Materialism is a Prison

rainbowpentagramservitor2At some point we’re going to have to acknowledge that scientific reductionism as we practice it is no longer an adequate means of explaining reality. In fact, it’s actually sort of becoming a threat to the entire psychic eco system. There’s nowhere to turn but in my friends, but I don’t see a whole fuck of a lot of that sentiment going mainstream anytime soon. People love to shop for useless crap, but when do we start addressing issues of quality over quantity in regards to human consciousness? Where did this expansionary agenda of rampant breeding stem from in the first place? Why exactly did we feel the need to procreate out of control so rapidly? The answer lies in materialist philosophy, quite possibly implanted into our collective brainstems from afar like a catalyst. If you only believe in outwardly repeatable phenomenon, you’re probably ignoring the vast majority of your inner life. Nothing to see here. Get back to work slaves.

I’m being hyperbolic, but ultimately what I’m saying checks out. The way we view spirituality doesn’t make any fucking sense. Don’t fool yourself. Religion and the cult of science both basically drink from the same prison trough of ignoring the potentiality of altered states of consciousness. There is no value in this stuff. That’s the one viewpoint both sides have in common, and guess what, they’re both part of the problem.

Here’s why. This stuff works. I’ve tried psychedelic drugs. Worked. Blew my mind to the outer reaches of the living cosmos. Spiritual disciplines have been based around them for centuries for a reason. It ain’t just me being schizo. These chemical sense distortions lead me to try astral projection. Again. Shit gave me even more coherent experiences than the drugs. In fact, the encounters I started having with spiritual entities who apparently exist betwixt our conjoined plot lines continually shape my behavior to this day (friend me on Facebook for magick updates). Ooh, spooky forces you can’t explain, influencing the physical world you live in. You are reading this I might point out and my writing is a physical thing.

The idea that consciousness must only exist in the limited confines of a physical body is an incredibly primitive one. Let me tell you about one of the myriad encounters with the beyond that lead me to this controversial and yet ancient position. About ten years ago now, I went to bed rather drunk one night and woke up in an elevated state (surely due to my experimentation with Robert Monroe’s techniques for astral projection years earlier). I’m not sure how long this had been going on, but out of nowhere I realized I was being given a tutorial of sorts on what I can only describe as a fifth dimensional map of consequence. I was being shown by two spectral guides exactly how my actions had influenced other people’s realities in a negative or painful manner—the means by which I had aided the spread of misery and fear. Now, what’s incredibly compelling about this lesson plan is that it was laid out in a manner I wouldn’t have ever consciously conceived. Most of these things were far beyond my sensory comprehension, which is exactly what they were pointing out. So say, if I was going to brace for my judgment day, I’d probably be expecting to catch a lot of hell for how I left my one girlfriend by never coming home that night and banging that floozy. I know exactly how that feels because someone else did it to me years earlier, and there I was, pulling the same crap.

But that’s just the stuff you’re aware of. Karma runs much deeper according to them. Say you have a beer with some random person at a bar and accidentally give them terrible advice because you were pissed off and wasted. Shit’s on you. As a writer and a musician, it was even specifically pointed out to me that these creative actions can have broad, mostly imperceptible repercussions. “They” can see the wake of events your art jump starts into motion. You have to answer for these transgressions and you don’t get away with anything. Say I write a song, some guy in Poland downloads it and that somehow inspires him to take acid at Christmas dinner with his family. It ends up being the most ontologically horrifying holiday meal in human history, and the dude ends up in a mental institution. Some of the weight to that’s on me. I write an article making fun of atheism and it pisses off some panty waste kid so much he kicks his dog when he gets off work. That negative transference of energy? On me eventually. He is me. You see how this works? Not something that would have ever occurred to me consciously.

Man, if that’s how our we’re being judged on the other side, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but our society might as well be a breeding ground for arcane daemonic forces. We’re being trained to do the exact mindless crap that binds us here in endless lives of boring servitude. Some of us will never make it out. Let’s face it, isn’t this sort of what Jesus was trying to communicate to us with the golden rule? Last time I checked, he also said fun things like:

“In fact, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!”

If what these spirit teachers were telling me is of any salt, this seems fairly on point. Money inspires action. Poor people cut a far smaller karmic swath in that regard. Everyone with a high stake in the stock market is carelessly playing with the fortunes of others quite casually. Imagine being responsible for massive layoffs. God, politicians are screwed, and what about our desire for celebrity? That’s a lot to answer for if you make it there son, at least by this rationale.

