The Other Side Of The Coin; Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter

Recently there have been a couple stories on Disinfo about Alex Jones. The comments got a little lively, and someone mentioned that we were talking too much about Mr. Jones. I myself, in the comments, mentioned how Alex Jones and Glen Beck seem to work both sides of an issue till they fan the flames into something they can use for profits and popularity.

Then this morning I stumbled across this video and thought a little equal time for the FOXies might be interesting. First it would show that we are not trying to pick on any one person. Second it just might illustrate the point that I made and show how we are actually dealing with two sides of the same coin, so to speak.

So I am posting this and posing the question: Are we being handled?

Let’s call it an unofficial poll of the Disinfonauts.

Ann Coulter Says “Woman Should be in Prison for Wearing a Hijab”

Are either side of these two right wing crews (FOX/Infowars) to be trusted? Or are we just watching a National “Spin” Off here? Are these honest warnings from concerned individuals, or is it damage control posing as entertainment? Or is there a side here that is more trustworthy than the other? If so, which one is which and why?

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  1. Charlie Primero | Apr 28, 2013 at 4:49 pm |

    I frequently meet hillbilly voters whom Alex Jones has dissuaded from supporting the Drug War, the Iraq War, the Afghan War, the Syria War and who also now favor marijuana decriminalization. They are in the early stages of abandoning
    fascism. Jones is a net positive.

    • Calypso_1 | Apr 28, 2013 at 5:30 pm |

      And when they are coaxed into taking up arms against their own?

      What happens to their votes then?

      They are being played in an age old incendiary game by an agent of influence.

      • indeed. Jones is a white racist sexist homophobe., Read his website deeply and you’ll see that women, homoexuals, Jews, and liberals are all on his Kill List.

        • Lady of the Snows | Apr 28, 2013 at 10:35 pm |

          I’m actually going to side with Alex Jones here cause the grounds for criticism is so absurd I can’t resist the shits and giggles..

          Do you think Alex Jones has never criticised the Republicans like he does the Democrats?

          Do you really think Jews don’t have blood on their hands over Israel, and aren’t disproportionately represented in finance and the media?

          Do you really not find it absurd that like crap like gay marriage is seriously debated when only like 2.5% of the population is homosexual – isn’t this an irrelevance hyped up to detract attention from real problems?

          Do you really think the sun shines from every vagina given the way men are treated over child custody and God knows what else?

        • gustave courbet | Apr 29, 2013 at 2:30 am |

          I’m from his home town and have been following Jones since his days on public access. You’re above statement isn’t correct. I’m not apologizing for any of the xenophobic, sexist, or ignorant things Jones says or allows to be published, but he is a country boy social conservative bringing some real issues to the fore. A lot of people can’t sift through his hyperbole and boilerplate nonsense, but he is attempting to fight the good fight. I suggest tuning out his cultural commentary and following his guests to the facts.

          • are you for real?

          • gustave courbet | Jun 12, 2013 at 6:50 pm |

            I think so? Can you elaborate on your question?

          • he is nothing more than a grand master huckster and entertainer sneering all the way to the bank with his profits from selling snake oil to rubes.

          • gustave courbet | Jun 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm |

            As I mentioned above, AJ has severe impediments in his ability to communicate with people who have not swallowed his brand of kool-aid, and Marvin you may be right about him being a huckster. I have been following him since his early days, simply by virtue of being a local, and he spent years getting arrested and yelling on street corners out of a bullhorn without the profits he may be raking in today. The most important aspect of my statement, is “I suggest tuning out his cultural commentary and following his guests to the facts.” He has guests include Chris Hedges, Greg Palast, Sibel Edmonds, Anthony Schaffer, Immortal Technique and others, and they are effective communicators who can lead you to facts.

          • he is nothing more than a grand master huckster and entertainer sneering all the way to the bank with his profits from selling snake oil to rubes.

