Jun 2, 2013

NEURONS TO NIRVANA: UNDERSTANDING PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINES from MANGU.TV on Vimeo. Via Reality Sandwich: Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines  is a richly-illustrated feature documentary about the resurgence of psychedelics as medicine. It explores…

arcosantiVisionary architect Paolo Soleri died in April at 93. His landmark work is the domed utopian village Arcosanti in Arizona, a communal, hippie-futurist “human laboratory” created in 1970, where hundreds of people still live with the purpose of developing new ways of physically organizing human life. ArchDaily writes:

Paolo Soleri spent a lifetime investigating how architecture, specifically the architecture of the city, could support the countless possibilities of human aspiration. The urban project he founded, Arcosanti, 65 miles north of Phoenix, was described by NEWSWEEK magazine as “the most important urban experiment undertaken in our lifetimes.”