Pope Francis Allegedly Performs Exorcism During Sunday Mass In Rome

pope francisHigh-ranking Vatican exorcist Gabriele Amorth, featured in the Disinformation film Exorcist in the 21st Century, proudly declares that the new pope’s use of prayer to expel demons from a visiting Mexican man constitutes a proper exorcism, ABC News reports:

Pope Francis’ fascination with the devil took on remarkable new twists Tuesday, with a well-known exorcist insisting Francis helped “liberate” a Mexican man possessed by four different demons despite the Vatican’s insistence that no such papal exorcism took place.

The case concerns a 43-year-old husband and father who traveled to Rome from Mexico to attend Francis’ Mass on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square. Francis blessed several wheelchair-bound faithful as he always does, including the man, [who was] possessed by the devil. Francis laid his hands on the man’s head and recited a prayer. The man heaved deeply a half-dozen times, shook, then slumped in his wheelchair.

The images, broadcast worldwide, prompted the television station of the Italian bishops’ conference to declare that according to several exorcists, there was “no doubt” that Francis either performed an exorcism or a simpler prayer to free the man from the devil.

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth, a leading exorcist for the diocese of Rome, told RAI state radio that even a short prayer, without the full rite of exorcism being performed, is in itself a type of exorcism.

  • CosmicAmazing

    Watch it with your own eyes.


    • Rex Vestri

      Looks like the guy just shot a big load into his underwear.
      Somebody give the man a towel!

      • CosmicAmazing

        That’s why they make Depend’s. 😉

    • InfvoCuernos

      Seems legit.

  • CosmicAmazing

    I have exorcised the demons!


  • echar

    Can we expect more gimmicks like this?

    • Kane VonDoom

      Just wait til they unveil his Tag-Team partner…

      • echar

        The devil?

        • Juan


    • InfvoCuernos

      Wouldn’t that be awesome? If they started faking up miracles and “discovering” relics to bolster waning interest, how entertaining that would be, and better than hearing about all those troublesome fondlings.

      • echar

        MOAR miracles!

      • ParanoidCoast

        Gotta have an angle to draw in the punters.

  • BuzzCoastin

    There’s No Business Like Show Business
    Like no business I know
    The costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the props
    The audience that lifts you when you’re down

    The headaches, the heartaches, the backaches, the flops
    The sheriff who escorts you out of town

    The opening when your heart beats like a drum

    The closing when the customers won’t come

    There’s no business like show business
    Like no business I know

  • Aram Jahn

    Wow! In roughly the same week, Pope Francis says atheists can be good and go to heaven too. I think the whole Church thing is a load of crap but at least this guy puts on a decent show. If you’re gonna be a fancy carny huckster, at least entertain us. Kudos, Francis baby.

    • Josh Adkisson

      When he said atheists are redeemed, he did not mean that they are saved. In Catholic theological terms, all are redeemed by Christ (meaning that they can do good in accord with natural law), but not all are saved (i.e. not all go to heaven). Unfortunately, evangelicals have been conflating the two terms for quite some time.