The Truth About What You’re Eating Right Now

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  1. Nothing like having an over animated loudmouth, who completely and utterly fails at comedy; point out something the rest of us have been aware of for what- ten years now? Can someone explain what the appeal is with this douche?? Has everyone devolved to the level of thinking they had whilst still in elementary school? You folks do realize what this idiot is doing has nothing whatsoever to do with being informative right?! …and it’s quite apparent to all he lacks a funny sense of humor and fails at comedy to the same tune as Carrot Top… So all that leaves is ego-stroking and profiting. Neither action of which I would help anyone with, much less this moron.

    • Lee is somewhat of a fixture around here. Some feel he is the equivalent to the “Moderna Kitchenette”, others look at him as a dim bulb, but that is a personal choice for each of us. As it should be.

      This site is pretty much a blog site. Anyone can post what he wants. Of course there is moderation involved when you submit, but not to the point that anyone says “Hey, I don’t like him. This is not approved.”

      There is some Amendment kicking around somewhere… Oh yeah, here it is, the very first one. …that is respected here. Which means that if you would like to post you may do so as well. There is no grand steering committee tweaking what the site stands for, or allows, or represents.

      Personally I like Lee and look forward to his videos appearing. I even see them on YouTube a day or two before he posts them here. You, however are free not to like him, but you are also free not to click on his videos, which you are obviously still doing. Why?

      I, myself do not see how you can reconcile clicking on his videos and then hurling such abuse because he doesn’t measure up to your standards. No one has forced you to watch his stuff, or if they did, this is a matter for the local police, not the comment section.

      Maybe if you don’t click his videos you will not be so disappointed or become quite so enraged. A more mature attitude might also give you the same relief though too.

      • How absolutely hilarious you lecture me about free speech, as you whine about my sharing my opinion! I can see why you are on the same level as Lee! That’s quite the assumption that I clicked his video… I’m sure it’s that; and not that I had seen a few of his videos before, and surmised from the headline what he was blathering about. Or- even worse- that I might actually give this idiot the chance to demonstrate some sort of intelligence or talent. Enraged? Really? I’m sorry if I disturbed your happy little disney-like life or something… In real life: one has to have skin a bit thicker than what you are demonstrating, or Nature would eat you alive! …and you didn’t address the fact this idiot is quite obviously doing these videos for no other reason than to get attention and stroke his own ego. Seems to me it’s the responsibility of the rest of us to call out such douchbaggery when we see it! But in the future I recommend you take your own advise: don’t like what I type- don’t read it! High horse-riding hypocrite! Sorry if pointing out a bit of truth made your bum bum sore… 🙁

        • If it was hilarious, why are you decidedly not laughing?

          Actually I’m fine. Never has mattered much to me what others thought about me or my views. I was merely trying to point out that you were behaving like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum and for no good reason..

          It’s not that you shared your opinion that I took issue with. It was the way that you shared your opinion. Have you considered anger management classes? Because you don’t seem to work and play well with others.

          As for the thickness of my skin. That really made me chuckle. You have no way of knowing this but I spent 16 years of my life being a strip club DJ in one of the most violent cities in the US, Memphis TN. In fact three of those years we actually took the title away from Detroit, they did however eventually win the title back. Ever been to a Memphis strip club? Somehow I doubt it. We used to knock people like you out and toss them in the dumpster. No, we really did. Usually about once every week or two. It really felt good too. And you know, you always have to dump the liquor soaked garbage at the end of the night. Right on top of ’em. And like you they would come right back again for more.

          Now lets get to your truth. Let me find it. Looking… Looking… Okay, I found it. You think Lee sucks, so he is a low life scum sucking… Really? That’s the best point ya got? Okay, fair enough we will gladly refund all the money you are out of pocket for watching Lee’s videos. I mean really, what are you out for watching all the Lee Camp videos you have watched? A half hour of your life? An hour? Get over dude. Get a grip. I never liked Benny Hill, but I never got all worked up about it either. What’s your damage, hasbro?

          Disney like? Hmm? Is this like in Idiocracy where people who can still use the English language correctly are accused of “talking like a fag”? Have we already sunk to that depth? Nevermind, rhetorical question.

          Or was it my being civil to you that made you think of Miley Cyrus?

          So I guess you won’t be responding to the offer to post articles here yourself? How come? Surely if you are so critical of Lee, and me, you must have something much better to tell us. I’ll bet you just know some cutting edge info that none of us have ever heard before. The offer is still open ya know.

          In Memphis, when I would get a drunk heckler, (hard liquor not served but you could bring in your own bottle) I’d get on the microphone and say something like; “Hey we got an aspiring DJ here.” 9 times out of 10 I would get the response; “Hell yeah!” I’d tell him to come on up.

          At first he didn’t want to, but all his friends were drunk and they made him come up. Of course everyone in his group were talking in cursive by now. When he got to the booth I would show him all the controls, then tell him not to worry about all that, that I would work them for him. All he had to do was talk. I’d hand him the mike and tell him it was hot. When the time came for the song to end I would slide the music down for him to talk over and give him the signal to talk… silence!

          Now a few seconds can seem like an eternity to someone on the spot like that. But for someone who has become bored with his job the same amount of time goes by pretty quickly. It didn’t take very long for my trainee to hand the microphone back to me, but it seemed like a week and a half to him.

          Care to post?

          • Big muscles are not the same as thick skin, on the contrary that usually implies lack on intelligence. You are so full of assumptions! How do you know I’m not already a contributor?? Get over yourself man! Angry? me? Because I use words that aren’t all soft and fluffy? Sorry: where I come from people aren’t liberal little pussies!

          • That’s it? That is the best you can do?

            I am in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent here.

    • Frank_Black | May 10, 2013 at 3:57 pm |

      When you say ‘the rest of us’, who exactly are you talking about? I have met quite a few people who have no clue about this stuff, so I’m not sure Lee’s little comedy act with information is really that bad for anyone. I also agree with Ittabena, there is lots of shit posted on here that is just fucking stupid to me, but I don’t go bitching about it all the time. This is a pretty eclectic site, and that’s why it’s pretty cool IMHO. I’m not trolling you, just speaking my peace.

      • As was I, funny how quickly peoples idea of sharing opinions and free speech changes when it’s a viewpoint not their own. Way too much damn circle jerking on this site; which, by the way (and for both of you guys’ information) I’ve been a regular to for well over 10 years. Sorry if my “bitching” doesn’t jibe with whatever happy-go-lucky disney world you guys are living in: but as I stated above- it’s the damn responsibility of the rest of us to point out such idiocy and douchebaggery as is displayed by this ego-stroking moron, who wears his self-serving agenda with his “comedy act” (still waiting for the funny…) on his sleeve…

        • >funny how quickly peoples idea of sharing opinions and free speech changes when it’s a viewpoint not their own.

          This is exactly what we have been saying to you from the start.

  2. i always felt the same. this guy’s videos are gimmicky, and naturally you only escalate to this kind of argumentive tone when youre arguing with someone and theyre not listening(i guess). i dont even press play and i already hear him yelling. plus his posts are frequent

  3. yikes! pretty uptight sounding comments – he’s a comedian, we’re suppose to lighten up! holy smokies!

  4. yikes! pretty uptight sounding comments – he’s a comedian, we’re suppose to lighten up! holy smokies!

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