Republican Roy Blunt Revealed As Senator Who Snuck ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Into Spending Bill

How Monsanto wrote its fondest wishes into law. Mother Jones reveals:

A recent Senate bill came with a nice bonus for the GMO industry: a rider, wholly unrelated to the underlying bill, that compels the USDA to ignore federal court decisions that block the agency’s approvals of new GM crops. Such a provision is [very] important to Monsanto and its few peers in the GMO seed industry.

Which senator pushed the rider into the bill? No one stepped forward to claim credit. But since then, Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) has revealed to Politico that he’s the responsible party. Blunt even told reporteer David Rogers that he “worked with” Monsanto to craft the rider. The admission shines a light on Blunt’s ties to Monsanto, whose office is located in the senator’s home state.

Blunt’s connections to lobbyists extend to his family. His wife, Abigail Blunt, serves as head of US government affairs for the processed food giant Kraft. The two met while Abigail Blunt was serving as a prominent lobbyist for tobacco giant Philip Morris in the early 2000s.

Their relationship drew controversy in 2002 when then-Rep. Blunt “unsuccessfully tried to insert a measure benefiting Philip Morris into the 475-page bill creating the Department of Homeland Security,” as the Washington Post reported at the time.

  • Chaos_Dynamics

    Corpocratic Blunt in a nutshell:

    Blunt received a 97 percent tiles rating from the United States Chamber of Commerce indicating a pro-business voting record.

    Blunt, who chairs the House Republican Health Care Solutions Group, has opposed plans for health care reform including proposals that include a “public option” of medical insurance offered by the government.

    Blunt opposes the federal cap and trade legislation and supports drilling for oil on the U.S. coastline.

    Blunt has been married twice.

    He married Roseann Ray in May 1967 and had three children with her: Matt (the former Governor of Missouri), Amy Blunt Mosby and Andrew Blunt.

    Amy and Andrew are lawyers and lobbyists.

    Blunt and Ray divorced after 35 years of marriage.

    Afterward, he married Abigail Perlman, a lobbyist for Kraft Foods, on October 18, 2003.

    In April 2006, he and his wife adopted an 18-month old boy from Russia, whom they renamed Alexander Charles “Charlie” Blunt.

    He is a Southern Baptist.

    • The Well Dressed Man

      Bluntly speaking, he is also a douchebag.

    • Patriot123579

      Half of what you put in there got a big ‘meh’ from me.

      Who cares if he opposed Obamacare? A lot of people did. Who cares if he opposes cap and trade legislation? It’s a bad idea. Who cares if he’s been married twice? Who cares if his kids are lobbyists? Who cares what his religion is?

      I judge him by the legislation he sponsors, and he’s clearly a DB from that record alone.

    • Matthew Georgie

      1) Don’t see anything wrong with being “pro-business” – if you’re NOT pro-business, I’m not voting for you.

      2) He’s opposed plans for health care that include proposals with a “public option” – I think all healthcare needs to be and/or stay privatized!!!

      3) I support drilling for oil too…if you don’t support drilling for oil, please tell us how the heck we are supposed to drive, operate our businesses, use electricity, produce food, etc. for the masses of people.

      4) Who cares if he’s been married twice? Who cares if he’s been married 10 times? Come on…who are you to judge someone based on how many times they’ve been married? What does it have to do with his character?

      5) Again, moot point in who he married and who his kids are…I thought you were talking about Roy Blunt, but now you are talking about his family???

      6) Moot.

      7) Moot.

      8) Moot.

      9) Moot, besides the fact that we should praise Blunt for ADOPTING instead of having kids at 16 and letting the government pay for them (typical liberal families allow this to happen all the time)

      10) Attacking religious institutions when describing “Corpocratic Blunt,” because….that makes a lot of sense…yeah…religions and corporations…sorry, but I just don’t see the tie.

      All your points are pretty much moot.

      • brahaney

        So… I didn’t really see any indication that the original post you’re referring to was negatively judging him at all. It seemed more like a brief bio for the uninformed. I found his post helpful, for telling me who this guy is and what he’s about. I did not feel like Chaos_Dynamics was relaying any negative connotation for any of the things he listed. I think you need to calm down.