        • Jin The Ninja | Apr 29, 2013 at 10:56 am |

          i can’t believe i’m saying this, and i’m sure regular posters won’t believe it either:

          jones is definitely a homophobe and a racist, but a kill list? so wildly hyperbolic- it’s almost offensive.

          and i think it’s funny that although chris hitchens had some very like-minded (probably moreso, since he wanted the state to annihilate the middle east in full force) xenophobic, racist, and even genocidal ideas- you feigned offense when i merely pointed it out.

  2. adams apple | Apr 28, 2013 at 4:58 pm |

    I’m really not a fan of Jones, but he at least has a message. Coulter just screams offensive crap until someone pays attention to her.

  3. Rex Vestri | Apr 28, 2013 at 5:38 pm |

    That dude with the long blonde hair is really obnoxious!

  4. Thses fascist dickwads are hard to watch. Rolling my eyes and making the universal jerk off gesture.
    Isn’t this just the usual LAMESTREAM schtick? No analysis, immigrant bashing, no context, and god forbid, any mention of the FBI’s rather sordid record of creating “terrorists” for fun and profit.

  5. Tchoutoye | Apr 28, 2013 at 6:54 pm |

    I don’t agree with everything he says, but Disinfo’s bashing of Alex Jones is getting quite tedious, and seems mainly motivated by envy of his popularity.

    I had always imagined that Disinfo’s jumping the shark moment would be a bit more out there, but sadly not.

    • Lady of the Snows | Apr 28, 2013 at 10:26 pm |

      Well lets be honest, he says some questionable things.

    • It’s a user-submitted article, approved by the same moderators who approve user-submitted articles about Jones-approved crap like tapwater flouridation conspiracy theory.

      In a free speech environment, the correct response to offensive speech is more speech, and Jones more than asked for the attention while law enforcement agencies were looking for the culprits of the Boston Marathon bombing. He literally didn’t wait for the bodies to get cold.

      • Well said, although I am no fan of Water Fluoridation. Did you know that only 11 countries in the world permit it? Europe, where it’s use was pioneered, does not.

    • I was very clear. This was an attempt at equal time, and a clear solicitation of opinions. No cause for a boo-boo lip just because I have voiced my views in a couple of earlier posts.

      As for motivation, my only motivation is truth and the quest for it.

  6. BuzzCoastin | Apr 28, 2013 at 7:01 pm |

    > Are we being handled?

    Only those paying attention to the Big Show and taking it seriously.
    To have an opinion or POV about either is take it too far;
    they’re entertrainers for gods sake.
    It’s a show designed to sell soap and serve the needs of the elites.

    • Chaos_Dynamics | Apr 28, 2013 at 7:23 pm |

      Originating in the 1930’s a soap opera is an ongoing, episodic work of dramatic fiction presented in serial format on radio or as television programming. The name stems from the original dramatic serials’ broadcast on radio that had soap manufacturers, such as Dial Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and Lever Brothers, as sponsors and producers.

    • yes, but unfortunately, their audience votes

    • I see it more like the lube prior to grabbing of ankles. A more amusing visual is thinking of them all dressed as pro wrestlers and flapping their jaws like Randy Savage, or Rick Flare. Wooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. Of course we are being handled. Handling the masses is the default assumption for the purpose of anything that’s broadcast / promoted by mass media.

    Is Alec Jones the way people who are handled who are a bit further out? Is the burial of the valid messages he occasionally promotes in a mass of tinfoil accident or design? Or is this just another kind of disinfotainment?

    Phrased as question because I really don’t have a fact-based opinion.

    • The question was the goal here. I do know this; One lie, a thousand lies, makes no difference. Or if you consult your handy Qabbalah it teaches that a half truth, or an omission of truth, is the same as a fully intentioned lie. I think that encompasses spin doctoring quite well, don’t you?

      • That’s a depressingly Calvinistic way of looking at it, seeing as how no human being never lies.

        • I am just reporting what it says, you are free to make your own analysis, but your comment demonstrates how far we have slid down this hill.

