Washington State Clamps Down On Restaurants Offering Marijuana Rooms

Has marijuana been legalized in name only, if you cannot open pizzeria-slash-pot-smoking-hangout without it being crushed by the oppressive boot of the state? The dream of every stoner child of the nineties remains unfulfilled for the time being:

  • BuzzCoastin

    which is why they are compelled to repeatedly call it
    The Land of the Free
    the freest Kuntery on Earth

  • Dan Muench

    Scuse me, but a cannabis friendly pizzeria aint’ THIS 90’s stoner child’s dream…

    At least, not if they’re serving ‘Washington Style’ Pizza…New Yorkers have standards, you know.

    • Lilith

      You’ve obviously not had Pagglici Pizza…

  • DeepCough

    This aggression will not stand, man!