Molested: My Unlawful Encounter With TSA

3253293070_molestedbytsa_xlargeDid you know you have every right to refuse not only the naked body scanners, but any invasive pat down of your physical body?  You do not have to consent to such violations of your natural rights (which supersede political rights).  Intrepid activist Clint Richardson recounts his molestation at the hands of the TSA and his plans to hold accountable and sue every officer who acted outside of the authority granted by law as individuals.

As I entered the line for the security and “screening” area of the Salt Lake City Airport on April 27th, 2013, I decided that it was time to stand up for my natural rights as a lawful man. I decided not to offer my willing consent that any TSA officer might presume as to my willingness or legal duty to be either irradiated in a full-body scanner or be patted down by any agent of government or its security guards (police) without first being shown probable cause or reasonable suspicion that I have committed a regulated commercial or criminal act, and to show any law that gave that officer or security guard authority to do so despite my lack of voluntary consent.

I arrived at the Salt Lake City airport almost two hours early, surprised to find the “security checkpoint” line almost empty of citizens eagerly waiting for their chance to be scanned and touched inappropriately by these TSA “agents” – employees of a government corporation. Whereas in my previous flying experiences I would refuse the full-body scanner but give my unwilling but seemingly necessary consent to a full body pat down just so that I could catch my flight on time, on this day I felt that it was time to make a stand for my own rights and that of others traveling this supposedly free land with the right to the uninhibited freedom of “travel.” Ironically, the very people in that line that I was trying to help see the truth of our collective tyrannical disposition turned out to be among my staunchest detractors! And I wondered what it must have felt like to be Rosa Parks on the back of that bus, refusing to give up her seat and sitting for her own rights and for that of all people, not just her own color. How difficult must it have been for her to listen to the jeering and insults around her?

I was soon to find out…


  • Tuna Ghost

    The TSA is likely the most incompetent government agency in recent memory, certainly. To quote a better writer than I, the TSA couldn’t find a terrorist if it opened a car-bomb store.

    Nevertheless, I think perhaps drawing a comparison to Rosa Parks is not going to do anything helpful

  • BuzzCoastin

    most sheeple don’t get this as a infringement of civil rights
    because most of them never had any rights to begin with
    I had one 75 year old “liberal” tell me
    “I like knowing I’m secure when I fly.”
    as he downed another gulp of processed food

    • jiggawutt

      And yet you let the doorman at the bar pat you down before you enter a concert without protest.

      • BuzzCoastin

        no, I’m not that stupid to go the sheeple fests
        nor would I pay or even go anywhere for entertrainment
        that requires they grope me on the way in
        unless of course
        I was going to that kind of sex party

      • Apathesis

        They never seem to find my screwdriver.

        • Tuna Ghost

          Not where YOU hide it, they don’t.

          • Apathesis

            You mean my front pocket on the right hand side?

        • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

          They always find my harmless contraband on my RETURN flight.

  • DrDavidKelly

    Well good luck in court. It’s seems kind of obvious to me that if you were really serious about bringing down an airliner or whatever that you’d be a little more savvy than to hide a pair of scissors in your coat. I don’t know about the US but whenever I fly out of Australia you go through the metal detector (we don’t have pat downs or full body scanners thankfully) into a vast shopping complex full of perfume stores, high end fashion, cafes, bars etc. If I wanted to get myself a bomb or a gun onto a plane I would be thinking about store stock, an inside man and a whole raft of other clever stuff that had nothing to do with being scanned at the front door. If you were really keen on terrorising it could be done. The fact that no airliners have been hijacked recently has more to do with willingness than it does with this so-called extra security.

  • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

    This guy sounds like one of those sovereign citizen nut-jobs. They’re always spouting off navel commerce law and using quotation marks where they don’t belong. Such writing is abjectly delusional.

    I’m not saying people don’t have the rights these people claim. It’s just that we don’t live in the dimension were laws synch with rights. Laws are made by the powerful to control their property. You have owners. They own you. That – is the law. Deal with it.

    • Rhoid Rager

      My interpretation of the Freeman and sovereigntists’ claims is that they are not doing it for the benefit of somehow wresting legal control of the situation from the authorities, but to chip away at a larger propaganda-induced public perspective that law is iron-clad non-manipulable, based on a solid foundation of moral truth, and consistent (as in non-contradictory). Now to carry out this larger goal of deconstructing the public perspective of law, they are having to throw a lot of people under the bus in various situations that crop up on social media sites. But it’s not as if these people don’t know what they’re getting themselves into–on the contrary, they seem to have a firm understanding of tyranny and its implications for everyone. Perhaps their various sovereignty-asserting situations are initiated because they, themselves, cannot bear the glaring inconsistencies in moral logic they see in the world. Cops are having to spread memos around now on how to handle those situations. It might as well be all part of a larger plan of human resistance brewing.

      And, the concept of ownership is firmly vested in law. To concede that one is owned is to also concede that the legal framework to establish such ownership is even coherent and objectively applicable. A quick journey through the Hamptons, and then on to skidrow would quell any doubts that the ‘law’ is in anyway universally applicable. When there are people that act _as if_ they aren’t owned by not complying with economic and political regulations (the law)–as can be seen to various degrees in both of my examples–then they have proven for others willing to observe that there never was any such thing as the ‘law’.