        • Matthew Georgie

          The indication was in the first word lol, “Corpocratic” Blunt:

          1. A [thing relating to] society dominated politically and economically by large corporations.
          2. [Something relating to] an inefficient corporation characterized by excessive layers of management

          I’m just trying to get to the bottom of everything and you seem to be trying to suppress me by telling me to “calm down”. What indicated, to you, that I was not calm? LoL, anyway…simply pointing out the poster’s moot points that seem irrelevant to the article, when the article strictly and solely discusses Blunt’s involvement in this “Monsanto Protection Act,” which by the way, was already passed into last year’s appropriations bill…there’s another fact for you to check.

      • Redden Alt Mer

        “Don’t see anything wrong with being “pro-business”

        this isn’t “business”. monsanto is verifiably against most of the principles that make capitalism work as an economic system. wielding a congressperson like a cudgel to get your way isn’t business.

        “He’s opposed plans for health care that include proposals with a “public option” – I think all healthcare needs to be and/or stay privatized!!!”

        never mind that almost every argument put forth in favor of fully-privatized health care rests on nothing but theories that don’t hold up when put to a practical test. we are the only fully-developed nation in the world without a broad-spectrum public option, and our healthcare quality is declining while our costs keep rising.

        ” I support drilling for oil too…if you don’t support drilling for oil, please tell us how the heck we are supposed to drive, operate our businesses, use electricity, produce food, etc. for the masses of people.”

        there are plenty of other energy sources being used around the world, quite successfully in many cases. we’re stuck on this idea that we have to have oil. that isn’t the case.

        on everything else, you are correct that the points made are moot.

      • Jin The Ninja

        obviously you work for him, so ‘moot’ should be applied to your entire comment.

        • Matthew Georgie

          I work for him? Seriously? lol

          • Jin The Ninja

            you certainly seem unintelligent enough to work for a corporate whore, er republican.

      • The Well Dressed Man


        Your support for Mr. Blunt on issues 1-10 makes sense, even if I disagree on a few points. The Missouri Senator got our attention, though, by slipping pro-Monsanto legislation into a bill at the last minute. Is this really a simple case of pro-business? Can we look at Monsanto’s extreme use of bioengineering food as business as usual? I’m very pro science and pro biotech, and feel that this company is out of control.


        • Matthew Georgie

          Lower H8, thank you for at least taking the time to read my points and politely challenge them…that’s what I was hoping for. Anyway, I think Blunt certainly has ties to Monsanto, but who’s to say whether or not biotech is bad or good. I know people on both ends of the spectrum…and the people who support biotech and GMOs are those who want it safely contained and controlled.

          I feel that small businesses are the way to go…corporations are SO faulty in operation because they are SO centralized. I don’t think its a good thing to rely on ONE giant corporation to have SO much involvement with something, no matter what the industry, but ESPECIALLY the food industry!!

          • wiseoldsnail

            those of us who have studied the dangers of biotech as it applies to the food supply are who should say whether it’s good or bad. it’s bad. dangerous. even if you only consider what we do know, it’s bad. considering how little we know makes it worse.

            at least we agree about small business be better, ESPECIALLY the food industry.

          • wiseoldsnail

            though the phrase ‘food industry’ is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

      • Michael Cruise

        We have absolutely nothing in common.

        I am sure you’ll refuse Medicare when you are of eligible age. You show them!!!

        • Matthew Georgie

          I am for private healthcare! Maybe if people didn’t smoke, and didn’t take PILLS that the government/corporations say are completely “OK” for people, our health insurance rates wouldn’t be so high. High rates are, in part, due to corporate officers taking bonuses and some living lavish lifestyles…I am pretty sure about that; HOWEVER, why don’t people figure out ways to make money and LIVE LIFE and be happy and healthy? I’m a young dude and my healthcare isn’t very expensive…come on now, its not that hard to make it!

          • wiseoldsnail

            are you serious? you’re a young man, and apparently dumb enough to believe you’re gonna stay that way. good luck with that.

  • Andrew

    Government = Business

    • Charlie Primero

      National Socialism is the American Way.

      • BackspinBubba

        That is NOT socialism. Socialism is…”a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” What he is doing is screwing the American public…

        • Staticblast

          National Socialism, a.k.a. Nazi. Learn your history, for cripes’ sake.

          See the first line of the Wikipedia article:

        • Guest

          National Socialism isn’t socialism.

