Matt Drudge, Alex Jones & Barack Obama Entangled In The Great Ammo Conspiracy

Bullets 270 SierraGrace Wyler dissects the conspiracy theory about federal ammunition hoarding for VICE:

Last month, conservative blogger Matt Drudge tweeted that he predicts 2013 will be the “year of Alex Jones,” the conspiracy theorist extraordinaire who most recently made headlines by suggesting that the Boston Marathon bombings were a “false flag” attack perpetrated by the FBI.

Drudge has a point. As the leading purveyor of New World Order conspiracies, Jones has a growing Internet following of casual fearmongers who see nefarious government intrigue in the most mundane bureaucratic chores (e.g. water fluoridation), and believe it’s only a matter of time before we are all living in FEMA concentration camps.

To the average person, this looks like lunacy. But is it all just conspiratorial blather? Or is there any truth to what Alex Jones and his fanboys are selling?

Mostly, the ideas are just nuts. But the most recent conspiracy theory du jour—that the government is stockpiling ammunition for an eventual showdown with the American people—has been surprisingly resilient.

The theory first began circulating last year, when the Infowars crowd noticed that the Department of Homeland Security had put in a procurement request for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition—a surprisingly large number of bullets, even by a normal person’s estimation.

DHS has tried to quell the rumor-mongering, assuring Congress that the bullets are primarily used for training purposes. A DHS spokesman told Republican House investigators last month that the department wasn’t actually planning on buying all 1.6 billion bullets, and that the ammo would be spread over 70,000 agents over five years. In a letter to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) last November, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that DHS plans to buy around $37 million worth of ammo in 2013, which, based on past year’s expenses, would amount to around 100 million rounds. She also pointed out that the department has actually marginally decreased its ammunitions purchases over the last few years…

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27 Comments on "Matt Drudge, Alex Jones & Barack Obama Entangled In The Great Ammo Conspiracy"

  1. Charlie Primero | May 16, 2013 at 11:17 am |

    “…mundane bureaucratic chores (e.g. water fluoridation),” That was awesome. 🙂

  2. I remember when this started – was a Jonesie at that time, have even spoken to Rob Dew (the guy in the video at VICE) over the phone – and Alex said loooooong time ago that Clinton had done this. At the time he said that it had been purchased for the foreign troops stationed here to take over. He even noted that the caliber was not one we used but belonged in the pistols that U.N. troops carried.

    So, I guess we are to assume this is a new purchase, since now we are talking about rifle ammo.

    As far as the purchase of ammo by Americans… I work across the street from our local gun shop and he is having trouble keeping ammo on the shelves.. The owner’s one employee is a former police chief from a nearby township and he often wears a Homeland Security polo shirt at work. Knowing most of the customers from their visiting my store, I can state pretty confidently that the majority of them have never heard anything about this Gov. ammo purchase. There is a percentage who have, but they are definitely in the minority.

    Most of the gun and ammo purchases – he is having a record year on both – are due to all the talk of gun control, nothing more was needed. In fact, the owner has told me that he wished they’d talk about it all the time. He likes the business and doesn’t believe it has a chance to succeed.

    There probably is a big purchase of ammo being made, but to connect it solely and directly with worry about Federal ammo purchases and FEMA camps is incorrect.

    • whats the problem? they have drones and tanks, who cares if they have a fee extra bullets? (as if they don’t have a shit-load of them already). I think you touched on what this is really all about it your comment. Making people afraid enough to run out and support the gun manufactures and munitions dealers. Record year you say? I’m sure the gun-shop owner is sitting pretty on a mountain of cash.

      • Oh, I agree. Besides, the best way to get a bunch of Americans to do something is to tell them that they soon won’t be able to. We’re pretty child like that way, well a lot of ways really.

  3. ⚔Christophuh⚔ | May 16, 2013 at 11:59 am |

    Oh its all just a “conspiracy theory” because its impossible for powerful people to be criminally corrupt. I dont think i like this site anymore.

    • CosmicAmazing | May 16, 2013 at 12:48 pm |

      The article is from Vice, not Disinfo. It was posted on Disinfo so that people here could discuss it and express their own opinions about the issue. I’m sure your opinion aligns with others here as well. As I’m sure many others will disagree with your opinion. You should love this site because it allows you to express how YOU feel about the issue, and for the most part, uncensored.

