Pres Obama Signs Bill Killing Anti-Corruption, Pro-Transparency STOCK Act Provisions

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…yesterday, President Obama completed this rope-a-dope deception by signing this new bill, which stripped key provisions from the STOCK Act and rolled back a lot of the progress that the original bill made in promoting transparency and open government. The bill was signed without any cameras or fanfare, which is in stark contrast to the very public signing of the actual STOCK Act. It seems President Obama was glad to parade around the signing of the pro-transparency bill, but was not so open about his reversal of the most important parts of it a year later! Open Secrets describes the key provisions stripped out of the bill and labels this action “A reversal of the STOCK Act”:

The elements of the STOCK Act that were removed include:

Creation of searchable, sortable disclosure of the information contained in reports even for Congress, the president, vice president, the president’s cabinet and congressional candidates.

Required electronic filing for Congress, the president, vice president, the president’s cabinet and congressional candidates, as well as high-level executive and congressional branch employees. Even images of the staffers’ filings will not be available for viewing on the web.

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    • Rhoid Rager | Apr 16, 2013 at 9:06 pm |

      God, I can’t wait for those nitwits to be blindsided in the near future by the Great Global Ponzi Scheme Unravelling. Hey assholes, just wait till you wake up one morning and are told everything you’ve ever believed in was a complete fucking lie. **sorry to souhd all trashy-like, but Fox news clips really get my goat. Not good for my blood pressure**

      • as per the wake of Amway Global, it’s not a ponzi scheme if they agree! no matter of specifics of coercion, undue influence, nuisance, conversion, or nonmisfeasance! surely that never happens in any business! *edit* a simmered methodical plan may help lower blood pressure; some shield from grease splatter

        • Rhoid Rager | Apr 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm |

          Konfidence created the world, and so it shall destroy it.

          My daily health regimen consists of shoveling chicken poo into my compost pile and eating fine Japanese cuisine. Let’s hope the mushrooms never tell me to switch the verbs in the previous sentence.

          • fungi economic theory takes a p(a)lace beside undead economic theory. i resign. white stuff on top is chicken poo too. coup coop. sue soo. k is for konfidence because sometimes it is that we are concerting a future and relinquishing a now in favor of a past, eh? mass amnesia sounds pretty good. confidence is for Lucifer, whom i can quite see beyond i’d say >.<

  1. Well, if Obama did it, he must have a perfectly good reason. And as a good democrat I support our president. It’s okay too that he’s reforming entitlements and continuing to fight the war on terror.
    I am also sure that he will take steps to protect us from further terrosit attacks. More police would be a good start. I’d also be willing to give up a few more rights, just as long as we are secure. I would also support sending our troops to wherever else our president says is necessary. I just know that that will make us safer.
    God bless America!

    • Charlie Primero | Apr 16, 2013 at 12:11 pm |

      I agree. This racist criticism of Our President must STOP. I am *so sick* of all these people who won’t trust Our President.

      • “don’t know if troll trolling troll or … not …” … look at confidence, assurance, and integrity instead. as if you were the president. a bill concerting transparency that is so immediately edited irregardless of itself – regardless of transparency – that the entire bar of “are these people supposedly in charge of things in any way competent? if they were, the bill would have been final.” people all too often immediately sic something e.g. attack something as an attack when not only was it a legitimate question, it was a question in gauge of checks and balances. i’ll chop off both arms’ ropes when the shit gets Pinocchio. which itself returns to “this entire case has a limited number of effects”. if people wanted jugglers they’d get jugglers with jugs. because people get thirsty and they tend to ‘whiene’ when they get thirsty. Hail King Obama.

        • Wha’?

          • Am thinking I maybe not your first language English is?

          • insufficient cuil, please shallen’t we all try again? lol indeed sir i tend to agree however some could say otherwise until it was merely semantics of what first means, eh? then it’s all Kentucky Derby and biocaust anyway

          • I don’t understand anything you write. It looks like Finnegan’s Wake or some such. I couldn’t make sense of that either.

          • perhaps the goal of not commanding has bore fruit, then, if stand under, we do not. a veritable hydra thinker. arcane. is it the case you are free, freely concerting it? difficult to seek that which may not be sought. snakes and mages. birds and cages. my poetries not sensed speak more than ages, for how then that i become such an Amenophis? playing Oblivion, does not one cease to level for in order to kuil? ]1/[2^2^sqrt(1) … transcendental in symbol ([||]) what halo hath won|e|?