          • BackspinBubba

            OK, wikipedia says…. National Socialism was the ideology of the Nazi Party in Germany. So, how is that the American Way, Charlie?
            I do understand the corporate/government entanglement that has corporations richer than ever and the working people poorer than ever. But NAZI????? I’m not buying it.

          • Christian Olmen

            I’m not supporting either claim, but the big German corporations made huge profits from gov’t contracts using slave labor and the new territory…

          • Charlie Primero

            Giant corporations starting inter-governmental wars they in turn get enormous profits from. Hmm. Sounds familiar.

          • Charlie Primero

            Turn off your television Daily Show and go learn who was Max Webber,
            Then follow that ideology to Prescott Bush, Leo Strauss in Chicago, to Wolfowitz, and into PNAC and the Republicans.

          • Landyn10

            Well, Prescott Bush was the Nazi’s banker and the Bush crime family has been involved in American politics for some time now, so there may be some correlation…

          • wiseoldsnail

            you don’t have to buy it … it will be forced down your throat and up your ass ’til you’re immersed in it

        • Redden Alt Mer

          exactly. this is plutocracy, not socialism.

        • Charlie Primero

          Go learn why the Bankers funded Lenin, Trotsky, and Marx.

  • I_abide

    Wow…. This takes a large amount of either idiocy or balls. Crap like this makes me want to put my head back in the sand and rejoin the sleepers.

    • wiseoldsnail

      i hear ya

  • Frank_Black

    Fuck off bot.

  • BuzzCoastin

    What makes him different from other members of Congress?
    Nothing at all.
    What will come of this shocking revelation?
    Nothing at all.
    Is there anything wee the sheeple can do about this?
    By boycotting factory foods the sheeple could bring the beast to its knees.
    Will they?
    They’re sheeple for Cripes sakes; I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
    What can I do?
    Grow your own food & produce your own power & protect yourself from the System.

    • Osiris Neits

      Growing your own food won’t help. It’s only a matter of time until GMO pollen is blown over and corrupts your next years crop.

      • BuzzCoastin

        it’s a potential problem
        however, most vegetables are not yet GMO
        and if you grow far enough away from GMO farm centers
        you have less a chance of GMO contamination
        and much of Africa & Asia are still GMO free
        except for American food imports

  • demand

    There you go… Republicans are the enemy of the people

  • Headdesks

    Welcome to government politics. Where they only care about their own asses, getting reelected, helping business get theirs while screwing over the general public. When will people wake up?

  • Patriot123579

    As a Republican, I’m ashamed to call Senator Blunt a member of my party. His values are clearly not in the best interest of the American people, and he has a long, proud history of pandering to special interests and selling out this country in the process.

    If there’s ever an elected official whose constituents should tar and feather him and run him out on a pine rail, it’s this guy.

  • Mike Truax

    This is the reason for the 2nd Amendment! Not your neighbor or the young black child walking down the street.

    • Eric09

      What the hell is the second amendment going to do about a giant corporation now essentially being above the law and above litigation?

      How deluded are people in this country?

  • Matthew Georgie

    The Monsanto Protection Act is NOT NEW, people!!! The exact same section was in the appropriations bill from July 2012. Please do your research and then come back and explain the liberal-media’s obsession with making things up, such as the lie that the “Monsanto Protection Act” is a NEW rider.

    • Alec Beals

      Why is your biggest issue here that this news story has been repeated and not, oh, I don’t know, the fact that GMO crops have free reign

      • wiseoldsnail

        THE question

    • Michael Cruise

      It expired with the last appropriations bill and was inserted again to renew it. There is nothing misleading about what is being reported. The primary problem is that this is done under the cloak of secrecy and attached as a rider to other things as a method for forcing it when it would otherwise meet resistance. In other words, zero transparency and a boat load of foul play.

  • Kirsten Rose Malzac

    why am I not surprised?

  • debbi greener

    this guy is the MAIN reason i hate living in Missouri :-(

  • whyweredoomed

    I wrote about this bill a couple weeks ago – and about the charming Senator Blunt –
    I think the main thing to remain focused on is how the bill puts an entire industry literally above the law, by ceding both executive and judicial review over their behavior. At first glance you think “no WAY can this be constitutional”, but I have a funny feeling that we’re going to see this one stick around for a while…