          I do believe the Qabbalah predates the Calvinists by a few years though.

  8. Lady of the Snows | Apr 28, 2013 at 10:21 pm |

    I’ve not bothered watching the video but who cares about the hijab, its circumcising babies and slitting animals throats that’s the problem. Not just Muzzies do that though lol.

    People who think Coulter looks like a trap need an anthropology lesson, though she might not be gorgeous by media standards her look is normal for women from parts of Europe. FFS!

  9. Aipeed Teaitchse | Apr 29, 2013 at 12:38 am |

    The flaw in the argument I see is that Glenn Beck is being framed as someone outside of the world of faux news and the left/right paradigm people typically get sucked into when political issues arise (especially hot potatoes like gay marriage gun control and abortion), which absolutely is a system of control – divide and conquer – that’s how it’s done. Ed Bernays laid it out in the first 5 pages of Propaganda – check it out sometime. The cardinal rule of such games is not to mention that it is indeed a game at all. Anyone who violates that rule is generating cognitive dissonance, and that’s actually a good thing for people caught in the blue and red trap, so they can at least begin to see beyond the bullshit. Whether someone wants to treat every word spoken by Alex Jones, Noam Chomsky, David Icke, Jesse Ventura, or anyone else bringing up issues they believe are being veiled from the collective consciousness of the general public as gospel or as a pile of lies is a personal judgement call. The point is by offering alternate perspectives of what people think they know, they encourage them to go out and do their own research, which is no good for anyone that doesn’t want people to question current conventional wisdom.

    Now one can argue that libertarians fall on the ‘right wing’ part of the political spectrum, but equating republicans with libertarians is no different than equating democrats with communists. There may be crossover mainly caused by ‘the lesser of two evils’ thought patterns but they aren’t synonymous. The suggestion that AJ and Glenn Beck operate in tandem strikes me as genuine disinformation, which ironically is not what I come here for. That said, I’ve exhausted most of what I have to say on the subject of believing what you will and not taking anybody’s word for anything so for now I’ll just leave it at that.

    • You mention divide and conquer without realizing that you/many have been a victim of the same. We just haven’t been given color coded flags (red/blue) to rally ’round on this one because we are not supposed to know. I am certain that Glen, Sean, Ann and Alex are all aware of Bernays too.

      • Aipeed Teaitchse | Apr 29, 2013 at 1:40 pm |

        At no point have I stated my own political viewpoints and at multiple points I have mentioned that I don’t agree with everything anyone says. Before I get into this, I just want to mention that he’s had a lot of respectable guests on his show that respect what he does enough to make multiple appearances. Although I respect your opinion I can’t help but notice you continue to lump Alex Jones in with republican cable news pundits and I know you know better. Others here have insinuated he pushes the reptilian conspiracy AND tows the (republican) party line. Now even though I know you’re familiar with his work, some people on here clearly have only a vague idea at best of what he even stands for and this has led to confusion.

        So let me elaborate just a little about the divide and conquer technique within the red and blue trap. Political pundits of the MSM fall into one of two camps 100% although some are moderate and some are extreme. Some will go to such an extreme that they spew streams of libelous venom just to rile up their proverbial opposition. In any case, both sides agree on the official version of events – that subject is never called into question – in this sense they both tow the same line. The trap works by preventing certain questions from being asked. The arguments are based around how we should react as a nation and what the solution should be. By framing the debate in this manner, nobody calls into question the source of prepackaged official narratives or why parroting the contents of a state department issued PRess kit qualifies as journalism in our day and age. People aren’t inclined to ask “are we sure that’s how it happened?” The arguments are limited not only to what should we do, but to A or B. Should we invade Iraq without evidence of WMDs or wait until there’s evidence (when it might be too late)? There was never a suggestion from anyone in the MSM in 2003 that government officials could be dishonest, and the biggest war protest in the history of the world was barely covered in the US. As it dragged on under GWB there was no mention of war profiteering from the people that were lying from the beginning and without whistleblowers using independent news sources to inform the public of what’s being done in their name there would probably never be any mention of war crimes either. That’s the main difference with guys like Alex Jones who always question the official story and gather evidence that conflicts with it and pile it up until it becomes painfully obvious that Americans were probably duped into trading their liberty for security yet again and the very people that got us into the mess we’re in got filthy rich doing it. That’s what he was talking about the entire time – trying to open people’s eyes to what’s hidden in plain sight. And that’s why he gets a wide range of respectable guests who are out to do the same, including Greg Palast who you will never see interviewed by the US MSM.

