McDonald’s Hamburger Looks The Same After Sitting Out For 14 Years

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  1. Lee Camp, I like your thinking, Lee Camp.

  2. A regular, homemade hamburger will behave exactly the same way, if you let it dry out (this has been tested). Whether a burger rots is a question of how much moisture is present.

    “Supersize Me” was a movie about a guy deliberately overeating in order to make a salable film and, like the myth of the non-decomposing burger, has been thoroughly debunked. I wouldn’t recommend it, but you can actually maintain a healthy body weight by eating McDonald’s every day if you exercise some portion control.

    Not everyone who eats at McDonald’s is riding around on a mobility scooter, stuffing their face with processed food in between sessions of reality TV. I’m not saying that their food is healthy, or defending their factory farming practices, but I find that rants like this one say more about the speaker’s elitist self-image than they say about fast food.

  3. CosmicAmazing | May 30, 2013 at 9:12 am |

    I like that you bring many subjects to light which are not discussed regularly. However, this particular McDonalds hamburger experiment has been known for like, ever. It’s also been posted on disinfo once or twice, or more. Keep up the good work Lee, but try to be more inventive.

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