Info-Spats: Even Conspiracy Theorists Are Sick of Alex Jones


Alex Jones in Waking Life

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Hath Frankenstein’s monster begun killing its creator?

Alex Jones, the boisterous voice of a cult of conspiracy that questions, quite literally, everything from the legitimacy of terrorist attacks to the use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame, might have started getting just a tad too paranoid for the community that he’s had such a huge part in building.

Whether he’s ranting incoherently about gun control on Piers Morgan or arguing that the bombing at the Boston Marathon was a government orchestrated “false flag” attack complete with actors, more and more conspiracy theorists are doing their best to distance themselves from Jones.

The latest, and one of the most public, efforts to push back against Jones’ particular brand of government distrust comes from Films for Action, a popular hub for the promotion of alternative, independent films and media.

After being questioned numerous times at their failure to include any Infowars or Prison Planet documentaries, Films for Action took the opportunity to release a statement about why their decision to steer away from Alex Jones was a conscious decision from the get-go.


Here’s a sizeable chunk from their lengthy statement:

Unfortunately, we feel it would be irresponsible to promote Alex Jones, his websites, or any of his films. His films were always overly sensational and hyperbolic, but over the years the assertions he makes in his films and on his radio show have gotten increasingly outlandish and unsubstantiated. There are nuggets of truth and important perspectives hidden in the films, but they are buried under so many wild claims, tabloid style rhetoric, fear-mongering, and misleading conclusions that sifting the valid points from the misinformation would take more time than most folks have the patience for. See thisthisthis,this, and this, for a handful of examples.

Most skeptical people will have written off his ideas (and anything associated with it, including, likely, this site) long before the film finishes.

We believe the goal of the alternative media is to eventually become the mainstream media – a media for and by the people, rather than a media for and by corporate interests. The alternative media that we imagine is one that has the potential to be welcomed into the homes of virtually everyone. We want to demonstrate the best of what the alternative media is and could be.

This means presenting information in a credible fashion, and not promoting misinformation or misleading meta-narratives about our world. It means following diligently the ethical principles and standards of the best journalists.

Infowars appeals to a certain niche conspiracy audience, but beyond this niche, it is not of much use for reaching people ‘beyond the choir’ – in fact the presentation and substance of Infowars is quite alienating and off-putting to most people. Right now on Infowars minded sites and Facebook pages, they are focusing their attention on occult messages being placed in the movies The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games that allude to the latest two gun massacres being pre-planned events staged by the New World Order. Stuff like this has become conspiracy porn for a growing audience, which we find quite troubling, as focusing on these types of dead ends keep people distracted from doing anything that could effectively end the systems of power these websites claim to decry.

We must regretfully conclude that Alex Jones does more harm to the movement than good.

That last line seems to pretty well sum up a growing opinion for conspiracy theorists, an opinion that when it comes to spreading the “truth” – their truth, however suppressed, uncomfortable, or bizarre that “truth” may be, Alex Jones is no longer the right man for the job.

Who Forted

  • American Zombie Party

    Anybody ever consider he may be CIA? How’s THAT for a conspiracy theory? Think about it. He can delegitimize any truly subversive revelations that hit the mainstream since nobody except his fan base takes him seriously, not to mention, his followers database is surely a goldmine for Feds probing for homegrown anti-government militants. And surely you’ve noticed his uncanny ability to get guests from the intelligence community on his show to speak “candidly,” yet never seems to get targeted for harassment by Uncle Sam like his fellow “info-warriors” that are honestly considered a threat (like Wikileaks)?

    • Ittabena

      I haven’t named the CIA specifically but I have said, several times on this site and others, the very same thing.

    • Ittabena

      Reply awaiting moderation because of a link I included. (I agree!)

    • Andrew


    • Deteis

      I think he’s just in it for the money. I’m also willing to guess that most of his “official” guests are promoting their books.

    • Spider Jerusalem

      Jones is a plant. He is exists to discredit anyone that questions the official narrative.

