Science: Britons Really Do Hate Immigrants

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown helped seal his 2010 electoral defeat after a live mic caught him calling an elderly voter a “bigot” (in reaction to a bigoted statement said voter had made about Eastern European immigration).

Now, a new study by the British Sociological Association scientifically validates that Britons, in fact, are among the most xenophobic people in Europe – second only to Greeks. Rating their perception of immigration on a scale of 0-10, Britons from the governing Conservative-Liberal Democratic coalition reported averages of 4.4 (for Conservatives) and 5.9 (for Lib Dems). Voters supporting the opposition Labour Party rated immigrants at a 4.9.

Nonetheless, the study concluded, British attitudes toward immigration softened in direct relation to their exposure to eastern Europeans. Researcher Anne-Marie Jeannet, of the University of Oxford, explained that,

“This may be because Central and Eastern Europeans are not physically dissimilar to the natives in Western Europe. Furthermore, they share a certain general European norms and values. Given the similar shared characteristics, the findings of this study may not be applicable to migrant groups with greater cultural differences.”

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Apr 6, 2013 at 10:04 pm |

    most of us alive today have no knowledge of the mass migrations
    that have happened countless times over the eons
    usually these migrations have had negative effects upon those living in the destination areas
    in modern times
    the genocidal destruction of aboriginal civilizations in the Americas being a prime example
    the history of migration to island of Great Britain being another
    which has an effect on the collective unconscious of those now alive
    on the island of Great Britain

    • The Well Dressed Man | Apr 7, 2013 at 12:33 am |

      Thankfully we have quite a bit of the history of that island. While the earliest migrations of Cro-Magnon and NeanderthaI peoples are perhaps lost to time, we can see the effects of later population shifts with more clarity: Romans colonize the South usurping control from the Celtic tribes. In the fall of the Western empire, the migrations of Germanic tribes result in the Anglo Saxon English kindoms. Meanwhile the Norse are establishing a presence in Scotland. Next, more Norse, the Normans invade England, except they’re French speakers from generations of assimilation to Gallo Roman society. With such a history, is it any wonder why the language is so weird? I suspect many parts of the world are shaped by similar forces.
      There is a massive demographic shift currently happening in the urban centers of Europe, and it’s fascinating to see how the different nations respond.

      • BuzzCoastin | Apr 7, 2013 at 1:21 am |

        > demographic shift currently happening in the urban centers of Europe

        the same in most of Asia, especially China
        China has a long tradition of controlling domestic migration
        as well as limiting incoming foreign migration
        and a tradition of supporting migration away from China
        while at the same time keeping ties

        Americans know nothing of those concepts
        because the place is virtually empty
        when compared to Asia & the EU

  2. Woah. America is even falling behind on racism now.

  3. Daenerys_Targaryen | Apr 7, 2013 at 7:28 am |

    Music to my ears and yet nothing I don’t already know,

    I wonder how many leftists here, who blame the white man as a race and culture for what happened the native Americans and Australians at the hands of our elites, will show sympathy for similarly indigenous British being dispaced as entire communities by economic migrants invited by our elites.

    • citizen477 | Apr 7, 2013 at 8:47 am |

      Well, simple answer: They are now getting a taste of their own medicine.

      • Daenerys_Targaryen | Apr 7, 2013 at 9:05 am |

        Do you support people getting a taste of their own medicine as a race and culture?

        For what their elites did?

    • Dan Muench | Apr 7, 2013 at 10:10 pm |

      I’m paraphasing, but Vine Deloria, Jr, pointed out that ‘the same power that invaded and subjugated the native populations of the Western Hemisphere is the same power that, a 1000 years earlier, invaded and subjugated Pagan Europe. That power is – Christianity.’

      Folks in the know – notably the ‘affected’ – are familiar with the concept. The Cherokee Nation, for instance, during the Irish Starvation (not ‘famine’), sent a million dollars worth of food aid to Ireland. Britain seized the ship and whatever wasn’t used by them was sold at market. The Cherokee weren’t ‘helping their oppressor’, the Irish were obviously another subjugated population – that happened to look a lot like the Invader compared to them.

