• echar

    What if they accidentally kill your pet with all that dosing?

  • http://twitter.com/The__Pigman ThePigman

    Hmmm, i could have sworn there were three condoms left…

  • http://www.facebook.com/D.Hotkiss Douglas Hotchkiss

    i go around thinking , yeah, i guess i’m a bit paranoid..maybe delusional, then i keep seeing stories like this and reckon well fuck anything is plausible anymore. .. i wish they quit hiding my car keys.

    • echar

      Have you done anything to attract the cost it will take to gather a group of ten people needed to do this?

      if not then hey, waste of money.

      If you have, then you may want to always be home during holidays.

      This is assuming that this is real information, and not just entertainment.

  • Noah_Nine

    spy vs. spy

  • King0fSting

    It ain’t paranoia if they’re really chasin you

  • King0fSting

    This is a bit much…. Don’t believe it all

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