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Can you get into the mainframe?

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  • BuzzCoastin

    interesting that they slowed down the TV blink to a visible experience

    I think all the retro images show how long
    we’ve been immersed in a computer created environment
    and how clearly invisible it really is
    like water is to fish

    • echar

      The first hacker movie I can think of is War Games. However there was radio long before the internet. Is radio a part of the electric environment? I noticed in one of those Bob Dobbs videos that he says things changed with Sputnik.

      • Simon Valentine

        as an electromagnet wave, yes.
        interference anomalies are fun :)
        gotta show some love for the snow channel
        sometimes it’s like the Fibonacci pigeons
        watch out for the scullery maiden

        • echar
          • Simon Valentine

            i live in Monticello
            you can see it on that map in Piatt county
            the word “Monticello” ends at the very rightmost edge
            at about the bottom of the teal oval

            btw i didn’t know about this
            i was just referencing interference anomalies in general
            i didn’t know there was a specific one so close to me


          • echar

            My over active imagination is coming up with all sorts of scenarios for this. :)

          • Simon Valentine

            hahahaha i’m sure my mask helps
            i promise i don’t violate any of those silly stickers
            “don’t violate section blah blah 2.0”
            “yes we’re talking to you Sid”
            hahaha oooh Virtuosity we do love it so
            so much as the Crow! Russel up some scenarios? oh man this is getting just too punny.

            i had thought perhaps it was emanating from Monticello
            yet the line doesn’t point
            so i remembered
            like bow fishing
            and straws in cups
            there might be refraction…

            the mystery continues.

          • echar

            Here’s an oldie but goodie


        • BuzzCoastin

          the first hearers of radio became the Roaring Twenties
          without radio
          Hitler would have had a career as a house painter
          without radio
          there’s no WW2

          TV kewled things down
          hot was unkewl & it was hip to be kewl

          the little fire that was left in radio
          burnt out with the grunge recapitulation of 60’s rock
          then it became Talk Radio as Pontificate Strife Radio
          but without the 30’s War of the World’s mass hysteria

          • Simon Valentine

            reminds me
            there are a lot of hard core hidden-from-the-world cults in the states
            easy to run on windows 95 for them
            easy to run DOS or 8bit

            but that’s not the remind
            the remind was that i do hear some people at work with the radio on
            political channel
            it’s psychosis itself coming through from them
            “this therefore this this this therefore blah”
            like they were a child’s toy plugged in with one program to run
            talking like 4-2 didn’t equal 2 and that that fact is a rightful emotion different from the rightful but wrong emotions of other robots, all emotionless, and that They’re emotionlessness happens at the Right time Omniomnily ad de facto thief-in-the-night (who happens to be a pirate, right patch; peg leg and such)
            just looking for another lie
            another transistor
            another bit
            another god to register their quandums
            they don’t even know they’re a Pachinko machine
            and they’ll never know i’m not military or any other thing
            hardly even a spectre any more

          • BuzzCoastin

            let the dead bury the dead
            but you go and spread the news of the kingdom of God

          • Simon Valentine

            Genetically Altered Engineered Deities
            Wandering, Wondering, Wunderful Deities
            living to see genetic engineering’s perfection unto a reverse Noah, to ourselves make who we need, so that we no longer need be in pain

            i am a member of cult of the dead
            a dead member of cult
            a cult member of deed
            a dead cult member
            et cetera
            come to Order with but Command
            to Order with out Command
            without command
            out, i go

      • BuzzCoastin

        the electric environment begins in Oct 1745
        when Ewald Georg von Kleist invents the capacitor
        next comes the first prototype telegraph (1795)
        one of the many effects of the telegraph was the American Civil War
        by the time the telegraph is ubiquitous 1875, the telephone arrives
        modern people become disembodied voices for the first time
        the radio (1899) begins to heat up the political landscape too
        eventually causes the rise of Hitler (the ultimate radio guy)
        TV cools everything down (invented 1925ish released 1950ish)
        the TV image is The Dude & The Dude is the TV image
        that’s basic McLuhan
        Bob takes it from there
        the effects of radio have greatly declined in the Western world
        & are usually not covered extensively
        but he does periodically explain the early Mac ideas

        • Simon Valentine

          reminds me of Fallout
          President Eden
          is there a name for this sort of exposae?
          communication medium evolution is something to live one’s mind in

          • BuzzCoastin

            the video game environment is full on Tron
            without most being aware of that
            it is caused by electricity
            it’s effects are electric

            McLuhan turned James Joyce’s observations in Finnigans Wake
            into a study of the effects of mediums

            Television kills telephony in brothers’ broil.
            Our eyes demand their turn. Let them be seen!

