The shit show that is Afghanistan, compliments of Vice: “We will survive. But they will be taking the war back to America!”

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An excellent article and documentary on Afghanistan now available through Vice: ”This Is What Winning Looks Like”.

It should be mandatory viewing for every citizen of every country that was involved in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. It shows life from our and our allies perspective – the honest, the honorable, the gullible, the liars, the politicians, the occupying forces, the Afghan security forces, the war lords, the addicts, the desperate, the corrupt, the child molesters, the murderers, the government – the fantasy that has been defined as victory.

The documentary is well worth watching and should be sobering for anyone who has not yet come to terms with what has been unleashed. The Following quote from an elected local Afghan official sums up the consequences quite well (emphasis added):

“When they came to Afghanistan they came here for a purpose. They couldn’t fulfill their purpose and now they are trying to release themselves. We know this very well. Where have they provided us peace, that now they are leaving? Have they built factories for us? Did they give us any air force? Any tanks? They have spent millions and millions and lost thousands of soldiers. American, British and other countries have lost their men here. We know this.

“How can we stand against the Taliban on our own? How can we defeat them with just two hands and feet? We will survive. But they will be taking the war back to America!

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  • BuzzCoastin

    I have a dull witted brother who has worked in the bowels of IBM for 20+ years
    we talked about this and he queried me
    “Why don’t they understand we are the Good Guys trying to help them?”
    I started blinking & farting
    because I couldn’t decide between shitting & going blind

    this my friends, is the level of stupidity prevalent in Der Homeland
    in the muddled class
    the lower you go the dumber it gets

    • salviad

      “I started blinking & farting because I couldn’t decide between shitting & going blind”

      lol… that cracked me up. Never heard it before and I think i might adopt it.

      As for the rest, George Carlin has said it best, “think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that.”

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