American Engineer’s Death Suicide or Cyber-Espionage?

via CBS News Year of the Snake

The death of an American computer engineer, Shane Todd, in Singapore has created quite a stir. His parents contend he was murdered, but authorities say it was suicide. The mystery seems to have links to the dark world of cyber-spying and could possibly involve China.
Rick and Mary Todd traveled from Montana to Singapore to prove that their son was actually the victim of a web of international cyber-espionage.

“We really appreciate the process that is going on; it’s a slow process so we really appreciate the way Singapore conducts its court system,” said Rick Todd.

The Todds are attending an 11-day inquiry into their son’s death. Shane Todd had been an engineer for a Singapore government research agency called the Institute of Microelectronics (IME). Then two days after quitting last June, he was found dead, hanging in his apartment bathroom. Police and the coroner ruled it a suicide.
“I believe 100 percent there is a cover-up going on,” said Mary Todd.

In an interview with CBS News in February, the Todds claimed their son had become worried about his safety.
“He started calling us and saying, ‘Mom if you don’t hear from me every week email me right away,'” said Mary Todd. “‘If I don’t call you, call the U.S. Embassy. My life is being threatened,’ and that’s when he said that he felt he was being asked to compromise U.S. security.”



  • Daniel Gill

    in the U.S.

    FaceBook, and Google, is just.. intelligence gathering, or social networking

    but China?

    oh, they’re doing espionage!

    tsk tsk tsk

    only the U.S. can do it morally!

    • echar

      A murdered/suicided person is the opposite of moral. Did you forget that detail?

      • Daniel Gill

        the U.S. invaded Aghanistan just to take it away from China, who might have gave up North Korea otherwise.

        • echar

          That deflects my question, but answers more.

  • Simon Valentine

    Lord Aramonde forbid someone actually has a tractable computability medium for cosine integrals.

    Simon > clique > factorization > RSA

    the magic doesn’t need that junk, come on!
    think humans deserve these presents yet?!??

  • BuzzCoastin

    an odd mixture of the worst that China & Great Friggins have to offer
    it’s the one kuntery in SE Asia I scrupulously avoid

  • believein1

    Wow, the US has been reduced to acting and accusing China as if China needs them. Pathetic. How many reports are there of the US trying to hack into China, or using satellites to spy, or using actual spies? Pathetic. This rhetoric is the only thing keeping ignorant rednecks thinking that the US is still God’s country and that their government is immaculate without corruption. Funny. Anything, even lying to themselves, to keep that #1 mentality alive. You never were.