    • Craig Bickford

      Lots have said this before, but his army of worshippers will hear none of this. I personally think he is addicted to his ratings and the lucrative book and dvd sales they may possibly be raking in over there at prison planet, but that is just a guess.

  • Tchoutoye

    Mouse name drops elephant, declaring it won’t promote him, in desperate bid for attention.

    • Ittabena

      Because mouse is smarter than the elephant thought he was and figured out the elephant is a liar. Just thought I would finish that for you. See, I have an edit button too, for those of you who were late to the theater the original comment above was;

      “Mouse refuses to promote Elephant.”

      Someone’s honor is dubious at best.

      • Tchoutoye

        Who cares about being smart online? It’s unmeasurable and everyone already considers themselves to be the smartest. It’s all about the number of clicks.

        • Ittabena

          And who cares about the truth? Certainly not someone who would stoop to the depths of using the edit button so they could minimize the zing they had just taken and hide it from others. Sort of a “wussy” thing to do don’t ya think? Click on that for a while.

          • Tchoutoye

            Every one is free to agree or disagree with Pundit X and Campaigner Y. I’m not a blind follower of Jones myself. I just find all the “thruthier-than-thou” posturing against Alex Jones we’ve been seeing here lately silly, and quite frankly, a waste of time. The best way to dispel Jones if you don’t agree with him is to come up with better narratives than him. Sour grapes is not one of them.

          • Ittabena

            Don’t think this is sour grapes. I have a genuine theory of Alex Jones being a setup. Cointelpro. A pressure valve installed to manage those who did wake up. A way to blunt the shock of what is coming. A proven method, historically precedented again and again, to control dissent. An enhancement of a method employed so many times during the 70’s on the anti-war and civil rights movement.

            In fact I posted just such a theory here on this site, not too long ago. In case you missed it I have posted a link to it in the reply to American Zombie Pony’s comment below and the link is awaiting moderation. I am not posting it again here because it would just delay the posting of this response as well.

            A better narrative? What we need is an honest broker.

          • Juan

            I think you’re right. Seems to me, the guy is a usefull tool to further the ends of The Empire domestically.
            If he were really “speaking truth to power” as the cliche goes, he would not be on the air day after day spewing his particular brand of right wing fear porn. He’d be in the company of Bradely Manning, Julian Asange, et al.
            Or he may have ended up a “suicide” like Gary Webb. You know, TWO gunshot wounds to the head . . .

          • BrianApocalypse

            I have a simpler theory as to why Jones seems to get away with it: Almost everything he says is crap.

            The government don’t really care what he’s saying for that reason. It’s a stark contrast to Assange and others who are hounded to the ends of the Earth. The information that Jones reveals is largely inert and useless as a means of challenging the government. I think the only genuine danger he represents is in the stirring up of paranoia with the potential to result in some kind of violent action.

          • Ittabena

            So if a false leader was installed, wouldn’t that be a fine result, even the most desirable? That the whole group of protesters could be marginalized and rendered ineffectual in one stroke? could you think of a better way to handle the dissatisfied?

            It’s much better than a bunch of vets camping out in Washington and having Douglas MacArthur run them off, isn’t it?

          • BrianApocalypse

            Oh I agree it would be an effective form of control or monitoring of dissident groups and also a means to disempower those groups, and maybe that’s what it has effectively become, but I just don’t think it was an orchestrated scheme.

            I think Alex Jones really believes the things he says. Maybe he has become a ‘useful idiot’ for the powers that be at this point. His ridiculous rant about guns to Piers Morgan for example serves as a excellent commercial for gun control.

            I do wonder what would happen if Jones or Icke ever started having doubts about their own material. Could they afford to voice those doubts? It is how they make their living after all. I’ve never heard either of them admit they were wrong about anything, and doing so might just destroy the ‘prophet-like’ characters they’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

          • Ittabena

            The false bottom of the rabbit hole. I am personally convinced.

          • emmettgrogan

            Jones has probably booked Alex Gibney for his show to attack Assange and Manning and promote his film “They Steal Secrets” .

