Why A Genocidal Attack On Earth By Extraterrestrials Is Unlikely

genocidal attack on earthIt may seem as if the world is going to pieces, but here’s some heartening news from Parapolitical, explaining why it would make little sense for an advanced alien race (assuming one exists) to attack humanity:

“MAD with Aliens? Interstellar Deterrence and its Implications” by Janne Korhonen of Finland’s Aalto University, published in the current edition of Acta Astronautica – the journal of the International Academy of Astronautics – explores motivating and demotivating factors for an alien assault against the Earth (or anyplace) and concludes that the conditions of interstellar warfare make such an adventure “too hazardous for an attacker.”

Korhonen identifies key concerns that could preclude a potentially aggressive civilization from choosing to launch a genocidal attack on humanity. “If the light speed limit holds,” Korhonen posits, “all intelligence gathered before an attack is launched will be very much out-of-date by the time the attacking force arrives to the target system.”

Another issue is the inherent inefficiency of attacks with less than one-hundred-percent lethality: “An average growth rate of 1% could repopulate the Earth to seven billion people from only five thousand survivors in little more than 700 years. If the motive for initial attack had been to ensure long-term survival of the Attacking Civilization by wiping out the competition in the stellar neighborhood, a gain of a mere 700 years would constitute a massive failure.”

Korhonen acknowledges his evaluation may not account for all possible dispositions or motivations of an attacking civilization. It assumes, Korhonen notes, that intelligent aliens are rational actors, an assumption that may not be the case.

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  1. I have a better theory: maybe the alien race in question developed so much to the point that primitive notions such as ‘imperialism’ and ‘acquisition’ became old fashioned concepts to them, therefore they don’t feel the need to attack us.

    • Matt Staggs | May 13, 2013 at 10:22 am |

      I don’t usually go out of my way to bother ant mounds, myself. We could be the interstellar equivalent of a local infestation that isn’t worth noticing unless it’s in your own back yard.

      • emperorreagan | May 13, 2013 at 11:37 am |

        Of course, we could also be the termites in the mulch in some remote flower bed. As long as we manage to go unnoticed, we’re fine, but if anyone ever notices…

    • I doubt any species with such notions would survive long enough to achieve interstellar travel. They’d poison or starve themselves to extinction first.

    • Simon Valentine | May 13, 2013 at 12:51 pm |

      Threshold situation
      we were programmed to be here
      and we’ll make programs to leave
      upload process computation done by black hole
      like Hercules B
      we just help it along a bit, generically speaking
      and genus is precisely Clue

    • Maybe aliens ain’t psychopathic humans so we should have no expectations of them acting as such. Anthropological containment with limited extinction prevention intervention is far more likely than invasion.
      Also we should stop considering being ‘just’ behind the intelligence evolutionary curve and wake up to a reality of being way, way behind the evolutionary curve and any interactions would have been tried, tested, failed, succeeded and repeated tens of thousands of times before over ‘ugh’ billions of years.

  2. My 2c: rational aliens capable of harnessing and controlling the energy and tech necessary for interstellar travel would’t have much use for our planet. Every element, mineral, energy source etc. available on earth is available elsewhere in the solar system in greater abundance and in more accessible form (eg asteroids).
    Movie aliens invading earth for substances like water don’t make sense when you can harvest gigatons of the stuff from the moons of Jupiter,

    The only thing earth might give aliens that they couldn’t get elsewhere without more effort is probably our biological resources, new organisms they might not have had the idea for yet – our DNA Intellectual property basically.

    Assuming the aliens are rational as we understand it. – That’s actually a major frikkin IF, I think.

  3. Anarchy Pony | May 13, 2013 at 12:41 pm |

    Pfft, all they would have to do is glass the planet from orbit. No big deal.

  4. The affairs of Earth are already controlled by off planet extraterrestrials. That is who is behind the NWO. If humans were to ever get the upper hand, the extraterrestrials would see that as a threat. They would come on force and exterminate the human populations. They have the means and technology to do it in various ways. Their plans are to continue culling the human population via toxic vaccines, poisoned water, poisoned food supply and poverty. They create artificial wars and conflicts. They created the war on terrorism. Make no mistake about it, the ETs show all the traits of a sociopath.

    The idea that things are limited to the speed of light is just plain false. Einsteins Theory of Relativity is a massive scientific fraud supported by the scientific establishment and the powers that be. Nicolai Tesla knew it was wrong. He was written out of science text books. They haven’t even given Einstein a Novel Prize for this.

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