What’s hilarious is that after this karmic education was going on for quite some time, I got entirely fed up. “Fuck you, if I did all this horrible stuff, then what the fuck was the point?” I demanded. “Why not just kill me assholes?” And so with that they reassuringly replied, “Oh, no, no, don’t get us wrong” and directed me to my angelic map of consequence, which towered to the sky in a column of radiant gold. By comparison, my daemonic map of suffering was an incredibly miniscule nerve of red sediment, grounding me to the lower realms.

These sort of otherworldly communiqué aren’t all together uncommon. It happens a lot to Near Death Experiencers and is often referred to as a life review in those circles. So, why haven’t we as a species seen the linguistic evolution of the golden rule? How come nobody ever talks about the fact that this didn’t just happen to Jesus, or Buddha, or Muhammed, but to millions of people throughout history. Before we had radical science freaks and Jesus nuts telling us to ignore this sort of visionary experience because it threatens their egos, people listened to those who returned from the other world. Methinks we need to start up the dialogue anew.

Everybody knows something’s off here. Everyone feels it. Our lives are hollow. There are unspeakable forces driving our expansionary agenda to its outer limits. Consumerism must die. Our body has developed, and yet, we’re not even aware of what we are at this point. Certain brain cells are starting to wake up. Others will follow.

When you confront the untold horrors we wreak on our own species and countless others in the name of unchecked economic growth, you find the darkest of humors interpenetrating it all. For what? So rich douchetards can have an eighth car? So some pop icon can sell her soul for shallow adoration because her dad walked out on her family when she was five? So some Wall Street creep can do coke off a tenth hooker’s tits in his own emotionless orgy to escape his sham marriage? I walk between worlds. I talk to planets baby. You think I’m impressed? You think Jesus is? Muhammed? Buddha?

As a human, you’re supposed to be evolving into something greater, better. On the other side, you can be galaxies fucking galaxies. Infinite contact highs and holy ecstatic cosmic unions. This is a crap job. Can’t you see that? I’m trying my best to move on up, and I’ll do that by taking your ideas down. We’re all one on this level of reality, tales interwoven by the effortless might of the Holy Spirit. I am you here. We’re all part of the same continuum of linguistic thought evolving toward telepathy.

Materialism is a prison. Our sentence is up.

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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken

27 Comments on "Materialism is a Prison"

  1. Interesting. Science is not matter, religion is not matter, but drugs are matter.

    • Sakeeta Rosen | May 9, 2013 at 10:55 pm |

      Drugs are not matter, they are just as much of an illusion as every other thing we think is physical.

      David Icke elaborates on this.

  2. WTFMFWOMG | May 3, 2013 at 2:52 pm |

    I haven’t used any major psychedelic drugs in more than 25 years, but here’s what kept getting into my mind on my once-a-year 25 mile LSD hike: Man’s material goals are stupid and trivial. The only thing that made sense was the natural world. The trees and rocks moved and spoke to me. Man is this primitive ape, pounding a stone with a hammer, thinking it is the most important activity in the world. I could not be around other people while on this kind of drug. I stopped using LSD many years ago for the “been there, done that” reason, but I sure didn’t apply what I learned, living in this material world, working at a job, a house, wife, kids… Where did I go wrong? The material world is too shiny and tempting for this ape pounding at a rock with a hammer.

  3. Sweet stuff bro. But, regarding “Poor people cut a far smaller karmic swath in that regard.” assumes that everything is quantity relative and I’m not sure about that. There’s a quality to every action– the intent, the viewpoint, the moral/amoral/immoral motivation– that might bear the karmic weight more than some total measurement of impact, which is not as much part of intent. I personally have faith that the “reckoning” factor is far more personal, and more personally directed, by a higher spiritual being which, for shits and giggles, I’ll call the Christ. In other words, have the right intention– which in this context means to submit one’s will to that of the higher spiritual being– and you can get a pass for past bad acts. Some folks call it dying in oneself and being reborn in that higher being. Maybe that sounds crazy, but, it’s where my hallucinauting has led me. Cheers and keep up the excellent work.

  4. emperorreagan | May 3, 2013 at 3:08 pm |

    I think the important thing is to be active, not passive. Explore and experiment. You have to navigate your own consciousness, no matter what its “true nature” may ultimately be.

  5. Alan Morse Davies | May 3, 2013 at 4:12 pm |

    Perhaps if you could articulate this on your own terms based on your own thinking and experience I could agree but you went shopping. You were materialistic for ideas, you gathered the ideas of others, bound them together with spit and laid them out on a mat with a few candles laid around.