          • jnana

            what was it the maoist Chinese did to get the subversives to crawl out of the woodwork? I forget what they called it but for a bit they allowed dissident ideas to spread so those who were dissidents would make themselves known.

          • Ittabena

            See, this is what I’m on about…

            Buy a DVD and get added to the very database Alex is warning you about.

            Modern day police have used similar scams in rounding up fugitives. You have won the big sweepstakes, be at such and such for a party where you will claim your prize.

          • jnana

            perhaps that’s why he appeals to so many different types of dissidents, to drag them all out of the woodwork. the rulers have all types of psychological technicians to play with people.

          • Ittabena

            We seem to be on the same page with this one. To me, if “we” can think of it “they” have already put it in place.

          • echar

            First I’d like to note that you have successfully concern trolled. Good show!


            That is your trip, and are welcome to it. I would like you to notice you are doing the very thing you are accusing others of doing. Mull that over for a bit.

          • BrianApocalypse

            “First I’d like to note that you have successfully concern trolled. Good show!”


          • echar

            That was directed at Tchoutoye.

          • BrianApocalypse

            So it was. My mistake.

          • echar

            No worries.

          • Ittabena

            I think he gathered the remains of his dignity in his last post and beat it before he stepped in poop again.

          • echar

            We can’t all wear waders at all times!

  • Ittabena

    Hahahaha. The excerpt from their statement sounds like something I would have written. Ok, I wouldn’t have been so kind but…

    I still say he IS part of the machine that keeps us in fear, but at least people are catching up.

    “Infowars, there’s a war on for your mind.” In this war my mind is a conscientious objector.

    • echar

      From my perspective, most of the fear transmissions come from the sources that are unexpected. I agree with you, he represents a large portion of this transmission, he’s laughing all the way to the bank, and his fans lap it up like warm milk.

    • $34266836

      The only way to win the game is not play.

  • grenouf

    Alex Jones also promoted the notorious con-artist Kevin Annett, a man who faked finding a mass grave on the Six Nations reserve in Ontario….

  • Hudson Atwell

    I love Alex Jones. I’m kind of disappointed to see this piece run on

    • Jimbo Slice

      I agree, I go to both sites plus many more and never take anything for its word… But Alex jones like disinfo usually posts his source (unless he’s on a “talk show radio host” rant..) AJ is the extreme no doubt about it but like rush Limbaugh for conservatives he has a loud voice in a silent culture… He is a bit crazy but he’s still on the side fighting the truth and freedom… He isn’t CIA or any of that nonsense (please show source) he is an entertainer and talk show radio host… Nothing more… If you veiw Alex jones words as anything more… You are not critically thinking

      • Ittabena

        Now I never said that he was CIA. But I have and will continue to post this like I am drawing a gun.

        The woman he will be yelling at is Catherine Bliesch. She is an activist from Missouri who invited Alex to come and speak at their rally in Austin. Instead of come and speak as an honored guest, this is what happened;

        As echar mentioned above, if we were seeing someone truly giving away the empires secrets we wouldn’t be seeing him much anymore. After all, most people who engage in such activity are no longer with us, and none have died from old age. Gary Webb? Two shotgun blasts to the head for his suicide.

        I also think that we are being led down the primrose path if we do not think that the intelligence community in this country would have thought of and installed a false leader (false flag) after they had so much luck in the 70s with merely infiltrating the protest groups. I mean if I could think of it, wouldn’t they also?

        As for his sources… Follow them for a little while. Follow them back and watch how many times spin has been applied generously to get him the headlines and the ratings that he needs, but also to generate the fear. Never a hint of a solution, just fear.

        Or, do a little experiment. Post something in his comment section about the Councils of Nicaea and the origin of the bible, or the resulting genocide that the Catholic Vatican visited on all those who did not fully agree with them. I have full confidence your comment will be cut rather quickly.

        The only truth Alex cares about are his ratings and DVD sales. And if anything he said was true we would all be living in FEMA camps or pushing up daisies three deep in a FEMA coffin.

        I fought long and hard to believe in Alex, but when I finally looked, he had, as Buzz says, feet of clay.