          • Simon Valentine

            somehow MKUltra popped into the fron
            thunderhammers and generic physics
            Thor and original cross continental unity
            biomass like it’s a sliding block puzzle
            language like it’s a ditto
            juxtaposition ad fallacy
            extension ad program
            one of these things is not like the others
            criteria matching
            process of elimination as an algorithm that is no more or less the best nor fastest, for it is running as to find the k-clique in so many vertices and their transpondence

            “breaking evolution’s encryption”
            showing that process of elimination has equivalents even among contradicts. peace. no peace.

            and the immanent question
            is space infinitely divisible
            does 1/2^x ever make it through Zeno’s gate with all its resplendent transistors?
            will Apollo fold the box into a circle?

          • BuzzCoastin

            nothing is both infinitely divisible & indivisible
            how could it not?

            a willingness to reflect
            is all it takes to break the spell
            accepting experience as fact &
            dismissing hearsay as evidence
            is pretty much all there is to it

          • Simon Valentine

            experience become a bit of a spell here in ol’Belial Illinois, so reflect, yes, the subject of reflection in subjective reflection of meta-data is as concerts actually building a processor from the new proto-blueprint.

            XP, i haz. time enough, i haz not. and i find it boringly simple.

            i do so love to divide and ponder The Void
            nothing is inside the word divisible
            how could it function otherwise, yes?
            it all crumples about nothing like a vacuum or like what appears to be a bully to what appears to be a geek; all Belial again of course.

            the void may be both infinitely divisible and within ‘divisible”, ‘divisible’, “divisible’, or “divisible”, not necessarily in that order, though a particular order may yield appropriate solutional metaphoric application to those who involve themselves with the Babel and the building of the new

            Mr. Jefferson and his Monticello
            the Jefferson effect of the cows at the water trough
            the sixth-sense
            the sliding puzzle box
            “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”
            that is all.


          • BuzzCoastin

            the implications of quantum level manipulation
            by electronic technology is assumed to be a coming event

            Jefferson is a psyop

          • Simon Valentine

            well said
            i do see that the reverse may be, in that electronic technology may be manipulated of the quantum level by we

            though i do not stare at goats, i do possess a statue of Baphomet

          • BuzzCoastin

            there’s no doubt that there is quantum involvement
            with the carrier waves
            but not the content, that’s a mask
            wither or nay they can manipulate that effect is unknown
            but there is not doubt that the carrier waves have an effect
            an inventory of which needs to be made
            by each and everyone of us capable

          • Anarchy Pony

            I can barely follow this conversation. Gawd I love disinfo!

          • Simon Valentine

            gestalt Rorschach mask on Darth Lord Nihilus like he was Alan Turing come back to haunt the haunt until he wraiths away all the nouns. well it was adjectives in the star wars until the goose laid again. midicloriants or something. heh. Luke Warm. binary search. slide rule. rule of two. skeptics. please allow me to introduce you:

            integrate [(Cos[n^(1 – x) Pi]^2 + Cos[n^x Pi]^2-(2-o))/sqrt[(Cos[n^(1 – x) Pi]^2 + Cos[n^x Pi]^2-(2-o))^2]]

            this will allow one to seek anomalies that are the positions of prime factors of the number n; one need only pre-compute and set the tolerance variable o, usually according to how many digits of n; then perform a binary search by taking the integral a to b e.g. .1 to .5 then .25 to .5 etc. and subtract the possibly anomalized result from the zero-tolerance to get the yes/no answer and continue the binary search unto a position close enough to ‘jump the gap’ between infinite decimals and the actual position – the gap also being a determinable tolerance according to the size of n.

            now. this shows by the Taylor series that factorization is an NP problem (i apologize for i forget hard, complete, whatnot) however if there is a tractable algorithm for computing cosine integral then RSA encryption is DITW. name me as the source or don’t name me, your choice. maybe say Lord Aramonde set it loose upon humanity, i dunno 😉

          • BuzzCoastin


          • Simon Valentine

            i hope you’re not expecting me to take that as a radix 62 number and then compute its factors lol

            so i’d say it’s the point that passwords don’t need RSA, eh?