      Slaves were often quoted in the early colony days as saying ‘if the negro weren’t negro, Irish would be negro’, and there’s a good reason the Jamaicans still speak English with a version of the Brogue. After all, England already had English-speaking slaves…

  4. Bullshit story

    Not hate them, but there is a line.
    And has nothing to do with “xenophobic people in Europe”

    BuzzCoastin understand the problem.

    Carpin Netherlands

  5. Clarence Doskocil | Apr 7, 2013 at 9:33 am |

    It is not “immigration” in the United States and Europe. It is “population replacement.” The Global Elites are selling out their own people for a cheap labour force.

    • Dan Muench | Apr 7, 2013 at 10:04 pm |

      We are not the ‘global elite’s people’ and their purpose in utilizing immigrant populations is to undermine the economic strength of those that are most likely to revolt after learning of their situation, and to have these populations have conflict with each other – so we’re too busy fighting our ‘new neighbors’ than we are fighting those who enslave us all.

      The Elite are their own club, and you and I ain’t in it. “The Elite” ≠ European. And amongst Europeans, UK folk especially, WASPS and Nordic/Germanic types have been subjugating other populations of Europe – notably the Celts but also other ‘sub’ races such as southern Italians, Polish, Greek, etc. This plays out as ‘whiteness’ in the US, even though it should be noted that ‘white’ = WASPS/Nord/Germanic. If ‘Caucasians’ disappeared from this planet it would be very easy to see the ‘other elites’ in play as they scramble to fill the vacuum and continue on with a facelifted version of the same plan.

      Poor ‘white’ people have every reason that any other subjugated population has to revolt against their imprisonment, and it is the very essence of Roman-style ‘divide and rule’ that keeps us separated on such laughable bases as Race, Religion, etc. The US would have had a second revolution a long time ago if the Elites were not so successful at playing European against African against Latino/Chicano against Native against Asian.

      Within their own boundaries and ethnicities the Elite have never had a problem enslaving their ‘direct relatives’ so long as it furthered their ends and extended/preserved their power.

  6. Good for them. Now if they only would only vote based on their gut feelings rather than listening to some liberal, ethno-suicidal tripe.

  7. This is a far more complex issue than most people realize.

    Decades ago, civil and military planners (in the U.S. and elsewhere) made projections based on population growth rates by country and region. Their projections showed that if the existing trends continued, the U.S. and Western Democracies would eventually be overwhelmed politically and economically – simply as a function of population size and demographics.

    The population growth rate for the U.S. and most Western Democracies is decidedly negative, discounting immigration and first generation immigrants.

    There are three obvious solutions to the problem. Stimulate your own population to reproduce more, steal other countries’ populations (immigration), or depress all other countries’ populations.

    There are a number of reasons why Leaders and “Elites” would prefer “immigration” as the primary solution to the growth rate problem. I’ll leave it to the reader to work those reasons out on their own.

    It is also worth noting that Japan resisted immigration and finds itself in a dire long-term situation.

    Once a policy of immigration is embarked upon, it is a matter of obvious practicality to prefer immigrants that match the physical appearance of hosting populations. “Cultural Assimilation” can quickly integrate these new members with little or no “dilution” of the original host culture.

    Immigrants of a clearly distinct racial type can pose more “difficulty” but can still be worthwhile to recruit.

    Additionally, by producing a situation where sufficiently driven and motivated people can still immigrate (illegally) once the official quotas have been reached, a nation can both deprive its competitors of their most productive members and reap the efforts of those highly productive members for themselves.

    Please don’t confuse my awareness of these issues for my approval of them. My personal belief is that our (that of the U.S.A.) immigration policy is seriously (and intentionally) flawed in a way that benefits corporate interests at the expense of everyone else. We are long overdue for a frank discussion and policy reform of immigration, but neither major political party really wants that,

    I’m really not surprised that the British people are confused and unhappy with the state of immigration in their country and are likely to lash out against what they see as the proximate cause, the immigrants.

    That doesn’t make it right, but I do understand it.

  8. Now this is disinformation.

    I’m going to start a thread explaining that Buddhism is a very violent religion and by comparison, Islam is very gentle, open and soothing to the mind.

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