DisinfoCast: 57: The Exorcist in the 21st Century – Christian Falch and Fredrik Horn Akselsen


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Documentarians Christian Falch and Fredrik Horn Akselsen join us to discuss the making of their documentary The Exorcist in the 21st Century.

The Exorcist in the 21st Century takes the viewer into the unknown and sinister world of exorcism in the Catholic Church. We meet one of the few exorcists in Europe, the Vatican approved José Antonio Fortea. He travels around the world on a mission to enlighten the masses about demonic possession. Constanza, a Colombian woman, is desperately looking for Fr. Forteas help. She claims to have been possessed by demons for nearly 15 years and she goes through a ritual of exorcism before she sees the Spanish exorcist as a last hope for spiritual liberation. The film follows both their journeys and gives a unique insight into one of the world most secret and mystical rites – the catholic ritual of exorcism.

The film is available on DVD (wherever you like to buy DVDs including Amazon) and for digital stream or download via Google Play, Cinemanow and XBOX Live (other platforms going live very soon).

9 Comments on "DisinfoCast: 57: The Exorcist in the 21st Century – Christian Falch and Fredrik Horn Akselsen"

  1. ” … one of the world’s most secret and mystical rites — the Catholic ritual of exorcism.” Horsefeathers. The Rituale Romanum is widely available, in Latin & in English. I had no trouble acquiring a copy. As for “mystical,” a lot of the ritual employs material straight out of the Bible & dogmatic prayers any educated Catholic would recognize. Please.

    • Matt Staggs | May 16, 2013 at 1:02 pm |

      Are horsefeathers required in this occult ritual or can I make do with hen’s teeth? Do I need to trap all of the fleeing demons in some kind of magical phylactery or would I do better with some kind of ceremonial circle? What level Cleric do I have to be to do this, and will I need to have a special magic weapon or artifact?

      • emperorreagan | May 16, 2013 at 4:05 pm |

        Horsefeathers are absolutely required.

        Use a ceremonial circle.

        Minimum cleric level 7. Relic of St. Benedict recommended.

        • My point, gentlemen, is that there’s nothing “secret” or particularly “mystical” about the Roman rite of exorcism. To claim this is woo. It’s not a magical act. It’s a prayer service, basically, with some sacramental elements. Whether demons exist, whether exorcisms expel them, well, you either believe that stuff or you don’t. I appreciate the humor, though!

          • Matt Staggs | May 17, 2013 at 3:27 pm |

            Thanks for dropping in. Glad you took the comment in the spirit it was intended.

  2. Great interview Matt Staggs, Christian Falch, and Fredrik Horn Akselsen. I seriously want to see this film. I have been fascinated with exorcism ever since seeing the film of that same word back so many years ago. I’ve read up on the topic some and watched several films. Most appear to be adverts for catholicism, but some are a bit different.

    I am curious about the next film. Will Varg Vikernes be interviewed? No matter his controversial nature, he is a very interesting and intelligent person. I also wonder if “Transcendental” Black Metal and it’s american creator, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix will be mentioned or equally interviewed. Who is the lead singer of Liturgy.

  3. Scott Preavy | May 24, 2013 at 3:39 pm |

    Regardless of whether or not you may believe in the existence of demons (further still the ability of entrenched dogma to control them) the portion in which the girl began to speak of her father struck me as a psychological issue.

    I get what the documentary makers were saying about how a large part of possession phenomena may be psychosomatic and the exorcism rituals can therefore offer real catharsis, but it seems like this woman should probably seek a more traditional therapist.

    Is it cruel to allow this young woman to think that she is “cured” when these more deeply seated issues that were not addressed may yet rise to the surface again?

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