Artificial Photosynthesis System as Efficient as Plants and Can Reduce CO2 Levels

Via DigInfo TV

A group at Panasonic has developed the Artificial Photosynthesis System, which produces organic materials with a world-leading efficiency in terms of solar energy conversion. The recently achieved efficiency, 0.2%, is on a par with that for real plants used in biomass energy.

Artificial photosynthesis is a technology that uses sunlight to produce oxygen and organic substances from water and carbon dioxide, like plants do. As an ideal technology that could solve both global warming and energy issues, artificial photosynthesis is currently being researched worldwide.


  • The Well Dressed Man

    With average atmospheric CO2 levels this week above 400ppm for the first time this geological era, it’s nice to see some good news. Let’s engineer a recovery with tech like this!

    • echar

      I hope a truly forwarding and visionary leader steps forward. One that is fearless in the approach of political controversy and immune to the influence of corporate corruption. One that will flip the tax money going into defense with that of education. One that will utilize the amazing technologies being developed.