What We Should Learn From The Boston Bombing Aftermath

3 Comments on "What We Should Learn From The Boston Bombing Aftermath"

  1. emperorreagan | Apr 25, 2013 at 3:09 pm |

    The police are terrorists. It seems all they need is the slightest motivation then the official response is “FUCK YES SHOOT EVERYTHING!” I’m far more scared of the half-wit, steroid-pumped, anxious-to-use-their-gun type of gung-ho cops than I am of most criminal or terrorist acts.

  2. Usually is like this when a dictatorship happens, people are so much terrified to what they see in manipulative media that for security they accept any army troglodyte to tell then what to do! Happened in Germany, happened in Brasil in 64 and many others dictatorships backed or not by US. Who is the worst terrorist, those two dudes or a gov. that in the first opportunity takes peoples right under false pretenses?

  3. LucidDreamR | Apr 26, 2013 at 8:38 am |

    Thank you captain obvious! I’m sorry: but those that are “awake and aware” already are. Throughout history the ratio seems to have stayed about the same. So what exactly are we accomplishing by pointing out what’s already known to a group of people who epitomize ‘knowing’? It seems to me we have an abundance of people who have found ways to get attention by pointing things like this out; but very few who are paving any way to change these things. Hint: the people who are actually getting their hands dirty and making change, don’t have time to play around on the internet so much and make silly videos. As is true on the other end: those actually working don’t have time to sit around and watch said videos. On that note I’ve finished my coffee and am headed out to finish my second vegetable garden bed and start sowing some seeds; a few actions that will do far more damage to the machine than any number of silly internet videos pointing out the obvious.

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