        The new argument is should all Americans have Miranda rights or should we make exceptions starting with Dzokhar Tsarnaev? Blue team says yes. Red team says no. Some continue to ask are you sure you even know what really happened and who stands to gain? Others say “don’t listen to that sexist racist antisemitic homophobic rightwing murderous fraud!” Once again it’s completely up to you who you want to listen to.

        • >I can’t help but notice you continue to lump Alex Jones in with republican cable news pundits and I know you know better.

          Actually that is not what I am doing, and you’re right I do know better than that. Let’s think of it like the whole United States is one big cable T. V. system. In the beginning we think that some guys are good guys and some guys are bad guys.

          The bad guys have nice clothes and Republican hairstyles, and yes the news is handed to them for them to repeat or repackage as genuine news. The good guys, they are our guys. They tell us what we need to know.

          But stop and think for a minute that there are people who are sitting in their recliners, drinking their beer and watching their nightly Fox. To them, our bad guys are their good guys, and vice versa. And there is no harm at letting the mantras of their heroes wash over them and seep in because these guys they are watching are on national television after all. That stamp of approval must mean it’s ok. If you want a laugh compare Archie Bunker’s attitude in his old series All In The Family, to what we hear coming out of these FOX folks mouths nightly. When Archie came out he was controversial, but there are millions of Americans out there today that find this crap right and true, and even defensible. And they have a network programmed just for them.

          What if we have a channel programmed just for us? What if these guys who can afford anything – including hiring all the experts they like, which they do – saw us coming and decided to put in a control mechanism?

          I’m not saying that I didn’t learn a lot from Alex, because I did. (However I also learned a lot that just wasn’t true.) But what if that was all factored in too? What if Psychiatrists determined that if someone knows something bad is coming he is less likely to be shocked into radical action. Rather he will become sad and bitter and stop enjoying life quite so much.

          Isn’t it also just possible that Psychiatrists revealed that a constant dose of fear and dread will tend to keep more people in line than it will radicalize. It’s not like this is new information, dictators have been using it for millennium.

          Now I’m not saying that Alex and FOXies vacation together in the Hamptons or even have drinks together at Lonestar Steakhouse. Fox is a Republican channel, MSNBC is a channel for Democrats, what if Alex is a channel for the Conspiracy Theorists/Constitutionalists/Truthers/etc. (What they used to call free thinkers.) and not the loose cannon that many of us think? What if Alex is a false flag?

          I mean in a money driven society where it costs so much to do what Alex does, do you think that he, and we, are smart enough to slip by the net and tell us things that they don’t want us to hear, and us receive such verboten info at leisure on our very own car radios? That they would not be able to anticipate us coming? Maybe predict down to the very percentage, give or take a margin for error. Does Alex really seem like he has gone off the reservation to tell us all this, and then just drives his SUV home to his nice suburban house? You have underestimated your opponent I fear, Mr. Bond. Or maybe you just don’t want to let the hope die. I understand, I was there too.

          Four years ago, when I listened to him everyday, I was pretty convinced that we had another year, maybe two left before the hammer fell and they rounded us all up, but look, we are all still here. True there is a lot wrong, an awful lot, so much that we’d better be sure we are right when we call someone a friend. We are just not as organized, well funded or smart as a group to be pulling anything this slick off on our own, but the other side sure is, and surely would.