      • kowalityjesus

        “Cops are having to spread memos around now on how to handle those situations. It might as well be all part of a larger plan of human
        resistance brewing.”

        cops…like the Borg adapting… resistance is futile. Luke Rudkowski is an innoculator for anti-statist resistance; once it will be necessarily more widely adopted, they will have programed countermeasures. :(

      • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

        Perhaps you are correct. They certainly sound detached from physical reality, but I’m willing to consider that as a form of protest. Of course, what the powerful really fear is wholescale rejection of the “rule of law” which, you are correct, requires a deconstruction – or loss of faith through civil collapse. I think the latter is more likely because people won’t be given an option. It’s amazing what people will do to maintain a comfortable illusion.

    • Ted Heistman

      I don’t have an owner, maybe you do. Like I said before,if I ever were to be convinced that I don’t own myself, I would then steal myself. I hate fucking flying though because of these assholes.

      • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

        Whatever helps you sleep at night. The whole point of the ‘legal’ and ‘economic’ window dressing is to make everyone feel better about it. Chattel slavery was so unrefined that many people did run away. Passports and the TSA make sure (most) the livestock don’t wander off the farm, unaccounted for.

        • Ted Heistman

          You don’t ever witness people doing whatever the fuck they want? Riding the rails? Painting graffiti? Squatting if foreclosed houses? Getting High? Giving false info to census takers? ripping tags off mattresses? Bringing 16 items to the express check out?



          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

            I haven’t seen people leave their minimum wage jobs and start an autonomous collective on emancipated farm land. I haven’t seen a wide scale tax revolt. I haven’t seen soldiers refuse orders and change military policy oversees.

            I have seen children throw tantrums in the grocery store. I’ve seen how much change that brings about in the substantive world.

          • Ted Heistman

            what would be “emancipated farm land”?

            I agree those would be nice things to see. I’m for ’em.

          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

            Read: stolen (according to property laws).

          • Ted Heistman

            I heard about a transvestite named “Tranny Granny” that cultivates indigenous root vegetables on public land.

          • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

            I really like this line: “Of course such an action does, mathematically, “make a difference”, but it is not a difference that makes a difference.” I think it’s author understands the point I’ve been trying to make on this forum. A leaky bucket can still work for its purpose. And empire is working all too well to feel good about symbolic gestures.

            TG sounds like an awesome person. Looking for that book now. Thanks for sharing that.

          • Ted Heistman
      • Andrew

        If you don’t have an owner, then you are not your owner. And if you have the inherent right to ownership, I don’t see why you’d need to own yourself in order to have other inherent rights.

        • Ted Heistman

          If you aren’t a mineral you must be a vegetable. And if you are a vegetable you can be made into a smoothie. I don’t see why you couldn’t put a little fruit in that smoothie also. Apple combines well with veggies in a smoothie.

          • Andrew

            I don’t follow your analogy.

          • Ted Heistman

            EXACTLY! same logic. makes absolutely no sense. By asserting that no one owns me you think you just PROVED I don’t own myself? That’s like me asserting you are not a mineral proves you are a vegetable.

            Why wouldn’t I own myself? Who else wipes my ass everyday and feeds me?

    • Clint Richardson

      Thank you for your perfect Strawman argument and Ad Hominem attack!

      Your use of fallacy is beyond repose…

      But you expose your lack of knowledge on the subject (no doubt the reason for your fallacious attack) by using the phrase “sovereign citizen”. A simple logical assessment of this phrase reveals that as a “sovereign”, one would not be able to be a “citizen”. A sovereign cannot by default be a citizen without giving up his sovereignty. Thus, your use of this paradoxical oxymoron reveals your fallacious disposition.

      Consent is voluntary, and cannot be forced. In a rape case, a woman might agree to be raped to save herself from being injured or killed. This is not consent, for it was not voluntary. Thus, under duress, it was rape.


      The nut-job who was molested…

      -Clint Richardson-

      • Tuna Ghost

        you’re not actually calling what happened to you rape, are you? That is going to damage your cause worse than comparing yourself to Rosa Parks.

      • Bluebird_of_Fastidiousness

        Imagine my surprise when the strawman spoke! How about a little fire scarecrow?

        My phallusious assertions are guided by no less than my well-informed opinion. I looked up the term to assure my memory was not in error. I apologize for using a term the FBI and IRS have codifies. Any term in their lexicon is surely slander. The nut-job part stands though.

        Fact is, flying is a regulated commercial activity. So even by you’re strange and arbitrary ‘legal’ standards, they have the right to grope you in exchange for your personhood’s transportation. If you don’t like it, don’t partake in the miracle of human flight.

        • Ted Heistman

          I gotta upvote that Louie CK!

          Still, I hate the fucking TSA. We should all have our own planes by now.

        • Camron Wiltshire

          So let me get this straight. A “commercial” activity once regulated violates sovereign rights through participation. What of the 4th amendment, do you not have a right to travel freely without undue search and seizure? It is simply a matter of people asserting their rights, sadly many are unwilling to go through the hassle to remind the tyrants and their minions that they’ve no real authority to violate said rights, regardless of what legal trick knots they’ve constructed.

      • Camron Wiltshire

        Thank you for posting here @clintrichardson:disqus. Would love to have you comment here more often. Let me know if you would be willing to engage here more often. Best wishes.

  • Xaiver Buchs IV

    If one guy resists he gets abused. If two resist they get detained. If we all resisted they’d have to stop the nonsense or shut down the airlines.

    • Eric_D_Read

      If if was a fifth we could all get drunk.