The Mazzeri Dream Hunters Of Corsica

mazzeriOn the French isle of Corsica, the chilling prehistoric occult practice of dream hunting, performed by psychically-gifted individuals called mazzeri, is still done by a small number today. Drawing from descriptions by anthropologist Dorothy Carrington, TerraCorsa reveals:

The activities of the mazzeri stem from the Corsican hunting and foodgathering peoples of the pre-Neolithic times (before about 6000 B.C.)

The mazzeri are dream-hunters, who go out at night to kill an animal. They recognize in the face of the animal someone known to him, nearly always an inhabitant of his village. The next day he will tell what he has seen and the person mentioned will die in the space of time running from three days to a year, and always within an uneven number of days. If an animal is only wounded by the mazzere, then the person it represents will meet an accident or illness, but not death.

To be a mazzere it is necessary to have a psychic gift that opens the door to the parallel world. The origin of the gift is mysterious, as is that of a gift for spiritual awareness that leads to priesthood. Mazzerisme runs in certain families. Very many mazzeri were women. They were usually armed with sticks and stones.

Mazzeri, it seems, have no animosity towards the animal they have to kill, not towards the human being it represents [though] they may be shunned or even hated by their fellow villagers because they are thought to bring death.

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  1. fascinating

  2. there were another group of people like this in Italy. they were white magicians who fought witches in their dreams. I forget what they were called. Bene-something.
    I have also fought demonic forces in dreams, consciously. One night had done this when sleeping on a friends couch in the basement. I had experienced an anxious feeling and a negative ‘presence’ before falling asleep and dreamed of banishing a wicked spirit through the power of the holy spirit. Later on, I found out there was a Ouija board down there.

    • I saw that movie in the 1980’s.

      • I know sounds corny and everything. I don’t really care about Ouija boards that much, I personally find this experience as cliché and comical, too. But I do believe that psychic imprints are left in an area where psychically charged events occur, such as divination rituals, invocations, emotional outbursts, etc. and I believe I’m a bit sensitive to these psychic impressions. I also believe its possible to face psychic attack and overcome it as well as help others who have been attacked, just as the mazzeri and other shamans believe.
        I find it ironic that Christian shamans receive mockery whereas “pagan” shamans receive the admiration from the counterculture

        • I apologize for my snap judgement.I am open to that, and I appreciate you explaining yourself. I’ve had dreams where I fought demons as well. I’ve seen a ton of 80’s movies, as well as fundamentalist propaganda.

          • Understood, but remember that propaganda has to contain at least a kernel of truth to be effective. Be it religious or political or whatever.

          • Is it possible that you subconsciously noticed the board and that influenced your dream?

          • no, it was in the back of a closet. of course, dreams function outside of time. so perhaps, the dream was caused by my future, in which I discovered the board. dreams are very slippery things. but I do know they do not function on linear time. that is why a whole dream can be weaved out of physical sensations yer sleeping body experiences.
            so actually, yes, it is possible my subconscious was influenced by my future observation of a Ouija board I saw in the back of a closet.

          • I try not to give tools too much power, so I view the quija board as just a board. I tend to have vivid dreams, yet I tend to keep from giving them too much power as well. One never knows 🙂

          • Calypso_1 | May 16, 2013 at 2:08 pm |

            There are propoganda techniques that contain no truth at all. Once one establishes millieu control and a few degrees of chaining, behavior need not be linked to any verifiable truth. You can see these practices isolated within cults.

          • perhaps yer right. but I think that even those cults doctrines and behaviors contain a twisted kernel of soul truth(which may or may not be verifiable). sensory deprivation and brainwashing is an example. for an individual to abandon all contact with physical and perhaps even psychic reality can be a good thing, but usually its not when its done under the auspices of an egomaniacal cult leader.

    • kowalityjesus | May 15, 2013 at 3:26 am |

      I used to SOMETIMES get that stuff, but generally only after marijuana use. I seem to be much more passive in abstinence. God has chosen other means through which to reveal his approval.

      • Being His creation is the revelation of His approval. I’m not sure if His gifts are meant to prove his approval. Rather, I believe He gives those who are wiling to do His work, the ability to do His work. Cause someone’s gotta do it.
        I will add, though, that it is probably true that abstaining from fleshly concerns and desires prepares our souls to receive the seeds of His grace, which amounts to greater ability to do His work.
        I will also add that I have experienced a certain sensitivity to whats going on behind the scene in the spiritual realm after partaking in entheogens such as mj and others. But the same can be said about abstinence and pure living.

        • kowalityjesus | May 16, 2013 at 12:02 am |

          amen, amen… I guess God recognizes that in my imperfection I have a low threshold for despair, or I need a fair amount of formal praise to continue doing good. To others it’s superstition, and a priest would not approve (although I’ve found that Catholics are generally more superstitious than others). However, to me it has been shown time and again to be revealed truth to my inner experience, so I try to thank God every time for guiding and buffeting me, as great a trial as it sometimes is.

    • Benandanti

  3. BuzzCoastin | May 14, 2013 at 7:05 pm |

    sounds related to the Australian Aboriginal mythology of the Dreamtime

  4. Wow what a jerk…so if Mazzeri would just quit killing animals, then the people they live would not have too suffer from such anxiety as too who is next? Will the Mazzeri see my face next time??? Geeze…talk about the PTSD you would have being that guys or gals neighbor.

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