    You presented your shopping cart of thought and to me it just seems really sad and lazy, sorry. There’s no original thought in what you have said and that’s a disservice to you.

    Oh, Weetabix.

  6. “Where did this expansionary agenda of rampant breeding stem from in the first place? Why exactly did we feel the need to procreate out of control so rapidly? The answer lies in materialist philosophy”

    See and i always thought procreation got out of control because sex feels great. But nope you explained it for me, thanks.

    • the two explanations are not necessarily nor necessarily possibly mutually exclusive 🙂

      procreation in book Lord of Souls and Infernal City
      ftw (: <3

    • Sakeeta Rosen | May 9, 2013 at 10:54 pm |

      Umm no its because people are SLUTS AND WHORES just like the person who wrote this article(:

      Sex is meant to be between two people who are in love, period, end of story.
      Threesomes and all that bullshit is DISGUSTING

  7. I remember when disinfo was a great source of critical thinking and thought provoking articles. Now it is infested with this psuedoscientific non sense. If anything paranormal could be demonstrated in a controlled setting science would give it a fair listen.

  8. Fucking ridiculous! “Psychic eco system”? What the heck could they possibly mean by that? Without modern science these people would not have a computer to blog on. We owe the destruction of superstition and the dark ages to the advent of modern knowledge.

    “Expansionary agenda of rampant breeding”? This is also ridiculously stupid. It has been, hands down, the religious institutions which have enslaved sexuality and instituted a supremacy for it’s patriarchs.

    There exists not a single shred of evidence to support this assertion for a reality other than this physical material one. Hallucinations, day dreams, dogmas, and superstitions/ idle speculations about the afterlife or the nature of the soul, are not good enough. No amount of anecdotal evidence, or priestly explanation can lend credibility to any of these postulations.

    The only people making such claims are religious folks, crazy nuts, and hippy dippy new age goofs. The only evidence they offer is crazy tales of heaven and hell, and their own experiential hallucinatory journeys involving aliens, angels, OBE’s, and whatever else.

  9. “The way we view spirituality doesn’t make any fucking sense. Don’t fool yourself. Religion and the cult of science both basically drink from the same prison trough of ignoring the potentiality of altered states of consciousness. There is no value in this stuff. That’s the one viewpoint both sides have in common, and guess what, they’re both part of the problem.”

    Cult of science? Excuse me but without this cult of science we wouldn’t have medicine, computers, education, etc. I think you owe a lot to this cult of science. To compare it with religion, is asinine. Growth usually happens in spite of religion, and not because of it. Incidentally, your own hippy dippy sentiments find their origins in religious thinking. For you to say that religion discounts “inner experiences” is absolutely crazy. Most religions started as a result of people having some sort of “inner experience” and declaring it to be of the utmost significance.

    “The idea that consciousness must only exist in the limited confines of a physical body is an incredibly primitive one.”

    Are you kidding me?? The most primitive ideas involve theories about demons and spirits controlling things like illness, and the weather. If you ask me, it’s a far more “primitive” notion to subscribe existence to some kind of divine or intelligent force.

    My apologies to the author of this piece (of shit), but i’m not impressed hearing about your “totally radical and enlightening experiences with, like ghosts and alien spirits and shit!” Big whoop. You did some drugs and hallucinated. You discovered that meditation and other stuff can produce similar results. Now just because you day dreamed that you had a nice lovely time and saw god, doesn’t mean it really happened. Show me the proof. Throughout history we have a lot of people asserting this stuff based on only their subjective experiences. Not one shred of proof. And we have even more reason to think it’s entirely natural and explainable with modern neurological science.

    I wish the author could see that this sort of baseless speculation and superstition is the entire reason religion sprung up in the first place. It’s become a fad for these stoner hipsters to wax poetical about the evils of science after watching the matrix movies one too many times. I’m not impressed, really. I don’t think there is a war on consciousness any more than a war on christmas.

    I’ve used drugs in the past, and I believe they have some potential, when handled in the right environment, and by the right professionals. Articles like this one, and the hoards of hippies who leave comments like I’ve seen here, are not doing any good to advance the argument for scientific credibility.

    “No man, it’s like the matrix man, we’re living in a dream man. Your really a brain in a vat dude. Corporations and money is evil. And GMO’s, man. They are like so bad, like for real.”

    • and also without the cult of science we wouldn’t have weapons of mass destruction, mass pollution, mass starvation, and that familiar ennui of modern life.

