• BuzzCoastin

    > Obama’s Drone Strikes Aren’t Killing Who You Think They Are

    Plot Spoiler:
    It turns out the drones are killing who you think they’re killing:
    untried, innocent victims murdered without Due Process

    unless you’re a full-on sheeple
    you knew this before Lee spilled the beans

  • rak

    In all recent so called “escalation” with North Korea, looking at mass media it clearly seems that NOT N.K. wants war, but those behind mass-media.
    They repeat again and again old videos of Kim Jr. and substitute his words with their own. Not “I want war”, but “We want war!”
    Just reminds the same story with Bin-Laden. Oh, those masters of repeating videos 10000s times with own brainwashing commentaries, warmongers.

    However how often can you see story how Iceland kicked off banksters and restores its economy?

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