      • Thanks Cosmic, that’s exactly right. In addition to the fact that the substance of this post is from VICE and I merely linked to it so that our excellent commenters could offer their views, visitors to disinformation should expect contradictory posts and opinions from a variety of contributors, many of whom would not want to be in the same room as one another.

      • ⚔Christophuh⚔ | May 16, 2013 at 4:01 pm |

        ok ive calmed down a bit. thanks for the perspective.

    • .

  4. mannyfurious | May 16, 2013 at 12:10 pm |

    Can someone explain to me why a government with drones, tanks, fighter jets, submarines, etc. , would need to stockpile bullets if it wanted to go to war with its own citizens?

    Furthermore, if the government supposedly has this conspiracy in place, why is it so difficult to pass the most mundane of gun laws in this country? If they really wanted to win a ware with its own people, it would do well to dis-arm its citizens. And if they had any real desire to dis-arm its citizens, it already would’ve happened. There’s an incongruency to these stories that people refuse to see. Either the conspiracy is powerful enough to force whatever it wants to happen, or it’s not. It can’t really be both.

    Furthermore: Are we really expecting U.S. soldiers, people who were born and raised in this land, with relatives and loved ones spread all across the landscape of this country, to willingly open fire on its people? We expect there to not a be a single mutiny in the ranks? If it took as much of an effort as it did to convince people to attack the brown folks in Iraq, how much more would it take to convince us to attack ourselves? This is fucking stupid.

    Furthermore: Conspiracy theories of this nature (and I do believe there are real conspiracies, they just get ignored because they’re not as “exciting” for whatever reason to the conspiracy nuts) are popular because they help people to feel important. When you have a bunch of people who feel dis-empowered or marginalized, for whatever reason (and really, these are mostly white males from middle class backgrounds–i.e. amongst the least marginalized population in the history of the planet), they like to feel important anyway they can. It just so happens that a few of them like to feel important by believing they are the only one smart enough and brave enough to identify the imaginary goings-on of fascist, insidious, radical government.

    The tragic irony of course being that the government IS involved in fascist, insidious acts, but those acts are ignored for these astoundingly stupid ideas that make absolutely no sense. That’s the saddest part of these things. That there really are conspiracies and acts being perpetrated by those in power that weaken us as a nation and as a people, but instead of spending precious time and energy on any of those real issues, we’re stuck with our thumbs up our asses thinking the government is looking to go to war with its own people. Who, let me remind you, have given those in power everything they wanted in the first place. Why would they want to go to war with a group of people who are actively complacent in the conspiracy to funnel endless money and power into the hands of the few? There’s absolutely no need for it. All they have to do is wave a few flags, spout a few platitudes about “freedom,” “democracy,” “pratiotism” and the citizens give these assholes whatever the hell they want. Everyone knows Mitt Romney pays a tax rate that is half what we all pay, and…. And… And what? It’s only a matter of time before his ilk are paying a third of what we pay. It’s the trickle down effect, remember. The more money these geeks make, the more we’re supposed to. Even though the numbers prove beyond any doubt that that is false. The gap between the haves and havenots continues to grow, and we continue to give them more, because… “capitalism is American” or some shit.

    Again, where is the need for violent acts against its people?

    When dumbfuck conspiracy theories are taken more seriously than the real conspiracies, the assholes have already won. Don’t we understand that? Theirs is not a war of the body, or of territory or of populace. Theirs is a war of propaganda and legislation. And they’ve won the war. When the assholes control the message and control the law, there is no need for physical violence. They control our minds. Not with ESP and various other imaginary mind-control methods, but with language and symbols and media.

    Quite frankly, the people who give doofuses like Alex Jones and others of his cut any attention are just as guilty of falling for the okey-doke as everyone they claim to be superior to.

    What a fucking joke.

  5. Chaos_Dynamics | May 16, 2013 at 12:34 pm |

    Cleaner Fish.

    Wiki: Cleaner fish are fish that provide a service to other fish species by removing dead skin and ectoparasites.