  10. BuzzCoastin | May 3, 2013 at 8:24 pm |

    the present level of US consumerism is a blessing & a curse

    thanks to US consumerism
    you can get everything you need to go off the grid for about $50K
    the US is the only country I know of
    where you can easily & quickly obtain everything you need to go off the grid

    for example in China, where they make all that stuff
    it’s hard to buy, more expensive and because of their infrastructure & culture
    more difficult to implement

    so rather than bemoaning consumerism
    use it to your advantage to go off the grid while it lasts

    • it doesn’t take 50k to go off the grid and plenty of people in other countries(quite poor, by the way) live off the grid and some fairly comfortably, too.

      • BuzzCoastin | May 4, 2013 at 6:52 pm |

        right, you can go off the grid with zero bucks
        but not comfortably
        and it’s unrealistic & unnecessary for an American
        who lives in the most convenient circumstances possible

        • to each his own.
          but more power to ya, dude.
          i’d encourage anyone to tune in, turn on, n drop out.

    • Will Coles | May 5, 2013 at 4:44 pm |

      The main problem in a lot of countries is how long you’re allowed to go ‘off the grid’ for. Council/community taxes still apply regardless of how far bush you’ve gone & if you don’t pay them they take your property. If you become a role model for bucking the system they’ll do all they can to neutralise you & your message.

      Plus consumerism is wrecking the environment, whether you try to stop it or hide off the grid. They can dam & flood the valley you live in, put a motorway through your land, put a (constantly fracturing) pipeline through it or frack under it. These are all components of consumerist capitalism.

      • BuzzCoastin | May 5, 2013 at 9:21 pm |

        being free is not without it’s challenges
        but there are still out of the way places left

        thinking that there is no way out
        is a program you learned in school
        knowing you have a way out comes by doing

  11. Rhoid Rager | May 3, 2013 at 10:35 pm |

    Materialism is a powerful idea–so powerful, that we forget that it actually doesn’t reflect our material reality at all. In one sense of the word (the colloquial kind, perhaps) I may be materialistic and covet a material item, but what am I really after? The item or my status in the mind of others that I assume goes with it? If the former, then why not settle for a functional car, rather than a sporty one? If the latter, why call it materialism at all?

    But in some circumstances ‘materialism’ feels like we can’t do without it–like mine, right now, for example. The bank is foreclosing on my house and my family and I have to vacate by June 1. This has been a slow build up, but it’s about to reach a crescendo. We will vacate, but we’ve decided to abscond to another country to avoid paying the debt. For those of you who are familiar with me, you can probably guess where fairly easily. In my case, I have three young children, and in many others in a similar situation, the material exerts an unavoidable influence over the decisions we make. I understand my particular situation as a very small puzzle piece in a larger tapestry of human misery spreading around the world due to the idea of materialism. But until EVERYONE–including the sheriff who will come to physically remove me from my home, if I were to stay–understands that material reality is not what forms Us, then there will be no Shift in perspective.

    It is crucially important that we invest our time as clear thinking people in working to bring others around. This is the only way. We cannot do it by ourselves. The species is a single organism, and It must shift together. Unfortunately, it seems like there has to be a lot of pain before that will happen.

    But what materialism is not the prison–it’s the liberator.

  12. The Well Dressed Man | May 4, 2013 at 1:07 am |

    Mr McKraken, I wish you the best in your ongoing vision quest. You’re asking some good questions. Perhaps the answers are in fact very close at hand. Just because lowest-common-denominator consumerism debases our physical environment doesn’t mean matter is merely base. Similarly,even if there is a purely material basis for life and consciousness, this takes away nothing from the meaning and importance of life and thought. What if spirit and matter are in fact the same thing?

  13. You’re talking about religion, which is…uh….the Opium of the Masses. Guaranteed to keep you docile and confused, dedicated to fantasy while the plutocracy nails you to the wall.

  14. We’re being trained to do the exact mindless crap that binds us here in endless lives of boring servitude. Some of us will never make it out. ”
    this is nearly exactly how the ancient gnostcs would have explained material reality

  15. Todd Goninon | Sep 9, 2013 at 6:16 am |

    Thanks, Thad. An interesting discussion of the “karmic ripple effect”.

    I agree that scientific materialism is too narrow to provide the explanatory power we need to explain our own lives and the experience of others, such as Monroe.

    We need to enlarge our model of the universe to provide the spaciousness we need to understand and live fully.

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