    • eric82

      maybe you should marry him

      • Juan


  • BuzzCoastin

    I don’t think I’ve heard an Alex Jones thingy in it’s entirety
    I think of him as an entertrainer
    and about the only time I am forced to consider him these daze
    is when I encounter Anti-Alex Jones stuff
    which only increases his reach & fame

    • Ittabena

      Perhaps it does. But without bumping into some of that and seeing that I had been fooled, I might be living the misery of being a Jonesie today. And it was a miserable time in my life.

      I realize that you have never fallen into this trap, but I really believed for a time that he was a good guy and on our side. From that viewpoint you tend to take what he says as true. But that belief caused me to maintain a BOB and change the future I was looking towards, and altered, for a time the way I make decisions.

      You may not see it, but to me he is clearly doing a horrible dis-service to those that trust in him to tell them the truth. He is actually working hard to make his followers more miserable every day.

      • BuzzCoastin

        I hear ya
        disinfo or “truth” in today’s info-overloaded environment
        are the flotsam & jetsam of the electric age
        I agree, it is easy to be taken in by a well-spoken huckster
        but ultimately they all have clay feet
        and knowing this
        help’s one avoid the trap

        I’ve found it best to be my own guru & investigative reporter
        I focus my energies on my own agendas
        and ignore the flotsam & jetsam as much as possible
        and try to play with it rather than take it seriously

        • Ittabena

          Are you familiar with the Chinese sign of the Dog? Well that’s me and on this subject I have been betrayed and have “turned”.

          On the other side of the ocean I am a Libra and we have the fault of considering both sides of every question, ad nauseum. Therefore, I have to consider the others who think they have found a hero, and I have to try.

          • BuzzCoastin

            never did buy into the sign thing completely
            but my signs are all very “me”
            Chinese Dragon
            Aries with Leo rising
            Maya Self-Existing White Wizard in the core
            Burmese Garuda
            so it’s hard for me to follow anyone other than myself

            an astrologer told me that without my Moon being in Pisces
            I’d be unbearable

  • BrianApocalypse

    I noticed quite a large number of ‘infowarriors’ turning against Jones and his site recently when, in a shocking turn of events, the articles published there failed to support the inevitable conspiracy theories about the recent killing of a soldier in London.

    One single deviation from the ongoing conspiricist narrative was enough for some of them to immediately declare that Infowars had sold out or become infiltrated by cointelpro.

    Seize the deviants!

    • Matt Staggs

      One of my very favorite movies.

    • Ittabena

      Unaware of the London incident. Mine comes from numerable causes. I have been on this rant for two years now. See comment to Simon for video. It is awaiting moderation at this moment by Disqus however.

  • Erik Koehn

    Wrong picture from Waking Life. That’s J.C.Shakespeare. Alex Jones is the man in the car with the PA.

    • Samuel William DeGraff

      Thank god, someone else noticed. I thought I was taking crazy pills.

    • echar

      Great catch!

    • Tom Samford

      Aw, ya beat me to it! One of my favorite films.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    I had Alex Jones on my Facebook but got so fed up by his disinformation that I unliked him. Glad to see that others are beginning to recognize him for what he is.

  • Praise Sermons

    There you go again…. jealouse of Alex Jones.

  • BrendanBabbage

    I believe he used to call David Icke “The Turd in the Punch Bowl” subtly hinting he was working for “The Controllers” reptile or non by discrediting info. Now he’s more extreme, one man’s opinion.

    • echar

      He’s the corn in the turd in the punch bowl?

  • doodahman

    What is the point of singling out Alex Jones? Is he any more inaccurate than the main stream media? If you think so, you aren’t paying any damn attention. If you haven’t been weighing everything you see and read carefully, and questioning everything anyway, just shut up, because you are sheep. Jones is just another flawed source of information like every other source of information out there outside of direct experience. So whatever. From what I’ve seen, most people are driven by emotion without the slightest regard for facts or logic anyway, and gun control was a perfect example. The rules of the road are simple, but require work, to reach understanding: consider everything, rely on nothing, draw your own conclusions based on your own experience and intuition. Do not become wedded to any fact, any position, any source or any person. That just puts Jones into the mix like all the other questionable, agenda driven sources jammed down our throats.

