Briton Arrested With Roasted Human Fetuses For Use in Black Magic Ritual

via The Telegraph F022-002

A British man has been arrested in Thailand after being found with six foetuses that had been roasted and covered in gold leaf as part of a black magic spirit ritual.

The corpses of the unborn baby boys were found packed in a suitcase in his hotel room in Bangkok’s Chinatown district.

Chow Hok Kuen, 28, who holds a British passport but is of Taiwanese origin, confessed to police that he had bought the foetuses several days earlier for almost £4,000. The source of the foetuses is unclear.

He said he intended to smuggle them to Taiwan where they would be sold for as much as six times what he paid on the internet to people who believe that their possession would bring wealth and good luck.

The man told police that he was hired by another Taiwanese man, named Kun Yichen, who regularly travelled to Thailand to collect the ritualistic foetuses.

Worship of the foetuses — observed by some on the Chinese community — is a Buddhist-animist practice known as Kuman Thong that is described in ancient Thai manuscripts.

In Thai black magic rituals, also observed among some Chinese communities, preserved foetuses are believed to bring good fortune to the owner and are often kept in shrines within homes or businesses.

It required male foetuses surgically removed from the womb that were then dried as black magic incantations were said over the body, before it was covered in gold leaf. Kuman Thong means “golden baby boy”.

Lore has it that if the owner reveres the ritual foetus, its spirit will warn and protect its possessor of danger. In practice the foetuses have been replaced by wooden effigies.

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  • bhekokuhle

    bhekokuhle dube .

  • Calypso_1

    Didn’t Rick Santorum do something like this?

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      I thought he ate them.

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        Your thinking about Cheney.
        Rick just sleeps with his.

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          Oh right, it’s tough to keep track of their Gilles De Rais tendencies.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Col Wiwat Kamhamnan, of Bangkok police, said: “He said he planned to sell the foetuses to clients who believe they will make them lucky and rich.”

    not only have these foetuses not been lucky for this dude
    but he some how manged not bribe his way out of this
    I never met a Thai cop who can’t be bribed

    PS: typo in the gloss

  • How bob

    Hentai Queer ,like the cave Hick-ville-crackkkers !

  • Charlie Primero

    These Kuman Thong are illegal because they get loose at night if you don’t feed them sacrifices and sneak around biting off people’s toes. Not safe.

    • Calypso_1

      Is Nothing Sacred Anymore!
      That was supposed to be a Secret.
      I think we have to disembowel you now or something.