Words of Advice from William S. Burroughs

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WSB haunts the entirety of counter-cultural curation like the grey eminence he was often portrayed as, but, it’s important to note that Burroughs rarely portrayed himself this way.

I thought I’d seen every Burroughs documentary, but this one was news to me.

Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs On the Road is  a 1983 documentary that finds the Beat Generation icon touring Scandinavia, signing books and giving readings of works like The Place of Dead Roads in his inimical, laconic snarl. Along the way, he waxes philosophical about cats, Hiroshima, Brion Gysin and the illusion of duality. He’s polite and hilarious throughout.

Here Burroughs bemoans the high cost of death in ancient Egypt:

Watch the full movie at the Snag Films website.

Stay Awake!

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  • BuzzCoastin

    funny thing
    I decided to read Disinfo without bothering to scale the Great Firewall of China
    (it has long amused me that Disinfo.com is not blocked in China)
    but both clips are blocked
    YouTube is always blocked, but there’s a note at Snag Films’ site
    “Sorry, we have not been given the rights to stream this film in your area.”

    • Gavin

      I receive the same message in South Korea.

    • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

      What finds u in China? Thanks for reading!

      • BuzzCoastin

        China was an accident pit stop on my travels
        that has lasted longer than I ever thought
        and which will hopefully be a found memory in a few months

        • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

          Quite the pit stop . SFe travels!a

          • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

            Safe travels :)

    • Spasmodius

      Same in Britain alas…could be US only

  • DrDavidKelly

    Advice to WB … improve your aim.

    • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

      Haha. Sad but true

  • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

    I’ve messaged disinfo about the bum video link. Thanks for all the comments

    • http://joenolan.com/blog Joe Nolan

      Thanks for fixing the link, Matt!

  • Simon Valentine

    sounds like PTCD
    post traumatic christianity disorder
    “so much as look and i swear i’ll…”

  • Calypso_1

    Dear Andrew:

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