Document Dump on Chemtrail Whistleblower and Alex Jones guest, FBI Agent Ted Gunderson

The Southern Poverty Law Center described ex FBI agent Ted Gunderson as having never “heard a conspiracy theory he didn’t believe.” Alex Jones loved the (now deceased) former head of the FBI’s Dallas office, having him as a guest on his show and using Gunderson as a source for many of his website’s articles and conspiracy claims.

Yesterday, the website Parapolitical posted 2,500 pages of federal government files on Gunderson it obtained, most created after the ex-Fed ended his 30 year career with the FBI. They reveal a variety of criminal investigations – ranging from suspected theft to witness tampering – in which Gunderson was a suspect in the early 1980s, while leading his own private detective agency. It was after these various run-ins with the law that Gunderson began making claims of a government conspiracy involving false flag terrorism, chemtrails and even withholding the cure to Down’s Syndrome (obtained from space aliens).

In another odd episode, in November 2002, Gunderson claimed to have received an envelope containing white powder at a post office box he kept in Las Vegas. Gunderson felt the powder was an attempt by Satanists to poison him with a bio-weapon. However, he strangely waited nearly a week before bothering to take action (he was too busy with Thanksgiving plans, he told investigators). On December 2 he took the letter to the Post Office and declared the Bohemian Grove was trying to murder him with a special poison that could kill anyone in 30 seconds. He also, matter-of-factly, told postal inspectors that he had met Osama bin Laden in Los Angeles in 1986. The Clark County Fire Department and the University of Nevada School of Medicine tested the letter and found nothing unusual.

all 2,500 pages are posted here, for those who care to slog through them

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  1. Simon Valentine | May 15, 2013 at 11:14 am |

    someone scraped the powdered sugar off of some donuts and sent it to him in jest? like as if FBI gets the sugar and COPS get the plain donut? heh.

  2. One of the most quoted (even when theorists don’t know that they re quoting him) ‘authorities’ in conspiracy history…

    …and an absolute full scale no holds barred basket case fraudster.

    I like a good conspiracy theory…and a lot of the ones I considered likely as true were proven real after the documents got released (mostly cover ups of CIA involvement in Africa and Latin America…not to mention drug running and such. And of course COINTELPRO here in the states.) but the jury’s still out on some others. So I’m more than open to the notion that various persons and agencies sometimes commit criminal acts and then (gosh) don’t want the info about those acts leaking out. Totally reasonable assumption.

    But Ted Gunderson almost single handedly set truth seekers back 40 years by transforming the conspiracy world into a collection of utter nuthatch escapees…with only the solemn word of a former FBI agent to back it all up. By using his fame and credentials he changed routine investigations into clown shoes that wouldnt have been tolerated by anyone…except that when he mentioned being former FBI…people suddenly nodded their heads like they were hypnotized and assumed (for some of them for the first time ever) that a G-man wouldn’t lie or be wrong because G-men are superhuman heroes that never fail. Which is quite an astonishing turn about from a crowd that usually considers Feds to be a pack of swaggering, paranoid, mean spirited thugs.

    He was a product of his time…and if he’d been born twenty years later he’d never have prospered. Our cynicism is greater than it was in his day…and people tend more toward doubting authority figures than they used to…which to my mind is good, because in general the worst kind of people naturally gravitate toward power so that they can insulate themselves from consequences…and this is a recipe for disaster. The last segment of society that takes whack jobs like Gunderson seriously…is the segment so frantic to believe whatever is spoonfed to them that it no longer really matters what came out of his mouth or whether its anything but his vague assurances…it matters only that it ‘feels’ right…a prepackaged bundle of fear with a certified ‘expert approved’ stamp on it.

    To sum up…its a great thing to seek after truth. This process is greatly complicated by two things: A) only wanting to find what you already desire. And B) not knowing (or wanting to know) how to recognize crazy, stupid or lies when you see them.

  3. This explains everything! he is the bad seed that created all these conspiricay theories and led people astray! Thank God everything is actually exactly as described on the evening news!

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