    • Andrew

      What would be the point of never criticizing (“singling out”) Alex Jones?

    • Ittabena

      Not singling him out. I’m lumping him in.

  • CosmicAmazing

    Not another one…

    • mcubik

      i ve got three words for you

      free speech zones

      and if that doesnt horrify you
      i suggest you put your head back
      because of course
      everything s is just


      • CosmicAmazing

        What compelled you to reply to my comment? Do you really think you are telling me something I don’t already know? You got a lot to learn sonny boy.

  • mcubik

    it s become hard not to notice that recently there has been a definite concerted

    effort to discredit alex jones and info wars in the minds of the disinformation


    i cannot help but wonder why

    is it because mr jones keeps pointing out that governments and our government in particular have used false flag operations in the past to advance

    political and economic agendas

    this is a fact

    it is not the ranting of a madman or posturing of an entertainer

    and even if mr jones has profited by this unfortunate fact

    it nevertheless is

    a fact

    why then this recent effort to discredit and disregard

    everything he has said for over 23 years when all he in effect

    has been saying

    in his own inimitable fashion

    is to

    question authority

    and never accept

    especially at first glance the official party line

    by the government or mainstream media

    question authority and let no stone lie unturned lest there be an

    unfound body beneath it

    mr jones may not be correct in his particulars

    but he is certainly correct in his gist

    i consider him to be a canary in a coal mine

    a rather shrill canary

    but at least he is making noise and attempting to warn us

    while we are being urged by those whom i never would of suspected


    quietly asphyxiate


  • so so

    I am a native of Alex’s base of operations (Austin, TX) and have been observing him since the dial-up internet days of public access TV and his public protests of biometrics at the DPS. And while I agree with the above article almost entirely, I would add that I don’t think he’s a disinfo agent in the conventional sense, but rather someone who is a passionate ideologue and a terrible communicator. Alas, he has begun to unwittingly discredit the ‘brand’ of worldview he worked so hard to propagate, kind of like George Lucas with the Star Wars prequels.

  • Obaid Karki

    Are we talking about Alex Jones the C-Theorist or the Truther? on both battle grounds he’s Hancock.

  • Aveil

    The last thing we need to worry about is “a new world order.” Indeed, it is unilateralism that is the problem, with countries like the U.S. & Israel completely ignoring international law & human rights treaties. We are also facing corporatism, with the “Citizens United” ruling, which gave corporations 14th amendment rights while allowing them to still retain all of their special rights as a corporation! How do you even define a corporation, then? IDK, other than “an abomination of justice.” But I’ve found this quote to be quite appropriate: “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism, for it represents the merger of corporate and state power.”–Benito Mussolini. In the U.S. we are also facing an admin that, while publicly saying they support an “open & transparent gov’t,” has done more to crush 1st amendment rights than any other admin, using a twisted interpretation of the 1917 Espionage Act to go after both whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, and even the journalists & publishers, like Julian Assange & Wikileaks. What was exposed were war crimes; this exposure did not lead to any casualties as the gov’t claims, and instead of those that committed these war-crimes being punished, they are going after the messenger, and the American people have again largely bought-in to the gov’t propaganda. There are plenty of real problems without inventing ones that don’t exist. I do not believe the official story of 9/11–if examined, one finds numerous holes; but, like the best lies, it is partly true, and people like Alex Jones, and the people who try to say there were no planes, make it easier for others to dismiss the enormous number of legitimate improbabilities, inconsistencies, & highly suspicious activities detailed within the official narrative–which is–despite attempts to demonize the term–by definition, a conspiracy theory, too.

  • malcolm brady

    I don’t think Alex Jones is a CIA plant, on the contrary, because he’s so close to the truth regarding subjects such as 9-11, he tends to see the possible worse case scenarios, at the risk of being considered paranoid or hyperbolic.