Ron Paul: “Gitmo Sucks!” | Rand Paul: “Gitmo Rocks!”

Paul & Paul | image courtesy Gage Skidmore

Just like Baskin-Robbins, the Paul brand has learned it can increase its customer base by offering both chocolate and strawberry. Therefore,

– Ron Paul is continuing to advocate closing Guantanamo Bay,
– Rand Paul is advocating keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

Reporting on the opening of the Ron Paul Institute, whose board of directors has been joined by former Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, Politico noted the Gitmo issue as one of several gaps between the older Dr. Paul and the younger Dr. Paul:

It will not be surprising if the younger Paul receives less than a 100 percent rating from his father’s group.

The elder Paul, for instance, said Guantanamo is “outside the law” and symbolizes torture, secret prisons and an assassination list.

The Kentucky senator, 50, gave a carefully nuanced answer Wednesday when a reporter asked his position on Gitmo during a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. He said Americans should never be sent there, but he is less sympathetic about giving rights to hostile foreigners.

Asked about his son’s divergence, the elder Paul noted that it is a politically difficult issue and acknowledged he is on the wrong side of public opinion.

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  • Rus Archer

    shit band

  • Ted Heistman

    I get a totally different read on Rand than Ron. Reminds me of a situation of a coach I had that was really cool and whose son was a just a douchey popular Jock type dude.

    I really wanted to like his son because His Dad was just a such a cool person, but I couldn’t.

  • Lionel Suarez

    Rand Paul has been compromised. He’s no answer to our problems, but I contend that no politician is an answer. What will begin to change society is by active participation in new systems outside of the mainstream. It’s no secret the dollar will collapse….how we pick up the pieces will determine if we live in complete fascism or in fact awaken a golden age. Stop looking at the system to change the system. The system is only interested in maintaining itself. So replace the system all together, and start now. Grow your own food, buy metals on the DL, buy bitcoin, stop watching telivision. No more head on confrontations, time to work around the edges.

    • Ted Heistman

      He’s “been compromised” or is he just a xenophobic asshole?

      • Juan

        Racist douche nozzle seems more like it.

        • Simon Valentine

          probably (portably?) a resurgent parameter from the “we are the USA and not elsewhere!” mantra. it’s no Robin Hood accuracy, certainly. but what’s to be expected from those seeking to intra vires republican religious Sultan if not “wipe out the enemy cum en masse and send the firetrucks to every incident no matter how Large”. Disney Rated style. stigma. illegal legislation as crack-corn for democrats. Mickey Mouse Mana Jimmy Slimming. 2^(# of voters) binary culture failure guessing education is failure education guessing (yes i just called anyone and any computer completely stupid with no exceptions). reading those equivalated parameters backwards equates a Janissary or Black Guard. who supports who is existence as a question that doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t exist. collusion to void is not law it is fallacy and misappropriated from the nature of physical existence ad per se black holes and the theory of everything. law is artificial intelligence. law is 52 card pickup in a New Vegas casino named God.

    • Simon Valentine

      P equals NP

      • BuzzCoastin


        • Simon Valentine

          an unnecessary remembrance of a deceased creature, i assure you, for why keep what is not necessary post-completion? 😉 *edit* if instead we seek to reference something far more entertaining, and cryptic, per se, than a specific NP or NP-complete problem, then conversions among NP problems or algorithms that are en toto as a system that is a problem that is NP entails that there are (time) limits i.e. omega ratings on whatever sub-set-game it is that one is systematically examining, thence, it is possibly a case that even Indiana Jones couldn’t get the Idol. or it’s all piss and vinegar and i’m boring you with redundancy’s redundancies. : smoke mirrors and flashlights have never been more accurate a processment than kNiP processors. speaking in parallel simulacrum, i.e.

    • Andrew

      You lost me at bitcoin.

  • Juan

    See, this just proves that there is something for everybody in this great democracy of ours. Diversity in action right here in the marketplace of ideas. Makes me proud to be an American.

  • BuzzCoastin

    I love the Show of Pauls
    two guys so involved with the System they’re insiders who play “outsiders”
    proving once again
    there’s something for everyone in the Big Show

  • Jin The Ninja

    the whole ‘two face, two minds’ is oh so libertarian with a big L.
    i guess rand forgot the whole part about ‘ no gods, no masters,’ and that means no states, and no standing armies.