    This cleaning symbiosis is an example of mutualism, an ecological interaction that benefits both parties involved, though cleaning may grade into parasitism.

    Thus explaining a multitude of considerations.

    • That would, of course, explain the high crime rate in poor areas of the country – eating unwashed fish. :>}

      In college my Ecology professor and adviser liked to make classification of things more descriptive and expansive because he opined, ” Biology is, primarily,a qualifying (descriptive) science – much can’t be quantified”.

      Mutualism for example he subdivided into a number of subdivision, like obligate mutualism, opportunistic mutualism, asymmetrical mutualism…..and beyond.

      ….I have no idea where I’m going with this…sooo..buh-bye

  6. Just a thought…you’ll see plenty of gun lobbyist fodder about govt purchases of ammo and weapons touted as reason to fear an attack on Americans…used as an explanation as to why you too should stock up on weapons and ammo. Does anyone else find it curious that the same Yay!Guns! lobbies were the ones who pressed congress to buy all that ammo and gear in the first place?

    Yeah…we’re being played from both directions to create a domestic arms race…and only the manufacturers win.

    • Calypso_1 | May 16, 2013 at 1:47 pm |

      Kind of like divorce attorneys.

    • InfvoCuernos | May 17, 2013 at 3:55 am |

      My thoughts exactly. If you want the price of something to go up, you make everyone think its in short supply, which is what the whole b.s. story about the govt buying ammo up in the first place was for. Now the prices I’m seeing are double what I paid a little over a year ago. They’re using the same tactic they use with gasoline. Just one more example of how there aren’t really two parties, but just two sides of the same coin.

  7. namvetted68 | May 16, 2013 at 2:44 pm |

    You can also thank the lazy cable news media that needs to fill time in between commercials for beer, cars, and male enhancement products. They helped this story along quite nicely.

  8. The real conspiracy is the fact that so many people are running out to buy guns and ammo in the wake of all this fear mongering. How many people will read this and go buy a gun because they are worried they won’t be able to if evil obama has his way?

    If this was a real conspiracy, we wouldn’t have known about it. That’s what a conspiracy is. This is just some bull shit fear mongering to get a rise out of those libertarian nut jobs who want another civil war.

    If i was the government, i’d be watching those people too. It’s dangerous subversive and diversionary to have a group of us who really believes that another civil war is coming. Why can’t we do the obvious thing and just take advantage of the great political system we have? If people weren’t so complacent we could take the power back. It’s our own fault things have gotten so shitty.

    • ⚔Christophuh⚔ | May 16, 2013 at 4:06 pm |

      not trying to be a dick, but….”If this was a real conspiracy, we wouldn’t have known about it. That’s what a conspiracy is. ”
      Thats bullshit. A conspiracy is when more than one person plan a crime.
      I guess it pisses me off because the term is used to ridicule people, and is becoming synonymous with “Crazy Nutjob Theory”.

    • CosmicAmazing | May 16, 2013 at 4:16 pm |

      – “Why can’t we do the obvious thing and just take advantage of the great political system we have?”

      Great political system? What! Where? Do you really think our system is working?

      Corruption is the primary driver in our government.

      A civil war is not what people want. However, due to the continuous erosion of our rights, it might become an inevitability. Historically the path from a free society to an all out tyranny is slow and goes mostly unnoticed, until it’s just too late. 🙁

      • If the political system isn’t so great anymore, it’s our own fault. We fell asleep at the helm. This really is the greatest nation in the world, and it’s built on theoretically sound principles. If anyone’s exploiting it, it’s because we let them. It’s funny how everyone wants to bitch and blame someone but no one wants to take any responsibility. Americans in general don’t want to stop those from seizing power because on some level we don’t want our own potential to seize it for ourselves being threatened. We could stop these bankers and industrialists, but we don’t because we’d gladly take their place. Are we really upset because we feel screwed, or are we just jealous that it isn’t us? I think that if given the opportunity most americans would screw each other over just as bad as we’ve been screwed over. Apparently it’s the american dream! No wonder we seem powerless to stop it, it’s because we don’t want to.

  9. “I think you’re just trying to justify your inflated budgets! I know how it works! If you don’t spend the projected amount this year, you don’t get the same amount next year!” -D-FENS

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