          With all this in mind take another look and see if you don’t see signs that this is true. once you look they start to pop up. It took the episode with Catherine Bleisch to get me to look. Was glad I did. Fear each day is no way to live, but it does what they want it to do. It keeps us divided over side issues while we ignore the causes of the problem.

  10. Part of me thinks Alex Jones is an outright fraud and the other thinks he’s simply a lunatic that truly believes the shit he spews. Either way I’m far too left wing and rational to fall for his paranoid delusions. I have many friends that are Alex Jones fans, or at least believe a lot of the theories he pushes like chemtrails, false flags, even a few that believe the earth is hollow and the reptilians live there. A few of those even believe I’m “Half reptilian” simply because I don’t agree with everything they say. I realize that the government is too powerful to be trusted, and it’s often hard to back your claims with evidence when so many documents are classified, but there is still quite a bit that is wide open, and many whistleblowers have released a lot of the government’s secrets. The first thing I thought when I heard about the Bradley Manning leak was “Thank god, now the 9/11 truthers will shut up”, but nothing in all that data has backed up much of anything the Jones crowd believes, even though it’s got plenty of conspiracies.

    The problem with Jones, Hannity, and any mainstream media pundit that follows a party line is that they will run with anything that supports their ideology. Every time anything happens at all Jones is there to scream FALSE FLAG at the top of his lungs. It’s disgusting. I’m not saying it’s impossible, or shouldn’t be considered, but it shouldn’t be accepted as truth 15 minutes after the event and every second after parroting whatever supports your claim.

    Left media is just as bad. They rely on identity politics in order to hold onto voters, but their focus only instigates more racism, and completely ignores HUMAN rights. Voting for Obama did not benefit the african american community at all, his austerity deals are hurting ALL of the working class, and at the same time hate groups are seeing a big resurgence.

    In the end we all have our biases, and like I mentioned mine is leftist, specifically in that I believe in a bottom up structure of society, not top down. I tend to watch RT, Al Jazeera, Democracy now more than MSM, and mostly avoid Jones except for laughs, but the only news source I tend to always agree with is the socialist equality party’s world socialist website and boingboing (which isn’t entirely political but when they are they’re pretty informing). They will question things without jumping to conclusions, and provide a solid basis for any claims they do make. This is my other favorite page in my feed for news but there are many different viewpoints represented here (which is part of what I like about it)

    • Also well said. Wait… Did I just see you start to shift? Oh my God… lol

      I have a very good friend like that too. Will question anything but Alex, Ickes and Christianity. He’s still a very good friend, I just avoid certain topics with him.

      Myself, I took Jefferson’s admonition about questioning everything to heart, so my views change as new evidence comes in. I also have a hard time finding a slot which I fit into all the time. I believe in the need for the Second Amendment, but I am also a firm believer that non-violence is the only answer, yet I don’t believe in singing “We Are The World” along with Milton’s Freidman’s Free Marketers. I just don’t fit in, but that’s alright because the air smells cleaner out here anyway. Probably because I live in the mountains : )

  11. Rodney Volkmar | Apr 29, 2013 at 9:15 am |

    I think they missed the issue completely, these acts of violence are all reactions to something worse going on with our Governments…

  12. i got this patch that shows a picture of a native American chief holding a sign that says, “deport illegal immigrants”

  13. Who the fuck do these people think they are? “He has his Miranda right”, and “they should have just shot up the boat”. Even if people have murdered, even if it’s totally horrific. There are still rights, and reasons for rights. I had no idea that fox news was so insane. I stopped paying attention to the news after 9/11, this seriously was a shock to me. I had to stop watching less then a minute into Anne Cult of personality started talking.

  14. andrewp3 | May 2, 2013 at 8:02 pm |

    In American public life, Hannity and Coulter are arguably the most revolting, disingenuous, sensationalist, reactionary, disgusting people I have yet encountered. I hope they are happy together.

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