Jack Parsons — JPL, the Occult and L Ron Hubbard

This is a 5 minute excerpt from Science Channel series Dark Matters: Twisted but True.

Not quite the story as I know it, but damn funny.


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  • liquidself

    Was pleasantly surprised to see Parsons featured in Dark Matters.

  • echar

    This is funny, because it reminds me of the religious movies that are made.

  • BrianApocalypse

    I’d like to see a Jack Parsons cartoon adventure series.

  • Juan

    Looks like these guys had a lot of fun.

  • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

    I love this! I want to see this with the same production values writing and acting at feature length

  • trashmemory
  • Noah_Nine

    amusing…. cute even…

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