            *edit* i cannot guarantee that i did not write however i take no credit and do not condone sesame, St.

      • So, the Congress has the power to regulate Vermont’s lawmaking ability in this situation because of the legislation that created the I.C.C.?

        • States can always trump Federal Law….it’s the old carrot and stick, sometimes the Feds make it too painful…….but it can be done.

          • Well, that’s how I feel too. But i was looking for where the supposed Authority would come from. Has to be a legal basis. Or at least their used to have to be one.

    • It will be overruled at an interstate commerce level, by the FDA, NAFTA, or United Nations Codex Alamenbullshit. There’s a lot of layers to the worldwide fascist onion.

    • They could claim that GMO’s are cast in a bad light and that forcing them to disclose the status would be interfering with their right to trade and profit.

  2. If you don’t stand up to a bully you deserve what you get!

  3. BuzzCoastin | Apr 21, 2013 at 7:11 pm |

    if Americans found out that 70% of their fast food diet was GMOed
    it might could cause a problem with the herd
    I don’t personally think so
    but the Monsanto lawyers think so and need a gig
    they don’t want to risk waking up the herd

    • Fast food, isn’t that an oxymoron these days?

      • BuzzCoastin | Apr 21, 2013 at 7:19 pm |

        when I was a kid
        they told us that by this time
        we’d be taking pills instead of eating food for “nutrition”
        turns out
        they made the pills look like food
        and we now eat pill food
        brought to you by Monsanto et al

        • Yeah, but the pills they predicted when we were kids were not supposed to ruin your health. BTW Just put my resume in with Monsanto’s Soylent Green Division, I’m gonna get in on the ground floor of the next one. : )

          “Pardon me, where is your Gluten-free bread?” And still they have no clue. Arrrgh!

          • BuzzCoastin | Apr 21, 2013 at 8:04 pm |

            > the pills they predicted when we were kids were not supposed to ruin your health.

            I’m not convinced that good health was ever intended
            modern GMOed food necessitates that the parasitic host (sheeple)
            get hooked into the Medical System to keep them going as hosts
            and to exploit the economic opportunity created by GMOed food
            for the American Healthcare Industrial Complex

          • i was gonna go for the enunciation of “suppose”. suppose as in “i suppoze (guess) that someone stole that cookie!” also suppose as in “he was suppose to steal that cookie for the preacher!” so i’m glad we’re not knock’n the same post. posed? metapose. metapause? psionics, bay 12, please~

          • BuzzCoastin | Apr 21, 2013 at 10:06 pm |

            Show’m the Posed:
            fluttered and flattered around the willingly pressed,
            nominating him for the swiney prize,
            complimenting him, the captivating youth,
            on his having all his senses about him,
            stincking thyacinths through his curls (O feen! O deur!)

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            i leave {extract concerting Civil Lawlessness & Charisma, particularly a case of self-defense awareness kata}:

            the thing is that if someone uses force against you and you
            only use brute force (brute force in or out or whatever)

            i.e. if you don’t have P = NP then force from or against you
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            e.g. a proposition associated with accusing someone of
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            i am convinced a solution lies within a comprehensive
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            and i am also determined that this innocence illusion
            is prevalent in current years

  4. baruchzed | Apr 21, 2013 at 8:46 pm |

    We need a national campaign to support Vermont in a lawsuit initiated by Monsanto; a “Vermont GMO Labeling Defense Fund.” There has to be a test case where Monsanto is NOT allowed to bully their way through it and get their way.

  5. Kaiser Permanente and another Medical Group have come out against GMO crops, we must get more medical, science people to join this outcry…allowing GMO crops into our food chain is killing us……….what could be more sinister…….we need to bring this fascist government of bullies to their knees……if enough people and organizations join the fight Monsanto can be stopped….anyone who has taken the time to look at the facts knows how bad this is………..
    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” Desmond Tutu
    We must demand a Food Bill of Rights…..GMO s must be labeled……..everyone should be contacting their State’s representatives and don’t let up………….Monsanto is killing us and destroying our food chain………right now Monsanto thinks they can buy anyone, punish anyone,threaten anyone and get away with it………..
    they must be stopped from perpetuating these crimes against humanity. If Hungary can burn the Monsanto fields and throw them out, surely we can prevail here, too..