          • Calypso_1 | Apr 17, 2013 at 12:06 pm |

            He has bypassed regular expression and entered the Hadamard Gate.

          • With you, I just end up looking stuff up, but at least I understand.
            Thanks for clarifying;)


        • Because he was elected in a fair and democratic process that is the envy of the world.
          Your racisim is really quiet disturbing. Are you from the south?

      • Dude, I think we spooked the troll, CP. Damn. I was hoping to really piss him off for a laugh. Is that wrong?

        • there’s this myth that some trolls became wary and spontaneously evolved into goblins. maybe we’re all looking for the bal’rog?

        • Charlie Primero | Apr 17, 2013 at 2:58 pm |

          I really, really try to be nice on Disinfo because I respect fellow BJJ’er Matt Staggs and want to help him have quality content. When I saw the “Daily Kos” tag, I couldn’t help restrain my sarcasm.

          Here’s the U.S. House on this. They move *fast* when necessary. (remove spaces in URL)
          http://thomas . loc . gov/cgi-bin/query/R?r113%3AFLD001%3AH01979

          • Winding people up may not be nice, but it sure is fun:) Besides, a little sarcasm never hurt anybody.
            Now where did I leave my American flag lapel pin?
            After this, if people are still biting . . .

      • pupsncats | Apr 17, 2013 at 1:39 pm |

        It isn’t racist to criticize the acts of a president. Besides, how can one be called a racist in Obama’s case when he is both black and white?

    • I should give you my hard earned money for making so much sense. Who do I write the check out to?

      • I’m flattered. But, I cannot accept payment. I just ask that you save your money and make a donation to the democratic candidate of your choice in 2016. The nation will thank you:)

      • pupsncats | Apr 17, 2013 at 1:27 pm |

        Send it to Obama to help reduce the $16 trillion dollar deficit you and the next generations are never going to be able to pay off.

        • What are you, some kinda CONSPIRACY THEORIST?
          Don’t you love America?

          • Better yet. The Constitution… READ IT!

          • I have a pocket version I carry around. Very handy for confronting radicals. Also a great ice breaker at parties.

          • Zing!

          • pupsncats | Apr 17, 2013 at 7:54 pm |

            Obviously, you don’t love America or you couldn’t support Obama.

          • Are you one of those Teabaggers?

          • pupsncats | Apr 18, 2013 at 12:26 pm |

            Are you one of those inhuman,mindless liberal robots who are programmed to do the evil bidding of your master?

            The United Negro College had an ad years ago that said: “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Please stop wasting yours.

          • I’m sorry, I’ve just been yanking your chain for a laugh.
            Have a good look at the comments here and you will realize that my initial comment was pure sarcasm, as were my responses to you and a few others.

          • thx . i really needed a giggle

        • The “deficit” is imaginary, just like money.

          • Exactly. It is a shared fiction, something of our own creation that has gotten way outta hand.

    • Jeff Miller | Apr 16, 2013 at 10:11 pm |

      You are willing to give up some rights to be safe… Wow … YOU are the kind of people who scare me…..

      • As good American, I’ll do whatever my president says is necessary.

        • pupsncats | Apr 17, 2013 at 1:25 pm |

          Will you jump off the cliff when he tells you its necessary to? It’s no wonder totalitarianism is so easy to impose on people who are simply sheep, following the wolf right over the cliff.

    • pupsncats | Apr 17, 2013 at 1:22 pm |

      If Obama did it, his perfectly good reason is to ensure more secrecy and corruption. Remember, all dictators and despots have had their supporters, until they aren’t useful to them and then they disappear.

      • I think you’re suffering from conspiratorial ideation. I’m not sure, but I think there is an excellent pharmaceutical that will fix that right up for you. You’ll feel much better. All this paranoia can’t be good for you.

    • CosmicAmazing | Apr 17, 2013 at 1:35 pm |

      Sarcasm is such a wonderful thing. 🙂

    • pupsncats | Apr 17, 2013 at 1:38 pm |

      Benjamin Franklin said “those willing to give up liberty for safety deserve neither.”

    • what fine sentiments!
      now doesn’t it just feel so much nicer believing that way.
      (I’ll add that there is also a certain moral satisfaction in being against Obama n gov’t in general, which is probably another contrived sentiment)

    • brrrrr toool | Apr 19, 2013 at 10:49 am |

      you can’t be serious…

  2. You just don’t like him because he is a liberal democrat! You must be a right winger!

  3. Matt, I am sad that you guys deleted Chris Posthumous’ comment attacking me. I even gave it an up vote. If you don’t mind, could you put it back please?

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