Australian Scientist Claims To Have Photographed Dozens Of UFOs

ufosDust on the lens? Magnetic distortion? Or something else entirely? The Australian writes:

A biochemist-turned-school teacher says he captured hundreds of “UFOs” on his digital camera from his Darlington home in the Perth Hills.

Rob Hartland has taken more than 20,000 photos of the daytime sky in the past six months and analysed them on his computer. He says he has identified a dozen different UFOs including round, square and saucer-shaped craft, posting the photos to his website for extraterrestrial buffs and sceptics to ponder.

Mr. Hartland, who has a PhD in biochemistry, said he had no history of mental illness or drug taking and that he never altered his photos, though he acknowledged many people would find his claims hard to believe.

The Sunday Times picture editor Jackson Flindell said Hartland’s images did not appear to have been tampered with.

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  • Haystack

    It sounds like he’s just indiscriminately taking thousands of pictures of the sky, then combing through them for spots and blurs he can’t identify. Is this really the best UFOlogy has to offer?

    • Ray Butlers


  • Breshvic

    There are dozens of us… DOZENS!!!

  • Breshvic

    There are dozens of us… DOZENS!!!

  • InfvoCuernos

    looks like they might have tweek in Australia to me.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    “Mr. Hartland, who has a PhD in biochemistry, said he had no history of mental illness or drug taking”. – And yet the most interesting encounters with ‘unidentified flying objects’ are through certain mental deviations and psychedelic drugs.

  • Mike-Si

    I Want one.

  • Ray Butlers

    wow, that’s quite a fallacy you’re working on there.

  • Ray Butlers

    you just used several additional fallacies

  • Ray Butlers

    and the logical fallacies continue

  • Ray Butlers

    i think that it is terribly useful to observe the vigor with which you attack logic. comes as no surprise since it is clear that logic is the enemy of woo.

  • Ray Butlers

    another logical fallacy (actually several). you should get your money back for those “college level” courses

  • Ray Butlers

    I’m losing count of your logical fallacies. Can you identify them all?

  • Ray Butlers

    oh my. the logical fallacies continue. in case you didn’t know, one of them is the ad hominem

  • Andrew

    Don’t bring up ad hominem!

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