            WAIT WHAT, bitcoin?!? LOL

          • BuzzCoastin

            Jefferson is an electric man
            Franklin too
            expert media propagandists
            Franklin seems less of a hypocrite, but who knows

            a slave owning government hack
            didn’t fight in the war of independence
            started the process off moving American Indians off their lands
            and into the lands of other people who too would be relocated
            the fact that he is highly regarded today
            is a tribute to his ability to spin positive propaganda

          • Simon Valentine

            yes it is good to hear more concerting of awarenes of Jefferson’s duplicity and the absurdity of it all. somesuch i encountered in the medes was about his hacking up a bible. i would guess that you are familiar.

          • BuzzCoastin

            he’s total bullshit at it’s finest
            there’s this picture of him that kinda glows in the dark
            and then there’s the facts

            anyone who thinks highly of this guy
            has never really thought about it
            and is simply running the program they were given

            it’s propaganda to say all men were created equal
            slavery, sexual slavery, mistreatment of native peoples
            is what he’s going to do to anyone who stood in his way to the money
            without regard for race, creed color or national origin

            Ronny Raygun may be the only one
            that could top him in hypocrisy & duplicity

          • Simon Valentine

            yeah equality is quite an issue and polymaths may have the best vision and envisioning with regards

            i tend or have been tended by reAlity towards “equality among people is any and all problems that no person can solve”

            had my heart cut out enough to know the rites and rituals
            got the visit from the ancient demigod while touring with Alice

            and all that peace love prosperity that is to me to be maintaining the V formation means maintaining proof against Cantor and anti-Pythagoreans such that they are not so much wrong as stupid windbags playing around a cobbler’s bench. man my anti-hulk sensors are tingling. a jingle late and a Hyde short i’d say.

          • Anarchy Pony

            I don’t know if Ronnie was actually enough of a person to have been capable of either duplicity or hypocrisy. The more I learn of him, the more I see nothing but an empty suit.
            Sure at first he seemed like a world class shit heel and hypocrite. But now it’s more like he was nothing but a puppet with no original thoughts ever crossing his mind.

          • BuzzCoastin

            right, but to keep matters simple
            and trying to skip the whole Bush backstory
            I opted to compare POTUS to POTUS

            I’m not so sure Jefferson’s thoughts
            were any more original than Ronnie’s
            though he probably had a more highly refined intelligence
            but like Ronnie, he didn’t practice what he preached
            and what he preached was a smokescreen for his hypocrisy
            which in both cases seems to have really worked

          • Simon Valentine

            there was this theory i had
            of hypocrite pervert
            some sort of heirophantastical
            preaching all the wrong things
            and never practicing those preachings
            then i lul at myself

          • BuzzCoastin

            most do-gooders are asking for help
            but can’t admit they can’t control themselves
            so they invent laws to control everyone
            and then they break those laws too

            Mother’s against drunk driving = drunk drivers
            cops = crooks
            priests = perverts
            psych professionals = nut jobs
            lawyers = law breakers

          • Simon Valentine

            yeah crazzy how that is the case way too much
            like the tolerance variable went zero to two
            just cause they trying to flip shit trying to get away from the fact they’ve got the breaking-windows fallacy

            it’s like ear gauges (aint there a gauge theory? pffft)
            it supposed to be a circle
            like the () join somewhere and the || is somewhere, usually somewhere else, like said, way too much

          • Simon Valentine

            in the words of Sarah Kerrigan
            “thinkin the same thing”

          • Simon Valentine
          • Juan

            I always thought of raygun as a cheap robot, a kind of animatronic, Disney created, propaganda toy.

        • echar

          What about medieval Bards song craft, or shadow plays? It’s not electric, but equally enchanting. A Bard’s song could sway the public for or against the king.

          • BuzzCoastin

            pre or post Gutenberg printing press?

            all mediums have an effect on consciousness
            language was the first major medium
            Vicco theorized that first speech was poetry sung
            I’ve noticed that some people’s speech is easily set to music
            not rap
            but just speaking

            the printing press began
            what eventually became electric speed-up
            the speed-up of information greatly destabilized consciousness
            creating the madness we call modernity

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