    • quote from Desmond Tutu is illegal in 51 – 4/pi states.

      it is an example of intent to illegally convert intrusted property.

      or? it’s a worthless opinion wearing freedom of speech camo e.g. fraud, racketeering, collusion, nuisance, each as a drab color in a demo-graphical question “what’s the solution to k-color?”

      please consult the ‘spinning silhouette lady’ gif.

  6. Monsanto must be treated like any bully boy; stand up to him. This exemption in the law is disgusting. Monsanto has US government in its pocket.

    • proposition of quasi self-fulfilling initiation rite noted. limit trap delimited: question: are the words a live trap or a death trap or ? pain bait class action? note concerting limits: if time is limited and so as well people, then more people vs. Monsanto (Big Gen) is less people vs. FDA (Big Pharma). And people against both tire more quickly. Tired people as state of the union. Requisition Goliath. Requisition David.

      note: force applied against Big is as unto a unit of water to the dam. some Big flows this way, some Big flows that way, sometimes Big is stirred and not shaken, like dust devils. ask yourself what your relation to the dam is, i implore. i offer as i have seen: parallel between government in pocket and water through pocket (dam). for the latter, “thus energy”, for the former, i thusly leave to you/

  7. Johnny Brainetree | Apr 22, 2013 at 12:20 pm |

    Monsanto is afraid of such legislation because many if so enlightened would stop buying GMO tainted food products and with very good reason. The arrogance of this corporation to even alter seeds so that they can not reproduce!!!! That flies in the face of God. May the people continue to resist and demand of of their law makers an end to this corporate facism.

  8. oldranger68 | Apr 22, 2013 at 1:34 pm |

    Monsanto has purchased Xe (formerly Blackwater Mercenaries). Vermont, you will put a stop to this s**t now, or they will come visiting.

  9. let monsanto sue. let it go to the supreme court that will rule that monsanto is a person and has the right not to have his or her feelings hurt.

  10. Dwight Geiger | Apr 22, 2013 at 5:30 pm |

    As far as Monsato goes,pbs did a great story called [Food Inc.] They told the story well.

  11. ddearborn | Apr 23, 2013 at 2:29 am |


    So we as individual citizens have to get permission to get married, to go hunting and fishing, to drive a car. In point of fact as individual citizens we have to get permission and pay money to the state to do just about anything. But corporations can pretty much do as they please?

    The State of Vermont has the right to deny Monsanto access to the state. They can ban any product that they consider a danger to the citizens. If GMO food based that contains Monsanto products are such a threat, then the State has a responsibility to protect its citizens by banning Monsanto products. Forget about labeling.

    Instead the cowards in the Legislature bow to a single corporation. This is an entity which was given NO LEGAL STANDING under the Constitution. Corporations where not mentioned a single time in the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. The reason was because the founding fathers considered them a threat to the Republic.

    The Republic is dead. A living breathing Republic would never ever put corporations before people.

  12. So turn the table..don’t put on the product ‘contains gmo’, put ‘contains science experiment’.

    • i read and thence thought “would not then ‘contains gmo’ be as such” [pic]

      and as well, i ask how it is that we are not prey while the media concerting Monsanto currently federalized in this title “Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes GMO Labeling Bill” which contains the weasel word ‘Threatens’ as an ex-legal ‘fishing’ hook such that it is questionable whether or not the mind can prevent re-attachment of the ‘ill’ so fluidly circulating directly with ‘legality’ thus ‘illegality’ being prevalent irregardless of any of it thus nuisance tort and defamatory Illinois references culminating in an anti-climactic referee call “NULL AND VOID” polarized against a climactic referee call “RACKETEERING” aaaand then this Olympic tennis match of love just beings all over recursively.

  13. just realized this title is pretty much “Murder on 34th Street”. title is libel. Monsanto not care. that as fact is neutral weight carried by anti-Monsanto, weight which is not fault of Monsanto. do not illegal convert property. if you confuscate psionic property, you already in for whatever you get, so too late, arbiter is in obiter dictum.

    “THREATEN” is an out of court way of saying “INTIMIDATION WAS APPLIED” which means the title is libel as jury-rigging to apply UNDUE INFLUENCE or NUISANCE. it is possible this forum page as a document is illegal. i don’t know. people asking about law so i speak. any may ask for details.

  14. Sad Billy | Apr 28, 2013 at 6:23 pm |

    Those things are only part of the NWO agenda. The real battle is for your soul. The kingdom of heaven is near.

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