Pakistan’s Likely Prime Minister Vows To Shoot Down U.S. Drones

imran khan

Drone wars to come? PolicyMic reports:

In the lead up to Pakistan’s general election on May 11, former cricket star-turned-politician Imran Khan has again vowed to shoot down American drones if elected. Given that most polls show Khan ahead of Nawaz Sharif (previously thought to be the favorite), there is a very real chance that Khan will become Prime Minister.

Drone strikes have increased dramatically under President Obama, and while Pakistan has always been publicly opposed to attacks conducted by the CIA, the possibility of a prime minister who has promised to shoot down the drones could make things very awkward for the U.S.

Khan has long been a fierce critic of the U.S. drone war in Pakistan, leading anti-drone protests and even being removed from a plane and detained by U.S. immigration officials on a trip to New York last year. According to Khan, he was “interrogated on [his] views on drones” while he was detained.

  • Hadrian999

    Pakistan would be completely within their rights to do so. The prevailing attitude among the U.S. ruling class that the the U.S. holds authority to regulate every other nation on earth needs to end

    • Liam_McGonagle

      Yeah, but you know how this works.

      Khan will totally change his tune when the CIA offers to cooperate with him in black ops and use the drones to monitor/harrass his political rivals. He might continue to talk big publicly, but he’ll be quietly givin’ a big ol’ wink and nod to drones anyhow.

      Politicians are the same the world over. Elections are won by making promises, not by fulfilling them.

      • Hadrian999

        on a side note Khan recently had an “accident”

  • Will Coles

    It would be difficult for the US to justify any action against Khan or the Pakistan government were he to do this. The media has failed to cover the issue of using drones to attack people in foreign countries such as the breaking of international laws. Not that it makes any difference in the eyes of US citizens but he is right & has the law behind him.

  • BuzzCoastin

    he’s got the approach all wrong
    just tell Uncle Homeland that Pakistan will be operating drones in Der Homeland
    to make Pakistan more secure from terrorism
    and see how Big Homey likes that

  • Haystack

    How is it that his encounter with the TSA didn’t assure him of America’s even-handedness and good will towards other cultures?

  • John C. Randolph

    Until and unless the US congress declares war on Pakistan, any use of weapons by American forces in Pakistan without the consent of the Pakistani government is a war crime.

  • The Well Dressed Man

    Begun, the Drone war has.