Police Confiscate $5,000 Joint At Santa Cruz 4/20 Festivities

Watch as a killjoy cop puts a damper on the celebration of 4/20 on the campus of UC Santa Cruz, where a member of the student body attempted to smoke a the world’s largest joint, packed with 2.5 pounds of weed. No word on what the police force will do with the it, or whether there is any possibility of its retrieval. (The best part may be the doobie’s owner screaming at the officer, calling him a liar and threatening that he can’t wait to sue him in court.)

4 Comments on "Police Confiscate $5,000 Joint At Santa Cruz 4/20 Festivities"

  1. Not to worry, not to worry. We are now armed with MIGHTY JOINT!


  2. Charlie Bucket | Apr 23, 2013 at 11:09 am |

    this is really sad, way to ruin a good time, hope you feel real fucking important.

  3. I think a prerequisite for being a pig is total douche baggery.

  4. “Mind if I do a jay?”

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